Wednesday, November 25, 2009


wawawa i say wawawawawa
in ten city
walk as stalk

life cunt dare 2 count the blunt how money grunt
well, trunk that drunk, you skunk!

one or zero
I mean, how to embrace the two when all mean is here all ready as I am you as you are me, escapy ture sure mule male domIno hellbreazer tailless monkslayer identitywalker pain-terrogator surreal holegazer arrogant honeysmeller I-deal modmatrix reap-resent-at-I-on r-explainer wtf?

what fail=safety when nuke war no longer monger any more than well balanced is ten folds how I am not here or I am yes in deed hereby declare by my presence; hail you thief bastard nongamer downplayer sunkflyer

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