Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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It is bullshit that love is greater than hate - both are delusion as justification of self abdication - within any mind-definition - nothing is real, it's a make-belief addiction what one must face and understand - to be able to apply the tools to stop it. Unless the constant defining is stopped - the physical can not be explored. Then. Physical body - physical breath. Physical substance.

As Direct Experience - without definition - Self can explore Self -- within Self-definition - Self only explores Self-dishonesty.

So it is important to have a physical experience reference to a state of beingness when not defining.
Then this reference point can be used within self honesty points regarding to automatic behaviour.
Is this the "empty" mind or the noisy mind what is working, directing me?

Reality just is - without any romance - without embracing the whole polarity system in each breath - the mind can not be transcended.

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Valentin Rozman said...

Yp, you understood this very well