Saturday, July 31, 2010

I am One Vote For Equal Money System

I am here to speak about Equal Money System. I stand for man within unification. Those who are self honest to understand the core of the problem - will hear the message - we must change the starting point of our system - what we agree as value of something worthy for living - what is best for all within a global view - not only seeing individual personal self interest, not only seeing on cultural programmed defense mechanisms but actually on the physical level as all individual being equally as one as life. It is unacceptable that those who have the opportunity - simply by having money to buy it - do not act to actually stand up for those who do not have such access for the basic necessaries for life such as food, shelter, REAL education based on common sense, within the starting point of self expression as moment as presence - not as the current system as of programmed consciousness system within the starting point of separation, fear, power, greed and profit.
It is not enough to mesmerize ourselves about wishes, prayers, positive thinking, blame as excuse from actually standing up within the act of finding practical solutions for stand up within and as the system and change it from inside out.

Understand that when one is not unconditionally giving up personal values and occupations for the act of unification within the equalization of physical power among human beings - then that one can not be trusted as it's starting point is of systems - is of self interest is of separation is of accepting indirect abuse within the active conscious understanding that the lack of act is in fact the act of evil - because with the power that one is possessing - simply maintaining and participating within such a system what allows millions of children work like slaves, hundreds of millions of people starve and die within agony day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment. Hundreds of thousands of people who are soldiers of war - are living in the brink of death day by day facing the hell of humanity, the hell of earth, the systematic and conscious, demonic and evil destruction of nature by not else than humans who do not realize that they lost themselves absolutely within the system - humans are fighting for their country, for their family, for their money, for their peace, for their life - and in fact everyone is fighting within the starting point of fear.

Therefore I am busy disassembling my fear-based personality system by the applying self forgiveness and self honesty, writing and sharing of building blocks of my mind consciousness system personality manifestation what is in fact in the way of being effective and expressing my starting point as Life - what is best for me? It is what is best for all.

Therefore I stand for Equal money system, I vote for Equal money system, I vote for world equality, within and as the physical location as called Talamon Jozsef Berta within and as my human physical body because I want change, I want equal rights for all unconditionally.
I am aware of this sounds idealistic, but in fact I rather do it 100% before I judge it, I rather explore the consideration of Equal Money System - instead of judging it - because if one is accepting & protecting the current money system - can not be called as life - because it is simply not.

Therefore until it's done, until it's manifested - until this body is breathing - this vote won't be changed - I live as this principle, I do not change within this starting point anymore - because this is who I am and this is what I stand for - the Life as All As One As Equal - as the Unification of Man as I am here On earth, within and as the Physical as existence.

Stand with me as me as Life or Die as the system utterly - there is no middleground in this - we are what we act, what we stand for - equal as one - within and as oneness and equality all ways Here.

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