Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weight-flow 3 day course

At this weekend I was doing 3 day weight-flow course.

This thing is found by Gabor Goda who is leading an contemporary art-dance-studio.
I could find definitions of weight-flow, but I try to describe it with my words.

It is like to explore body-experience, expressions - working only with the body and allowing the body to move itself without conception, improvisation, and many times using the body and the physical, as weight, and interacting with the floor and the other humans with body-weight, and using surfaces to meet and push, touch, hold and let the bodies interact without inner reactions.
Fascinating practises we did - learning to relax the body, learning to move hands, feet, center point, head point discretely, together and let the body lead by these points, or interact with other - to hold the other, to climb it without using aggression, and without grabbing and simply flowing and letting the bodies to interact and be presence.
I can not describe it really, it is always about the meeting, the contact and then the release.
It is also referred as contact-dance - letting bodies dance with contacting other bodies without concept and relaxing and expressing harmonics and giving stability for ourselves and not expecting anything from other but being responsible for our stability but when the other gives his/her weight, then accept it fully and give back weight to balance it on a way when the two together can move as one as equal - something like that.
Or for instance a practice was like that: one is moving slowly with body and arms and the other's task is to get into the other's space, finding empty spaces to fill out with body, with hands, head, anything -- without touching the other.
Fascinating and intense three days were - some places also have pain - for instance we learnt to fall down naturally by moving like a spiral down to the ground without falling big - and then I hit my knees hard sometimes - these points were where I was not relaxed so then pain occured.

It was fascinating to see how different people's body interact and I was practicing about with 13 other people, girls, boys, men, women, old, young, everything like.
Some people I preferred - in the beginning I noticed this predator-like act on myself within the group but then I allowed myself to move without definition.
Also the people who I wanted to play with in the beginning - was based on my sight - the red girl who looked like an actress - was quite attractive - but later on it did not matter - in fact there were not any people who I did not liked to play with - I found values in each - aspects of me.
Many points came up in these days and also changed some expression within me already and later on I will continue to write about this.
The leader, Gabor always mentioned the 'quality of the contact' - about not to judge and face difficult physical experiences and see how the two will solve it - not to jump out of it, not to handle it with force - but naturally, as to be pleasant for both and the release is to be preferred as something what would be repeated without any problem. When we had to release the touch - that release should be a decision from both and a direct, self-willed act what is obvious and without any 'more' story.

At the end it was a discussion about this, how people felt, and realized from the perspective of selves and I said that (not exactly, but as I remember) "I am finding practical solutions to explore equality with the principle of oneness within the physical and this dance looks like very assisting to facing points directly within and as the body - and also I was able to see more directly how I am related to unpleasant poses and the geometry of the physical body related to the mind when I am go after my head - instead of being the whole body as a whole as the experience of oneness and equality within myself, within my world, with my partner and in all parts of life."


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