Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Interesting that stopping me is more simple and obvious than stopping thoughts - as when I intent to stop thoughts - it is effective conditionally - but it begins and ends so it is not real - and if I really stop - everything of me stops and I can explore who I am - and what does not stops when I do stop - that is not me?

And if I locate the end of me in the moment; is that already manifested or it is manifesting trough participating in it's essence of a single point of as experienced separation from me? - So in fact this is insane how the mind is whole wherever I move - it's always shells around me - it's me! But when I stop, I can explore it as me, I see trough it's code(what is my code) - I can direct it as me until I emerge as the total, absolute stable unification of me.

So let us explore what is movement and what is not, what is stopping and what is not.

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