Tuesday, July 3, 2012

[JTL] The 7 years of Journey To Life


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"Here, through our Blogs and Vlogs, we are Sharing our Self-Commitment to walk a 7 Year Process: A Journey to Life; to, through applying the tools of Self-Writing, Self-Forgiveness, Self-Honesty, and Self-Corrective Application, become Nothingness and from that Point Stand Together as Creators, to create a New World that is Best for All Life.

Join us in this Extra Ordinary Endeavor and Walk With as We Dis-Cover what it Means to Live, in Fact.


2012: Nothingness -- the 7 Year Process to Birthing Self as Life

2012 - Finding your purpose in the journey to life.

So from now on I will post issues daily what I face on: as I walk currently Agreement Course I am unrevealing points existing within and as me regarding to human relationships, regarding to women and especially 'partner'.

The most prominent point within me is when I am with others, when I want to be good, when I want to be judged as good by those who I've defined as 'attractive' or 'important'. So from the next post, I will walk this, regarding to what comes up, especially when dealing with emotions: to not suppress it, to not react to it, to not be of it etc.

So thanks for being here, enjoy and participate!

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