Sunday, March 27, 2011

a company

About the company: it is strong and aggressive and has a significant domination in media industry. By this direct presence within people's mind - who are constantly subjected by these perfectly designed artistic tales, stories, animations and of course: advertisements - and by influencing humans to buy the products of this company, regardless of it's high price.

Because they know how the human mind operates, how to 'catch it' through the visual and the story and the characters and then so to speak: just pull the people into the creator's world and then take them to a ride within their mind because when people at home watch media, it's like they are with a family member - or in a cinema where it is huge and loud - it is the same. From the moment the human watches a media - the media directs the situation and humans tend to make apparently logical connections, associations, memories, specifically pinpointed with these pre-scripted stories and situations and by the words combined with the music - humans react with emotions and energetically intensified moments can be experienced.

These experiences what they will try to re-experience but in fact to find, when people start to do as they see it constantly in the media.

Or it is on unconscious level and it is like a random pool of memories and mind-connections but the more is being filled up with this specific media from this specific company - the more chance that it is being manifested in real world because humans are being directed by impulses coming from the unconscious. It is us but we are not conscious of it - but it is here - and we do not see it.

We do not see a part of ourselves who we are in this moment and that's why we do not know that we do not know and that's why we are not real.

Because we are being directed by media for instance.

Because this specific company walks as it walks as the law allows. Lawall.

We must learn how to stop the mind domination - the conscious, subconscious, the unconscious mind we must walk within full awareness and practical self-corrective application by releasing any memory, any definition, all judgment, all emotions, all feelings, all thoughts - they are not required - but for the man to be the unification, all must be stopped, released, removed completely.

If we would have this rate of media publicity - it is direct power over the mind. Because if we do not direct ourselves as minds as one as equal to correct our physically manifested consequences, then the mind directs ourselves into absolute self-deception, self-abuse, self-exploitation, self-destruction. It is clear that we humans lost the directive principle, only our mouth 'walk', our mind 'move' but not as Human Physical Body as direct physical beings within and this reality. We must move ourselves breath by breath otherwise the mind we can not release - not the mind is the nasty in fact but we, who participate constantly, repeatedly, consistently.

This is the absolute self-deception, the starting point of nothing. Within consciousness - the minds are nothing. Nothing constant, consistent - but the humans are related to the mind constantly, consistently. See? Way over we lost everything and we are starting from scratches, yet judging the amoebas as lower 'level' life form as they are 'just' one cell but we are not aware of any of our cells.


cell ph one

sell ph eno


Power of the mind is the power of the deception.

Power is deception.

Power is not real.

The people who buy this specific company's products - obviously can afford to do so. This is an important point in this. They literally buy into this and with that money the company can expand - and then it has more media presence and then it can 'walk into' more human minds and then those will buy more products and it is all about this word 'buy'.

Because at the moment not everyone can afford to buy such products - only a very few - related to the whole. And this few has the privilege through having money - and they can literally buy these experiences from this company, but the others can't.

Within an Equal Money System - people would not distinguish to share with others regarding to financial status in the money hierarchy, people would not make decisions according to price, according to worthiness of revenue.

Because sometimes(if not always) the income is made through exploitation, through harm, through abuse - regardless of the amount, it is unacceptable.

The current Law System is protecting the Abuse through Money in the name of 'free choice', in the name of 'democracy' and in the name of 'free market' - but these words are deceptive - as in fact there is no free choice, there is no free market, and there is no such thing as democracy literally - as by definition it should mean that the nation is directing but in reality - the nation is being directed by definitions coming from a few who has control over the media for instance.

Within the Current Money System Who has significant power within the media industry - is only interested within revenue - what is coming from the people who the media experts learnt to entertain, to influence, to manipulate by and as their mind. There is nothing personal within this existing - it is simply consciousness network manifestation within the physical.

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