Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How I accepted my personality to operate

How I accepted my personality to operate.

I put myself to intense moments/situations and I 'take my time' within the experience and in these moments I have the tendency to be passive and judgmental.
Even sometimes I literally lay down and just allowing the experience to overflow me, to wash me through and within these moments I try to figure out who I am - or what to do. In general I accept myself not being self-directive within absolute specificity - but within these moments "I climb up to" Self-direction, it's like wanting to work only in the 5% of my time but then extremely hard.
It's like how I did pilgirmage in Spain years back then. I could not walk really with my partner who walked slowly in constant velocity all day - that was very tiring and in fact boring for me - so I did intense rushes for short time and then laying down and just enjoying to rest after the quick but hard work - until my partner reached me - and as she walked to me I immediately stood up and wanted to go further - and many times she wanted to rest with me and I was already rested and ready for the next sprint and we could not progress really together.
So I've defined myself according to perceived intensity - mostly this indicates intense inner-chain-reaction but many times it is also physically intense and in fact exhausting activities.

I've defined these intense moments as myself and by that defining myself as 'intense person' - because without this 'perceived' intensity - I am not 'touched' by the reality outside of me really.
By extensive self-accepted definition connection re-experiencing - I participate within suppressed energetic compound of continuous inner reactions as thoughts, feelings, emotions - and in fact separated my beingness from reality.

It's like I've developed a shield around me and I know myself and the world by and through this shield - and I am unable to directly experience what is real as in fact I've accepted myself to be like this mostly - but sometimes - when I perceive my experienced reality as 'too intense' - I want to re-catch reality not as usually through my self-definition personality-mind-shield, but with great ease because by myself I can't and that's why momentarily I suffer. So I've developed specific methods to break through my delusions, what are consisting of self-definition systems built up and physically manifested by continuous accepting of self-judgments.

So as a suppressed being as personality - I want to break through personality - but many times still not - mostly it is comfortable for me, for my interest it is coming handy - for not taking Self-responsibility for myself in every single moment.
In overall it's like I want to develop the perfect 'automatic' self-personality program - to help me for taking care for me in the moments/experiences/circumstances what I've defined as 'too intense/boring/painful/risky/etc'.

Within these moments I shift personality dimension - from what is physically here to my self-definition systems - what I've carved within myself inside in the past - and I am walking through these associations and connections within me and "re-lighting up" all the layers of definition systems of the past - what cause energetic frictions within me because in fact I am re-living these judgments, what are simply: Self-dishonesty - because these are the points within me being accepted as 'fall' and to overbalance these falls - I judge as I energetically react(participate within thoughts, feelings, emotions) in a way for being able to perceive myself as 'stable'/'normal' - but in fact I am reacting towards my already Self-accepted automatic energetic reactions.

In overall here I sense a some sort of suppressed want for Self-destruction, to destroy my inner 'reality' to 'clear out' inside in order to be able to accept reality as it is.

As I've build a some sort of image and likeness of me; what is of Self-judgments what are coming from the past when at specific moments I've trusted the information and the 'very act of defining my reality with information' instead of realizing that I am who decide in what to trust and in that moment I've chosen to trust within information instead of myself here.

So until I do not realize the Self-deception within this kind of act specifically at 'my points' - I have the tendency to 'automatically' react with self-judgment again and again and again.

However by walking through my reality - I experience frictions as all the time I have to face the fact that my inner representation of reality is not real but based on dishonesties - and when I want things to happen in a certain way - and do not happen, more likely I screw something up - I realize that in order to change I must let go of my inner representation of my reality: my self-definitions from the past.

That's the idea of the whole Desteni I Process wherein I inverse myself and walk backwards within the mind while physically remaining here to face my own Self-accepted perception of reality and within common sense I check the points, convictions, opinions, decisions, perceptions, beliefs etc coming up and by not reacting automatically but seeing it as it is, writing down, doing mind constructs for instance I can understand how and why I've defined myself according to these definition points.

Okay, let's see an example for this.

Currently, as I walk with my partner, we are exploring what means to be an Agreement. In the beginning I had the idea of this is actually a very cool 'way of life' - direct, simple, effective and Self-supporting so I wanted to try this out and my partner agreed.

So in the beginning I've started with ideas and definitions within my head about Agreement what I wanted to manifest physically, meaning to be with my partner within literal agreement within points in a way what supports all participants(me, her and her kid) and in fact all existence.

But as I started with my already Self-accepted Self-definitions about who and how I must behave by myself and also she had already Self-accepted knowledge and information about who she is, how she must behave - we started as we were 'already wired' within ourselves about points regarding to how we behave with ourselves and other.

I've had several relationships with women in my past from where I brought some 'conclusions' what I accepted as 'universal truth' regardless of for instance a decade passed and I went through a lot and I've changed - this definition within I intentionally did not 'rewrite'/'release' within me - so by default I resonate what I decided (to become) before.

For instance a Self-definition can be as 'I do not really trust in my partner' or 'I do not trust really in women'.

For such a bold statement there must be a story to understand how one could come to this conclusion.
The situation is follows: I've decided to walk, live with a woman who with we agree in points what we live - but under the hood if I still accept my conclusion from past as 'I do not really trust in women' - then the two statements within me do not fit together in harmony - because at occasions I trust within my past-based conclusion about not to trust really in women and in the next moment I want to trust the agreement with my partner what cause friction, what arise energetic movement within me as thoughts, feelings, emotions. Especially myself I've created myself in a way that I have the tendency to suppress emotions in a millisecond and for long decades I've 'wired myself into' this automatic behavior: Self-definitions oppose within me what cause friction and thoughts, emotions arise what I suppress so I do not even realize that in fact I am actually responsible for generating emotions what I do push down within me as I've had the conclusion at my early life that "emotions are just fuckup and cloud my judgments" and "only the weaks wave around by emotions" - so I do not deal with emotions - but I still generate what I suppress what at occasions is just too much and I exert it regardless of situations what I obviously not really like yet I am still able to do so.

Also if I reflect the previous 'trust' statement back('I do not trust in my partner') - the common sense within it is 'Why do I not trust myself?'

Because if I would trust in myself - I would not need to carve any rules within me about who to trust or who not to trust - but simply I trust myself and I trust in my decisions and acts directly in each moment regardless of iron-rules coming from the past(in my head) in which I can see that I was not Self-honest when I made this decision to trust in knowledge and information instead of myself here.

Then I dig out the story from which that conclusion arised and I investigate - I have the suspection of I slipped from reality at a point - because of fear.

I understand that I had a fear from trusting in my partner because of the fear of what if I trust in her and then she will abuse this trust? Why I do think that she would disregard my trust? What I can lose? Why do I want to trust in something or someone separated from me?

Okay, walking through this as Self-forgiveness and Self-corrective statements come soon...

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