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2011.08.31 About agreement+status

My partner is coming back from Siberia - she went out for two weeks, after two days I will go out to the airport to catch her.

It is fascinating to see that I am with someone again. About a couple years before I could freeze my ass on the idea that I 'have' a woman 'again' - but that seemed to be some sort of paranoia - but in fact if I direct and I am self honest - there is nothing wrong with being with a woman, especially if we decided to walk agreement.

Our agreement in a way is 'going' for a while now - however at one point I might say it is not standing - the consistency.
We simply did not decide for infinity - mostly myself but she is also not sure, mostly because of me.

I am still finding a proper job in London since June, it is starting slowly, on Friday I will have a phone-interview.

Why I want to go there to live? Definitely much-much greater salary. With that salary I would be able to support others with less more concerns and my intent to invest into equipment for starting specific projects(film for instance) meet the financial expectations(expensive stuff).

I told her that I could manifest a support environment for her and her kid(3 years) there, but she has her family and her ex(the father) who are supporting her to take care of the child and also the kid likes to be with his father, the friends at kindergarten etc, so she told me that for some years they will remain here. Then I can decide to keep up this while I stay at London with many weekend-visits and we will see.

I was dealing with this point and my want to go is quite strong, not only because of the money but I found more connections and possibilities to work with in London.
If I could get a decent contract, I will go out - I already arranged the place to stay at my ex-living-mate for the beginning until I could not afford my place to rent.

Recently I noticed that I still allow fear to come up regarding to 'making mistakes' what is unacceptable.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear from making mistake.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear from manifesting myself.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear from who I can become if I push myself with no condition.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear from being too rude if I want to manifest who I am or what I am.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear from being judged by others as too rude and raw because I am doing what I want instead of realizing that I trust myself here.
I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that if I am unsure and inconsistent, my partner will be also unsure and inconsistent so it is my responsibility for my side of the agreement to stand firm and unwavering as breath as presence as physical.
I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that by specific energetic reactions I am allowing myself to be possessed according to definitions of energy perceived within polarities.
I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that if I am not the same today, yesterday, tomorrow, then I am of energies of personalities what I must understand, write out, forgive and let go unconditionally.

With my partner I found not that disturbing that she sometimes does her tibetan buddhist practices - it is a great reflection point for me to see who I am regarding to buddhism, and in fact I always am sure about how I see this and this point and within that I am consistent - 'bullshit, self-deception, separation-based flawed conception' - and of course if I would be with her for 20 years and I would still allow it, I might face this more intensely, but at this moment it's a great point to see that when I do 'have' a point what I have issue with - do I stick to the point as facing self or I bring this up as a comfortable pressure point towards her - but in fact it is here many times - about 'okay but you are still participating within spiritual deception anyways' - and I must see this point directly to not get distracted.

The most important point to see that could I walk with her as eternity? I still see condition, and I make this open by this condition: she can and want to start Desteni I Process at a point or not - because if never - then I am not interested. If yes, then I am willing to walk with her.
Also we did not live together but in different apartment - it is in a way tempting - to have more time together - but at times we still face this 'okay, we saw each other enough, for 1-2 days, it's okay if not so' - what we still must push trough and in fact I could find EXTREMELY supportive if I could live with my partner - because then there is no 'way back' to re-build my personality alone by doing stuff what I've defined myself to do as 'alone'. Significant point and I want to live with my partner - but in fact it is not practical with her yet - I could say this will be the 'real' test of our agreement - because if we would move together - that would mean something, but until that we are still approaching to this point. She told me that she also have sometimes this 'freaking out' from being with someone, as she always found to be 'alone' more easy but this is obviously the question of self-honesty.

Is this maybe a some sort of hope? Still hoping in that she could start to apply the tools or not? In fact she does say and write self-forgiveness when nothing else left, but that's not enough.

In a way I am also tempted with many points while I am with her - temptations towards other women, desires were quite an issue before but I was able to realize - I must let this come out and let go and I am sure that some years ago I was able to walk without lost in desires so it the question of time and walk the decision. I am quite satisfied with this point currently but as we agreed to not have sex with other at all simply was the solution. Why did we not start with this? That's hilarious obviously but we are manifested as who we accepted to be and I allowed so much suppressed desires what I found unable to simply release in a day and if I let go and express, some times I face with the fact that if a girl is interested to do some sort of flirting with me and she acts so - I might respond automatically as I'm in the game. Because of self-definition regarding to who I am according to women. That's cool that we face this. She also faces this with many guys approach her and temptation is great but I always was aware of my process will embrace sexual temptations what I must stand through and make the decision all the time to remain self-honest, especially regarding to agreement, as literally keeping my word what we agreed on.
That's cool - that's in fact strengthening.

I am also sure that if my partner would remain with me, later she would experience from first hand, what is desteniiprocess and I do not need to force this as an option but she might 'join' - but for now she is continuing her tibetan practices and that was the most significant point for me to embrace about her.
But my point is to not accumulate uncertainty and hope because by that I manifest hope and by that I do not move unconditionally.

For me it is clear that I want change in my environment - I am leaving my apartman and I did not want a 'new one' in Budapest anymore, I wanted to go already but I still remain in Budapest - as my current contract will end from my designation point to two months, at least 3-4 months I will still remain at least, and for that it is worth to change place, maybe closer to my partner, will see.

What I noticed within my expressions is that somehow calmness comes in - I walk and I notice I am calm - then I 'check' my arms - are strained or I can relax my arms? I start to walk slower and I ENJOY that I am located within this slow, relaxed walk.

I remember, Sunette(AA) told me once that I will be able to remain acting while still relaxing and towards that I reacted with :woooooow, that would be cool indeed.

That time is here, I must push, by this point I realize I do not need to think, I do not need to fear, I do not need to worry, simply I see where is my location, what or who I am and simply trust myself as this point and push and keep acting, expressing, sharing.

I noticed this 'change' within typing as well - I make mistakes much less - I accept the fact that this is the keyboard, I do not need to rush to type, I simply find the comfortable, sustainable velocity within typing wherein I do not make typos all the time, if so, then simply remain within physical relaxation while deleting the typo and typing it in properly.
That's a HUGE experience for me, when I do not need to use anything to 'DO' relaxing, but simply wherein I am - I apply - my face I release from keeping faces up because at the moment I am possessed with specific mind-shit -- let go - relax, breathe, I do not require to smile or make serious face as a robot - I express and express and express.

I also am aware of I have the tendency to not manage time properly by wanting 555 things to be done instead of doing 1-2 properly - still of self-definition and by the time stressing myself with the fact that I am still not 'knowing' how the machine as myself works. Why? Because I still prefer information and knowledge over what is real/here? About who I perceive myself to be? I am here, I am real as physical.

Okay, if one not yet approached agreement, I suggest to try it out - of course after a while facing self it must be constantly expressed, for instance blogging, vlogging, - to be sure that I am not deceiving myself and others and in fact I am walking the change already.

Recently I am writing on paper again - what is in a way cool, but I must PUSH the sharing point, so much I can share - so I must push the blogging, vlogging point more.

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