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[JTL Day 200] Military application is not LIFE

This is a sort of response/review to an article I just went through:

Aircraft to be made from ‘human-like skin’ to enable them to feel damage and monitor their health while flying with many smaller smart sensors on the surface of the plane by processing big data.

It is indeed sounding quite cool and as a quite predictable and almost obvious 'evolutionary' step towards AI applied within aerodynamics.

What is also obvious that what is the starting point and the reason for the research, which is:

military 'application' - meaning bombing and rocketing the shit out of anything it's commanded to.

I see as the human system is not really evolving beyond it's so to speak 'original' bestiary within the exponential development of the art of self-destruction by perfecting the efficiency the destruction of it's own species and anything being in the way as well, but it is undeniable that the military 'application' is becoming extremely efficient.

Obviously the 'investors' who pump billions into these projects are selling these inventions with the motivation of profit - it is the blood of our interest, the current system has accumulated into such a manifested consequence that only those gained so much financial abundance that are the best within profit making and thus doing what is we are good within - profit, greed and destruction.

Quoting from the article:

"According to one analyst, this technology could go far beyond military."
"In the future we could see more robust defense platforms that are capable of more complex missions whilst reducing the need for routine maintenance checks. There are also wider civilian applications for the concept which we are exploring.”
And it's just an article, why I am bashing, right - but we all know how serious the military thing is among humans. Just search to the words 'military expo' or as I did visit some war-raged country like Cambodia where millions were killed by armies - or look up some warmonger country's military statistics - it is insane - and still profiting.

So after all - when the military giga-industry-complex is reaching the next level of it's evolution ("defense" platform and "complex missions") - it can also be sold to the 'public' - or how they refer it to as 'civilian' applications.

I mean it's all in the words - there is military 'application' and there is civilized 'application', and second one might can be considered as the opposite of military as within what we are all beast, military means killing: de-mans stripped away any honoring for life and lost within the consciousness wars of over-saturated fear-polarities of superimposed self-interest.

When I was kid, I was also enjoying playing with toy-soldiers, planes, I was fascinated with aeroplanes, I have built and glued F15 and F-18 models and I have learned so much about these things - I was at army air shows and I was there in the military airbase touching these magnificent creations - as they surely are - but when I really figured out what in fact these are being used for within what exact political and financial circumstances, it was all over and I never could look or think at these planes with the same admiration again.

It is so ingrained within the human mind system that self-defense is so fucking important in the name of that we have the right to kill, the right to preemtively seek and destroy and it is that what we accept and allow within our mind with the self-imposed righteousness and manifesting that as equal as one within our external human system as well in governments, states, countries, armies weaving our each and every single individual tiny consents into the invisible yet obvious consensus for accepting war, oppression, genocide and even the very concept of military 'application' to exist within our neighborhood.

I deliberately say 'neighborhood', because with these high technologies there is not a single square meter on this planet what can not be over watched by live satellite feed to directly be able to guide the most harmful and deadly military 'application' in a short period of time - not to mention the most surreal arming up of local police forces, so after all - we are all the stakes here, not just the third world as we allowed to be reflected back with our original brainwash up to the point of now becoming more and more obvious that this is a neo-feudalist totalitarian corporate enslavement system wherein any resistance triggers a brutal, desensitizing, deeply disturbing 'military application'.

On the same site where the article comes from, in an other article the author wrote this after a rant about a new, secret superweapon:
The US is all about warfare, not welfare of humanity. We have millions of people who cannot get a job with good pay, to pay off ridiculous student loans. However, there is always money to kill and destroy what humanity has built. No healthcare, no free education like other industrialized countries; only war, war, and endless wars.
Even the most peaceful public demonstration can become a bloodbath and let us all remind to the most horrendous fact that this is still our, individual responsibility to care and act about given away to the government systems and their representatives and any more blame/showing the finger/fist will accumulate into more direct and 'physical' retaliation thus it is imperative to see/realize/understand that at this point any resistance/revolution/fight is futile. That was never the real solution as after all if we look at the timeline what we call as history - which has never really existed really - as it is in the name - it is not my story, it is the winner's - his story, which is certainly not SELF.

If we look at the point of what is SELF - what in fact that can be? Is there anything really like or close to the word or it's meaning of SELF?

Is the military SELF?

Am I self?

Am I my self or who has self, oneself, all our selves? Am I self or flesh? Who is then really selfless? What is the meaning of this?

So after this philosophical head scratching - leapfrogging back to the topic of aeroplane evolution and technology, it is certain that no individual human being has directive power in this world, any, none - whoever states differently must be able to prove it's opposite and then it is certain that as never really proved it then it is yet to come and we should not wait for that either but be the living example of what we want to get and give equally.

I find ANY military 'application' as unacceptable and the demilitarization is the only way to really find ourselves onto the path of being able to grasp what it would consist of to be 'civilized', meaning there is no any financial gain accepted and allowed on earth by anyone being left behind starved or lacking any basic requirement for a nurturing healthy living, not talking about their oppression or even killing.

