Saturday, November 20, 2010

Move pt1 money 1

Okay, I've decided to move no matter what - there was some extensive self judgement built up while I was under this medical treatment - there was a suspicious scar on my chest what doctors decided to cut out - still waiting for the final labor result but I never was seamed on my skin before - it was not that cool, but by resting all day I had time to reconsider what I am, what I represent and what I must act.

I start with some money issues what I shared on multiply - actually I must push expressing more on my multiply account -- that one is specifically about and on the money point.

Actually I should repost it here:

Actually I am a bit concerned about how to proceed. My initial point first was to be able to make as much money as I can - to be able to 'have then time by not needing to robot for money as job at workplace - to be able to express myself, to be able to share and support by money, basically to become a directive point by being able to financially stand and be.
There is a possibility to remain within the situation of serving corporations for money, the money should be okay(of course not to mention that the current money system supports all the abuse, therefore if I am participating within the current money system - I support child abuse, starvation, destroying nature etc), but then I do not 'feel' comfortable when I see directly how big profit I support the corporation to make.
My current job is about building massive websites with people can build, test, process and deploy specific websites for the company very dynamically. With this system, the website building, testing, fixing, deploying process is far more effective, therefore the company can deliver MANY quality websites in short time, by people who are not really technical. Therefore my responsibility point regardless to my salary - is that I support this international corporation to expand more, to aggressively take over the market and increasing the revenue of the company. Of course, I am a bit piece of this machine but I am - therefore my concern initially was to support myself yet I stand for Equality.
My first upcoming status was to leave this company and find a new job - but my 'profession' is about programming website functionality(background services mostly), so I have experience in this. Shall I remain within 'programming scene' - or I should find a new area to express and to live on with what I can stand and express my vote for equality - in action, not only in words.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become confused about what company I do work for and what I stand for within the system - not realizing that I am part of the system, I must generate money to support myself to be able to live and express.
I forgive myself that I have judged the company where I work, instead of realizing that judging anything is of definition, is of self deception, self dishonesty because I do compare, I do use memory to rely on what is of the past, what is not actually HERE.
I forgive myself that sometimes I simply want to quit my job because it is not always comfortable to sit all day in an air conditioned office and watching, manipulating program codes, databases, environments all day - instead of purifying my starting point and remain stable and express myself and see my contract as support - I do my job and I am able to stand within AND expressing myself unconditionally as I want change, I want Equal Money, I want to give up all within me what does not support Equal Money because this is what really important within the equation of 'what is best for all?'
Because 'MY' happiness and statisfaction I already realized, never will be full until I am experiencing this level of equality being manifested physically: no one is being harmed for profit, noone is being excluded from basic support as food, shelter, water, healthcare because of lack of money.
How to do it practically - continously promoting, speaking, bringing up on forums and face those who are being opposed by it - simply because they fear from losing what they already have. Common sense I should use, by explaining that what they have is not really personal, it is a polarity system and how they could enjoy continuous entertainment while many has to suffer for it - by this every good becomes bitter, by directly researching how the current system works, directs - anyone can realize that we must change the value from profit and greed and survival to Support Life.
For two months I was obsessed about 'wondering what to do' - instead of seeing what is actually HERE and act immediately within the starting point of what is best for all - and if realizing mistakes, dishonesty - then applying the self forgiveness, self honesty, writing, sharing, blogging, vlogging to stop dishonesties and walk walk breath act walk breath act within the group.


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