Thursday, July 22, 2010

new video will be soon of this shit

Enlightenment mind system demon trap is here.
I just spoke with one girl of this buddhist ole nydahl cult - in past we slept together sometimes - I was hoping she will realize - I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to hope in that she will realize instead of realizing the facts here -absolutely this one is possessed and deluded to a certain degree that she can't hear me anymroe ...not getting at all what is Self Realization Here I was pushing her until all exposed - no fucking way she would not define herself as ego as mind as spiritual as enlightenment seeker - here common sense as physical as facts - is disregarded, avoided, evaded and justified with even gurus and with their energy compared with my direct expression -- fascinating and literally jawdropping to see what past I am walking through...fuck spyritual agenda and theese fuckers - like ticks sucking life essence from reality as a halocyanogenic consciousness system pattern manifestation machine...driven by and as and for money as a group of self-interest.

We must stand up and not allow anyone to fuck around like this...
Disregard spiritdual deluders - otherwise you are compromising your act of self honesty inside and outside one and equal.
How one could allow to fly in energy and consciousness realms when here within the physical millions are disregarded - what matters first is the physical - who we really are is what is here as the physical - until we do not sort out this human condition - deliberate abuse by the excuse and justification of money and self-interest -- until I do not want to hear a word about spiritual agendas around me. Prove your fucking meditation within and as the physical - and stand with those who die within the current money system day by day -- and say to them: -
"Don't fuckin' worry - I will be enlightened, I will send my ass into bliss and THEN I will be enlightened and then I will save you all, but until that - you starve and die in the name of my enlightenment, so it's even possible, I even don't want to see you, but I have compassion, I practice it day by day within my meditation, all my prayer and mantra and love and peace and energy - I send it to you for my enlightenment... - Oh physical support? Equalization unconditionally? - Sorry, I am not yet enlightened, I have no power over the system - the system is like that - sooooorry, anyway it is your karma to be fucked, so fuck off, I'm in a fuckin' karma-coma"

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Anonymous said...

oops my original reply wasn't uploaded -

cool on ex-posing the white lies of the 'ass-cended' beings that use en-LIE-tenment to shield themselves to actually face their design as light-worshippers accepting the world 'as it is' without taking responsibility - a karma-coma indeed

cool, we'll wait to see the video. Thanks Tala - and cool SF on still wanting to change that without them realizing it as themselves as Self-Realization. thanks