Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Important to realize: I Walk, I push, I direct, I stop, I forgive, I change, I express

This is very important to realize every fucking single human - that this we must understand - that even after years of participation within Process - there is nothing what will go by itself - if I do not push as the full of myself - as the DIRECTION, the WILL as SELF HERE - to change and STOP all Self-deceptions without even considering 'that' is 'that' - I as Consciousness will not give up simply by forces.

Forces I mean forces from outside - from my partner, from desteni members, from Farm members from Bernard from the Portal or a screaming racoon - there is nobody else than myself I must align with and AS the Living Principle and PUSH and act.

Because it is obvious that I want to stop, I want to change - if anyone could ask me at any time - this would be the answer.

Because I already got it - but to realize - means to PHYSICALLY EXPRESS the STOP, the CHANGE.

And the 1+1=2 simple mathematical equation is the most difficult thing what one must understand for this - no more complicated thing is required. It's that simple.

I've decided to check Desteni out, because I was not satisfied with myself, with the world, I was looking for an answer.

Then as I started to study Desteni - I've realized that the tools are here and I can start to apply for myself. Then I've decided to give a try, to start writing about my past, to start writing Self-forgiveness, to start writing Self-Corrective Statements about what Change I WILL myself to become here within and as the Physical.

For instance about my previous post - my dishonesty regarding to women - I was who realized that when Bernard told me that 'Tala, get a girl' - was simply a suggestion to support - what I can do or not do.
And I decided to do. And then I approached girls without consideration, and then it did not work. Then I started to decide to re-align myself and learn from my perceived mistake. And then I pushed myself again and years passed and I am still here and pushing myself and this time this girl gets something from the Agreement and One and Equal princpiple and assisting me to see what I've programmed myself to unable to see. Then what she is saying - I can say that 'it's bullshit', 'so fucking what?' - and it happened at first time and at the second time and at the fucking third time - but as she is keep saying it - I check my reactions - there are the same reactions when she is saying it - so then I see - is this really true? Is my self-definition is so strong that I define myself as 'X' and in fact in and as the physical I act as 'Y'?

Then if I am unable to see - if I am unable to experience myself how I act - and why - then I write. I write and then I write it until everything about this point is here at front of me - until inside is empty - and when I write everything down here as myself - then I am able to see - while I write it down I allow myself to open to realize what I am participating within, what I am still responsible for - and in fact what I still allow as self-dishonesty.
And then it is obvious that this I must stop.

It is in fact irrelevant of what points come up - if the point is to want to hug camels at midnight at the Antarctica - then that is the point what I am possessed into and as - and that point I investigate, face, forgive that I've accepted and allowed myself to be possessed with and simply STOP.

When I realize - I am here - I do not need to choose - I do not need to decide where to go - I simply realize that I am here as the physical location and as the moment as breath as the birthing myself as Life - then anything comes up - into me I see - is this really life? Is this in fact supporting all equally? Is this who I can stand as Infinity within absolute constancy and consistency?
And if not - then I realize - the Self-dishonesty is here and I am here - and I check what is the self-definition through I separate myself from the point - from my existence as reality - and why I still participate within such thing.

The point comes up - HERE - I do not 'go' after the point - I am simply Here and I simply see the point within myself coming up HERE - so then I deal with it - and I investigate, I forgive, I push and I script myself up within writing, within Self-Corrective statements to STOP the point as myself undefined.

Then I am HERE again - and then the next point is here so then I deal with that point as myself and all points - within me - I embrace, I stop, I re-align myself with and as HERE and I simply act within the principle of 'What is best for all?' by considering my current location, by considering my current understanding of how things I see and experience.

Then I push - and if I do judge the point - if I do judge myself regarding to the point - I fall into the twisted trap of my own self-created dishonesty because my judgment is based on a previous judgment within myself what is in fact based on fear - what if I could 'clearly' investigate - I would realize that: that point is Self-dishonesty, that point is of Self-deception.
So then I let go of that definition.
I write Self-forgiveness. I voice Self-forgiveness as the words. Word by word I resonate as the Sound Expression as Words what I release - what I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become.

And I say Self-forgiveness aloud, I express Self-forgiveness in every way possible - to make sure that within my reality - I do not let 'backdoor' wherein I can 'fall' back into the participation of Self-dishonesty. So I make sure that I do not compromise my Self-will by default. Because then I will manifest timeloop within what I might give possibility, I might give hope - what with I can not stand as Infinity. Otherwise I might participate within the specific current Self-dishonesty - and then I would manifest it and then I would realize it again and I would recognise that in fact I wanted this to stop and I did not stop - then I clearly see that my Self-forgiveness was not effective. Then I have no chance - I must start it again.

This application - if one makes the decision - in a way is like a skill - what one can develop by only Walking the process.
Self-honesty can not be given - and can not be taken away - this is where Real Self can start to birth by and as Self. Within and as the Physical.

This is the act of Creation as humans refer as 'God'.

Applying Self-forgiveness if applied within the Physical - is the Living God as Self as Life as the Physical.

Each one must understand that - by understanding the accumulation of 1+1=2 - I push and then I push and then I direct and then I state and then I Express, I Realize, I share, I forgive, I change, I re-align, I Move, I Direct, I Walk - and the accumulation - if the Starting point is One and Equal with and as Self Here - then there is nowhere to fall - because the perception of 'falling' - is simply Facing Self Here.

Then Self Facing Self Here as the Unification of man as I am.
And if each and every single human being is standing within this Constant, Stable Physical Realization - then in fact - the Unification of Man is Here.


Lindsay said...

awesome post jozsef - great support for self and all!

Michelle's Blog said...

enjoyed this, thanks :)

menogood said...

Thank you for sharing - I enjoyed reading your self-support

Kasper said...

Thank you for sharing - I enjoyed reading your self-support (menogood = Kasper)

Talamon Joseph Berta said...

thanks guys, keep pushing and sharing and enjoy physical breath