Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Onness and equality.
What is self? Who am I?
What is responsibility? Response - ability?

How could be the one define self until has a definition for self?
How could be sure that definition is self-definition, not a sacred geometry knowledge-information system demon?
How can be able to take responsibility if I even do not know, see or experience self?
Self has no definition. If I allow myself to be a definition - I am in trouble. Why am I in trouble?
Trouble means situation. Situation means slave of cause and effect, means slave of consciousness.
Self is not a slave of consciousness, self is not a slave of systems, not a slave of a determined definition.
How can be a definition an answer? How can be an answer a definition?
All definitions here are built from this world. If I say that I define, then I am influenced, I am possessed by, I am manifesting and I am experiencing it in and as onness and equality. What you possess, you become possessed by it. The things you own end up owning you. Simple. If you have a definition - you have been posessed by a definition - and not from anything else than you.
There is nothing to do with the world systems, there is nothing to do with the country systems, there is nothing to do with the family system - that would be a separation by a definition from this world, that would be an another self-dishonesty manifestation into this world.
Then what is the definition of responsibility? If it has a definition - separatedly from me - then that is just an another system possession. If it has a condition - it is just an another system manifestation, nothing more than a bloody idea about an excuse from my self-dishonesty point to see, to experience, to LIVE self-responsibility.
Responsibility means I TAKE responsibility for MYSELF as MYSELF in every single moment - no matter what, there is no price, there is no compromise, no condition about how and why and especially when - because than just I become possessed by my definition, by my condition, about my self-dishonesty. Why? Simple. Because onness and equality.
Why DO YOU resist from ONNESS AND EQUALITY? Why do you disagree? Is sounds so awful, sounds so fearful, or what? WHAT IS YOUR SELF-DISHONESTY as a possessed definition of ANYTHING what is compelling you to not realizing, not understanding and not LIVING onness and equality?
The responsibility. The REAL response-ability. To realize that I AM RESPONSIBLE for my reality, I AM ALL in ONE and EQUAL with evertything with everybody with ANYTHING.
That realization could be a revelation of responsibility. That could be the time for act, for facing, for MOVING as SELF as RESPONSE-ABILITY in Onness and Equality, moment by moment, slowly but surely disengage all definitions, possessions, separations, conditions. To FORGIVE myself that I accepted and allowed to became conditional, like a system, like a machine.
That I accepted and allowed ANY condition what directs, determines, controls, limits me.
How could I be conditional? HOW could this happen? By definition. By self-dishonesty. By not taking self-responsibility in every moment as who I am really as onness and equality.
And what if I am onness and equality as ALL as ME - that could mean that I, MYSELF AM RESPONSIBLE for the WHOLE WORLD as ONE and EQUAL. That could be the realization of who I am - but not only writing, speaking theese words, no - that would be just an other definition, that would be just a separation - if I am not experiencing, acting, living that in every single moment, without any codition, without any excuse, without any definition : empty words, owned this as a dead information system.
Because there is no answer for that question: Who am I -- by definition. But the answer of that question begins with and as self-honesty, absolute self-honesty until it has a condition. Until self-honesty is still just a definition. Until there is an ANY definition in this world, until there is ANY separation in this world, until there is ANY manifested self-dishonesty is in this world...and then that would be the answer for that question: Who am I.

I begin here - now - as self-honesty, as self-forgiveness, as self-move, sorting out as finding, understanding, facing, realizing, embracing all separations, all excuses, all hideouts, all fears in and as onness and equality - without condition, without purpose, without desire, without anything from this world.
Just being here, now - that is the begining and also that is the end.
To be here now, as breath as life in and as onness and equality to taking responsibility as all as me as one and equal in every single moment.


Rajah Mahsohn said...

well said

Talamon said...

hey rajah I just linked your blog, cool...