Sunday, September 20, 2009

Distinguish between saying and acting

I explain how to distinguish between seeing and pretending and actual supporting self realisation -- according to words.

The key is self honesty. Without self honesty - it is pretending and nothing changes but then excuses will arise and self-deception manifests according to specific dishonesties.

I mean if I am saying that - I am already an unified man - if I am self honest, If I am able to be here - without compromise, without judgement, opinion, idea, definition - I am experiencing what is here as it is. And then I am able to see what must be done - regarding to the expression of 'I am already an unified man'. Because I precisely see what has to be released, removed entirely - to be this self-honest unified man --- yet I am this already - because I experience everything of me as me - but within my expression I see the dishonesty.

Without self-honesty:
-I do not see dishonesty directly as it is
-I do not express myself as the releasing of dishonesties - because of several type of excuses what can be derived to one: self-dishonesty - fear - self-definition.(for instance belief in ascension, or blaming others etc - or simply I am not seeing that my expression is dishonest because of of instance 'I have to survive', or 'I need some joy/entertainment' or 'love is real'-type bullshits)
-I use the words not as one as equal, but I use words as a shield - to protect me from myself and from others - to be able to remain within the world of self-definition...

With self-honesty:
-I am aware of the dishonesty, and I push myself right here to explore what it is - who I am - who I became - and what must be done - and acting immediately to express self as real change - as self forgiveness, as physical expression of who I really am as the unification of man.

This issue came up when I was speaking with Gy over the phone and she told me that I speak much things what I am not -- so it is practical to explore what she would ment on it or what this would imply on a person - regarding to personas.

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