Sunday, February 1, 2009


Light. Pure, overtone, virtual mindlight.

The being participates trough self-definition what energetically manifests projection within this light consciousness system.
This one step-definition projects a simple bean from the direction of it's starting point- let's call this 'entry-point'. As the being enters this territory, the system allows to shoot beams - what are like vacuums within the full of light, from the opposite of it's starting point - it casts a shadow.
So there is the being participates within a self-definition - this singular vacuum-like beam is shooted and from an another perspective it casts shadow. Now lets' explore what is self-definition. Actually every definition has to be self-definition. So.
It's like here is this consciousness as a manifested sound expression. Not the whole sound, but it's like a filtered part, yet it is that, but the being is the filter. The being can be called also as starting point of sound expression.
So there is a method to scan the limited consciousness system by taking samples from the currently available frequency domain. The important part of these frequency-scans is the filter(being) and the intensity: the peak. The peak signifies that the being's expression caused an intense participation(intense self-projection by definition as a singular mind-bean) within a specific frequency domain and the previous vacuum-bean 'shooting' was the starting point of it. So then the peak(and it's starting point) is being stored within a specific storage, called memory, and labeled by the previous definition itself as word - as the previous definition's vacuum bean caused the actual. A connection arises - from point to line and from line forming the geometry of participation.

So then this occurs multipe times, around the space and time - and causes multi-dimensional geometrical pattern within the existence; and manifesting these vacuum beans, by these starting points/taking samples/memory storings and each casts shadows.
These are not 'real' shadows - but more likely the balancing outs of the vacuums within the system to keep everything stabilized - but let go one step further in this stabilization:

Well, these shadows when interfere - then in fact the inverse frequency intensity is being merged - basically making darker 'areas' within specific 'basic clear light' domains.

And the being does not stops defining, so then, when experiencing this vacuum-beam-shadow-area within the light system - defines it as the exact inverse way as it is from the actual location of the being because of the beam-projections - and the being perceives shadow, and the shadow is a quite interesting part of the expression of the being:
It is the actual expression of the being, yet the being is perceiving the frequency domain - so it looks like the shadow is just a part of a reflection from the system, not the being itself - a part of the big common-filter-expression.

And the being starts to try to avoid entering dark area by shooting beams within the 'shadow-like defined' area, because there are yet vacuum beans, but those apparently not casting shadows - and from the being's perspective: it means that, it does not change the light, so it looks like that within the light only works the casting shadow by vacuum beans.

So the being starts to avoid it's own casted shadows, instead of realizing that is actually itself(himself/herself etc), what is trying to avoid - and indirectly being directed to react the opposite - and will facing with the same experience what tried to avoid.
Because the being(as the mental projection of the 'real' being) as these darkness-vacuum beams within the light system are influencing the system - so the system flows, and makes the play on: the being starts to meet with it's 'creation' - the consequences of the actual self-projections and then also tries to 'beam' it's own projected 'beamself' to figure out what happened - and then the circle is closed. After this movement the being is being locked out from it's creation from the perspective of losing the starting point of itself as entering the lightmind system and starting projecting energy-information-light-shadowcasting beams to define itself to be able to react.

So good luck to realize the only one solution: stop!

well, a bit foggy, I will return to this one once more to see what comes up later on

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