Sure many refer to extremist belief-systems so vengeful that they lean to the consideration of allowing to induce 'extinction' of whole nations in order to 'solve' conflicts which is then coming back into full circle of the fundamental fact that humans has never ever changed really, just the technology became more efficient, but actual real unconditional care, support, love never existed - only in fractions, temporary fluctuations - anyone disagrees just try to go to a third world country without a coin and just get sick and see what comes next, try to get food, shelter, health care and realize the facts that money determines who lives how and until there is profit from hunger, it is all the same just different pictures. Basic requirements for all human - transcending the fear of overpopulation and actually do something about education, transparent equal opportunities for all.

That is where civilization could start but until that is not given, not manifested, stabilized - we are the very beast of this existence and that is why there is no mercy for any living on this earth existing currently - anyone and everyone can and inevitably will die just like that in a snap without any continuation.

Remember that when hearing or watching the news about military 'application'.

Still, so to speak feeling myself close to this - soul-dier/sold-deer - which is like an ability to have compassion with the loss of war - which is not a feeling or a mood anymore as it was before - but emerges as a will, a discipline to stand up to and as in this human system as a directive principle for accumulate actions what would manifest demilitarization.

This already sounds insane for the single-minded human, I know - especially with the inherent paranoia within humanity that 'if I do not have an army then other countries who have might conquer us suddenly' - thus it is a wider perspective we must embrace for the practical application but it is still possible - I mean everything is possible if we all stand up to it's making - just look at how much development and 'application' can be designed to automatize to mass-produce aeroplane with a handful of scientists: human-like feeler smart-sensory-skinned aeroplane consciousness systems - it could and will be really cool for instance preventing crashes or malfunctions just let us skip the gigantic sized military budget and directly give that to the people - so if we all stand up to life values and it's walkable way which is practical, physical equality.

And it is a brainwashing to automatically judge 'practical equality' by prioritizing and auto-cast-systematizing humans based on perceptions/intelligence/skills/skin tone/geographical location but those judgements are based only fear, nothing else - thus can and should be transcended with the simple realization that the only way out from this closed system to be fucked up again and again within the constant time loop of deliberate forgetfulness is the equalization of energy, resources, money, basic requirements for a nurturing living within the simple act of giving as we would like to receive.

And just to imagine how much effort is now being diverted away from the benefit from the children/education/welfare/environment/real civilization into this ruthless/lifeless/anti-love militarization accepted by the voters, financed by the capitalists allowed by the law, being the consent given by each individuals altogether without being aware of their power given away as responsibility.

And it is not about who stands up against the surreal militarization and war propaganda and utter destruction of whole populations, but it is rather about who does not stand up to this - and to start resonating that this can not continue like that anymore and within that realizing that the only power we have currently is to learn to be organized with the same efficiency as the pro-wars do, us, individuals, one by one accumulated into a flow what can not be ignored and disregarded anymore and with the current system's rules, 'thermodynamics' - not by attacking, because as George Carlin states:

"think about the concept of Flamethrowers. Because we have them. We don't have them, the army has. That's right, we don't have any flamethrowers. I'd say we are fucked if we have to go against the army, wouldn't you?"

But with investigation it is clear that as how the 'pro-war' interests use the currently sold ways to accumulate power referred as 'democracy' - it can be also used the same way with the interest of LIFE, but for that we must study/let go/transcend our perceived differences/opposite views by realizing the priority for physical, touchable, 'real' love and to manifest, accumulate directive power into people's/group's who are indeed principled to manifest a system what is best for all equally.

And on about education - observing coming the army into the city - showing weapon systems, tanks to the children, hiring cute women, playing cool music, putting balloons to the tank and let the kids rush it - kind of weird to observe it when we consider what these things really are...

Also it is to educate and actively being educated about understanding that there is a way actually what would really be the best for all, it is not a philosophical term which is like a fairy tale - many human beings state that war and destruction is within human nature and best for all can not be manifested because there is always disagreement, and even many state that it is simply impossible to all agree on wanting the same because then it would not be real freedom anymore.

So from technological development through military 'application' we arrive to the concept of 'freedom' which would indicate a state of being able to do anything without the limit or the worry or need for considering consequence
- OR freedom could even mean to being able to express with the PREVENTION of manifesting such consequences which are deliberately harming others.

Thus real freedom would mean not harming at all otherwise it is only perceived freedom from individual level but objectively it is not so.

Therefore the true concept of freedom can only entail the concept of 'what is best for all participants'.

To debate with that it is certainly possible but I am not bound to argue for limitation and after all - who wants to protect a deliberate abusive system and in the name of what interest? Is it real SELF-interest or just being the lack of the realization of Self-is-in-the-rest?

Alright - check out these awesome links and be 'free' to dare to 'do something' - or 'feel' 'free' to dare 'not to do something' - either way: enjoy breath!

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