Tuesday, February 26, 2013

[JTL Day 12] Desire and fear regarding to woman and sex intro

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Yesterday after some months I had sex with her again and I was surprised how quiet I've became today inside in terms of thoughts and feelings.
Obviously with sex I can discharge the storm within but only for a while - so even if I do not see this clearly - I will experience the consequences anyway.

Looks like all the inner troubles I give myself into is because of the lack of sex and my judgments and reactions regarding to this.

Fascinating - if I would be my mind, and would want to control me, I'd make sure that I do not have a sexual relationship within the physical.

And my mind is a reflection and inversion of me as who I am.

What does this entail?

As I see - regarding to this topic, specifically as the words within me:
'woman' and 'sex' - both have two faces - the desire after and the fear from.
The polarity manifestation of my desires and fears are quite equated - in fact by my constant reaction towards these within 'me' make me just be equated, 'still', 'balanced'.

In fact - the most practical way to describe this system what I've put in charge within and as me as this topic as 'woman and sex' - is by walking trough this specific polarity system with this specific woman who I had sex with.

So this story starts like an ordinary erotic story - but I am walking trough the self-dishonesty here - what I am doing here by starting to write out my desires and fears according to woman and sex existing trough and as encrypted energetic symbols called words.

Encrypted meaning I am not fully aware of all the details of how and why I've manifested myself like this as I experience myself here - and writing it out within the starting point of self-honesty - I can unreveal the encryption. The encryption is here to make sure in one moment I can not see trough my delusion - as layers upon layers of relationships between words I've accepted and allowed to self-define and conclude and decide and apparently choose - but within self-honest writing I can investigate the why and the how and then I can be aware of the whole story by dedication and in fact consistency and time - and to realize the ridiculousness of my constant self-delusion through and as energetic polarity manifestations triggered by words.

So that's why all the words - that's why any spiritual mantra can not be self-honestly seriously taken in any way whatsoever - as that is not the actual words what I react to - that is just an other layer upon the already self-contained layered consciousness system - an other encryption level to make sure the human not realize the RESPONSIBILITY within such delusion as thoughts, feelings emotions - and one who is really dedicated to Self-realization and Self-liberation - should not stuck at any method what is not really dealing with the words what one programmed to react to - because we already entail many-many-many-many programmed systems within our mind consciousness what makes us operate quite automatically within certain specific situations what we accepted and allowed - in fact decided not to question anymore but encrypting the whole package as 'myself' and then any question would point towars this encrypted system as the pointer word: 'myself' then one would stop, one would hesitate to question anymore, because this is what self has accepted and allowed to be and then comes the 'This is who I am, that's it' - what is the lamest excuse earth has been seen because to remain this system actually requires lots of extra effort - the constant occupation within thoughts, feelings and emotions - what is literally seeping off our real life force what we really are as our human physical bodies.

Therefore I walk trough this two words as woman and sex in terms of polarity system regarding to two dimensions: desire and fear.

Recently I've already wrote down all my fears what I could bring to surface and writing those down was quite a fun I had quite a LOL indeed - as so ridiculous to fear from for instance 'women would want to be with me all the time to do sex' what interestingly enough is also my desire as well.

So that kind of fun can come trough if one dares to pour out own self's accepted nonsense.

And this even might seem to be quite rigidly insane to write out to the world about my greatest desires and fears but hey, from this point - anyone would read this - have an opportunity to know me - not by my favourite movies or music or t-shirt - that is just the surface, the consequence - I can get fed up experiencing the surface of people quite soon - that's why I'd stick to desteni people - because they do not say so much bullshit - desteni people are quite brave in terms of what they are really doing - it takes gut and dedication to not share some nice glamour but some true real demonic shit - and actually how one walks trough and what one realizes and how walks the preparation and the living of practical transcendence.

And by reading I can relate - I can prepare myself if I would face such point in the future - and then becoming aware of the consequences - I can really decide what is the best outcome within the consideration of all - within self-honesty there is no such thing as choice only consequence.

That's why I suggest everyone who can to read some Desteni/Self-forgiveness/Journey to Life blogs each day - because this is real - this is real people facing real problems and not feeding the secret mind anymore about hiding behind curtains of our mind as thoughts, feelings emotions - what is proven to be quite limited, slow and in fact really miserable.

