Sunday, January 1, 2012

EMS: Group of Equals: perspective on feeding a poor nazi

"the practice of awareness and self-forgiveness in order capture and to evolve beyond selfishness, and to actively, effectively care with other sentients is not a form of real, gentle and tangible love?"

And equality means that i have to treat and support equally an african starving child and a poorish nazi also?

This is a group of walking equals - meaning that until one do not realize the impact and responsibility of the individual for the group and for all existence - until that one is not ready for walking as equal with the others who already realized and showing an example by living.
This is the Eye of the Needle where only those go through who can live as equals - until that the group must hold in order to protect the 'equality' of the walking individuals of the group. Unfortunately and anyway this comes down to the point of money what dictates life and death simply by the distribution of the tools for living/surviving such as food, shelter, water, health care, REAL education etc.
Then the individual must walk the process of Self-honesty and Self-forgiveness until not being nazi anymore for instance and then can be part of the group with all the 'shared' benefits - and responsibilities.
So I'd say - until one is expressing being 'nazi' - then that one is resigned from the 'rights' of the Equality Group - as it is based on the principle of Equality and Oneness, what is best for all - for instance giving food and shelter and living conditions can be great for all - but for some to want dominate according to racism is not best for all - so a nazi even the poorest can have choice to let go nazism if hungry.
Fascinating to embrace this with for instance 'starving african' kids - as they certainly require education where they can understand how they, things, the world operate - until understanding is not practical - the individual require 'facilitation' - however this means money.
But as the global current system do not 'feed' the group(or anyone) by default - the Equality group(pack of principled individuals) must find practical ways to remain, stabilize and expand(be open to be found for assistance for instance) - and (un)fortunately this comes down to the amount of money as everything has a value what is not equated by default for all.

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