Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Desteni is sharing

What Desteni is sharing

To realize the necessity of self-deprogramming through and as words by speaking the words what I live and to live what I speak as one as equal.

To realize the simple basic principle with what we can practically embrace reality at any level, simply because there is always common sense how to get to the self realization but with an absolute and eternal starting point - we always wobble through experiences defined by ourselves as unstable by simply being lost within the details while unable to realign self with the 'big picture' - to develop real unconditional stability as self as expression.

That's why the basic principle is that I am always one and equal with and as my reality. If the actual experience what I face, is about to manifest, the point, for instance "fear from being disposed from a relationship as the other might chang his/her mind", then I am the point as I face fear within and as me from this point, then I am one and equal with what I manifested, the whole physically 'touchable' experience: as I built up a relationship and I defined myself through and as it and I trusted it and the next day it is gone, and I feel strange, uncomfortable, because my starting point for a while was not me as self as life as all as one as equal - then as it's gone - a part of me is gone, and if it's gone, then it's starting point was not consistent, was not me, was not real. Then I miss the thing, even when I am aware of it was not 'real' from 'me', because it had conditions, it was not here, then it was here and then it is not here again - not really trustworthy.

That's why I realize - no matter how deep shit I dig myself into - there is no choice - do I come out or not it is already obviously here.

By realizing that there is 'no choice', I take responsibility and I stand up, not even hesitateing for a blink when it comes to 'choice' - if I am here, I direct, and if I am not here - I experience everything through my 'unreal' past-based, limited perception - so what 'comes in' is already flawed, shifted, twisted by my definitions of things, therefore actually I face my manifested expression of unrealistic perceptions and at least but the most really, the physical consequences.

Then if I apply the basic principle of neness and equality for daily life - I slowly but surely change and I align myself to the only possible 'exposure', the whole existence as me as one as equal as life - as I take responsibility as creation for what I accept and allow.
And then I realize what personally myself is what I accept and allow as "my" existence. Then I see the reality right here, in front of me.

To see the fucking reality is the most simplest thing ever: Just check out how humans fuck up everything in all ways wherein some rule the most by simply creating this energy-value-money-vacuum-system and with that abusing the distribution of power, energy as life - and by everyone's acceptance of the prices and values - people actually die meanwhile the other one wastes hundred times more 'money-energy' with what many could at least not die. And then comes the justification of 'natural selection' what is simply the greatest nazi thing by simply to say that if you are poor, you should actually die, please.

I do not need to find reasons to explain this point more: if we can not love our neighbor as ourselves - we are not even close to actual 'living' as 'life'. Because this is abuse - and if I see it on practical level - I see that we could actually change this world quite fast with an Equal Money System - the true distribution of power as for the first time real love could be expressed through and as everybody simply by granting the same qualities for living in this world - food, shelter, health care at least for every human unconditionally - until that is not manifested, I am not accepting 'love' as real, until that I do not see this world different from hell.
I know, it sounds tough and 'dark' but in fact I am one and equal with and as existence and there is someone who have no food, while the others are accepting him/her to die - then for me a bit like these are demons in hell.
It is common sense that if I am human and I have 'spare' to share and the other one requires that thing for bare surviving(food, water), then I share.
It's like doing things for others what I do want to receive for myself.

For me, it's like if I like something, I assert that the other one might also like it and if says no, then it's alright, for instance with the food, I really enjoy to eat multiple times a day, so I assume that the other one also likes to eat, what is the problem with this? What is the fear within allowing everyone to eat? To be educated, to access health care. This is what an Equal Money System is about, to educate a group of people who can share an assisting environment to be able to 'heal' ourselves from the pre-programmed mind-fuckups to allow ourselves to even realize what is really going on and how and why and then pushing the points into practical change.

So Desteni is about to directly face the core of the problems, no matter what, taking responsibility for what we have accepted and allowed to manifest and finding practical ways to STOP, instead of using justifications for why do we not change. Do not allow your opinions to take over, simply investigate with common sense and apply and share and let go the past of any kind in any moment.

Desteni is sharing the tools to assist and support ourselves within this process of Self-Realization by developing and applying Common Sense, Self-Honesty, Self-Forgiveness, Writing, Sharing and pushing and manifesting the point of Equal Money System.


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