But sharing our mistakes, values, realizations, commitments, we are re-aligning ourselves with words - and making sure what words we speak we are always equal and one regarding to what we act - within the consideration of the best consequence not only for ourselves but all.

Also what I've noticed - that by sharing my greatest shit - actually I am pushing my limits - if anyone would not notice that I am dealing with this shit currently, then this is it - I am an open book literally - please read me and experience the words what I react to, experience my difficulties and my realizations and my process of stopping - what is the starting point of doing so - therefore also when you've read my self-dishonesty - and at a point I lose self-awareness about these points - who read it - can also realize what I am walking currently trough and assist if decides so or if required.


desire and fear
sir tear dear fear

The sure fare is that I can not experience desire without experiencing fear.

The reality of me is that I can not fullfil my desire without constant fear.
The fact is that I can not enjoy fullfilling my desire without suppressing my fear.
The problem is that as I am fullfilling desire I re-create the experience of fear.
The solution is to let go, give up, transcend all desires and all fears completely.

Especially woman and sex. In mind - physically it's quite alright - but in mind - any participation in thoughts, feelings, emotions(sorry girls;) about any woman or any sex and in fact anything - is not real - not me - but a strange secluded mirror-room-feedback system what is echoing me back all self-dishonesty what I've ever made - no escape;- we face all as equal as one as self each.

The most practical(cannot say 'easiest' or 'simplest') way to stop my program of desire and fear might would be to have a constant partner(woman to do sex with - experience instead of desire after experience) within self-supporting agreement. That would push me to face an other layer of self-dishonesty, but I walk points as self-accepted encrypted layers, one by one.

I've started to transform 'my' last relationship to agreement but it did not last as it was not Self-honest dedication and decision both of ourselves but it was of energy, what is coming and going - so it was over since long while. So yesterday we did something the first time together and facing the same responsibility points just like before, but first I've decided to walk Desteni Agreement Course(in lesson 4 currently since a while but it is worth each dime and moment to spend with), what is uniquely invaluable in terms of supporting ones to transform from mind-relationship to REAL relationship within the principle of equality and oneness - and not looping within dysfunctional parent-programming timeloops to intensify the already currently manifested consequences of self-dishonesty. Such as desire and fear within me regarding to woman and sex - not because I feel really shit all the time - but at times yes - and if I accept myself as hell, then I am responsible for this hell. So desire and fear - both must go as it is just an other mind-fuel-energy-layer to not take Self-responsibility in every moment.

So then woman and sex regarding to desire and fear would be one layer - and then when starting to walk this - another layers pop up - a some sort of origin - to have a desire to stop fearing from not having woman and sex - or to have -
but then can not be constant and consistent as the desire is fueled by fear to stop fear. Do you see it now? It's obvious that it's all fear - fear of self - as nothing else really can exist than self - so then what is this fear, how to stop this fear?

Here people say, the devil it's in the details - well, literally:
The fact that one can not really remember the past - is really specific - not because it is not important, but because exactly the fact, what really happened 'there' within and as the mind - as self - the exact layout and design manifestation of that fear.
How exactly it happened? How exactly I've reacted with what?
So then without fear - my desire is not started/fueled/activated to fear from not having woman and sex to then going towards woman and sex? Hmm...

Say hello to Ouroboros, the snake what eats it's own tail - the trap of 22.
Or 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222.

That's why Self-forgiveness. What is manifested, is already manifested, no escape - but what comes next - we can really decide by becoming aware of the self-accepted consequences with Self-forgiveness as individual and as humanity as a whole.
To stop all cycles. All programs. All personalities. All motivations must go - All self-definitions, all sacred geometry triangle self-definition manifestations I let go, remove, delete.

Only the 'I' remain as Self as Life.

I will continue with Self-forgiveness on the topic.

Also I've noticed that I accepted and allowed myself to have the tendency to post rarely but then long ones - here I am transforming it(myself) to rather being consistent to walk these points daily even if it means that I'll segregate.

Also I've started several topics to decompose within and as myself - drugs, spiritual agendas, responsibility, relationships, desire, sex, energy - and these are interconnected trough and as words as well within my life so I'll be walking these for a while from several different angles to pinpoint and cross-reference all the shit what I'm still timelooping yet being aware already. So - let's walk, enjoy!


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