Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spirituality and religion is the same: Self-deception - no more!

With and as Act of Self-Honesty - EACH have the opportunity to realize the Self-dishonesty within all kind of Spirituality - they are the same - only the picture is different - look at christians, buddhists, hinduists, islamists etc - they are doing the same - only the picture towards they hope for is different within the participation of Separation through belief- and hope-based Self-definition formed by Back Chat. Check this video out if you dare about the topic of 'Spirituality as a Back Chat':

Spirituality is a Back Chat

I've gowned up around Christians, I even visited and listened the temples and ceremonies and priests for a while - I do speak of experience - I've visited Egypt and walked with Islams, I've visited Hindu gurus and Buddhist lamas in India, I've practiced that thing, I've read many-many scriptures - for years the programmed fear and hope made me unable to realize that these stuffs does not really help of the CORE of Self-dishonesty - only pacing the mind and building up and becoming information systems of excuses and justifications of why I do not stand up for the abuse against Life all over the fucking planet.

It is tough to realize what one has been accepted and allowed to manifest as this existence - but until one can not face Self as Physical Reality - there is no chance for Self-Realization and until that - there will be no Self-Responsibility and one is just one more arrogant self-righteous fucker who is participating within abuse by maintaining and protecting the current system what is being fueled by money.

I am only one cell of the Global Human System - but I resonate this as myself until the end of times: I do not support religion, I do not support spirituality - I support All Life as Physical. Because within the Physical - all spyritual agendas are failing big to bring about a change - since how long we do have religion, spiritdual agendas around - and what is the result? Physically? These are great methodologies in order to make humans busy, make humans occupied, make humans hope, make humans pay, make humans accept and allow.

I clearly stand with and as these words: I do not accept religion or spirituality as Life because it gives hope and falsehood by not taking direct Self Responsibility for All as One as Equal as Life Here on Earth as the Physical. Spirituality and Religion does not want to Change the current Money System - only within that it wants you to pay. A complete reconsideration, a new paradigm is required with valuing Life First!

After each newborn is 'safe' from the collective greed and fear and harm of the current human system - we can talk about other dimensions and energies and chakras and faraway heavens- but first let's Equalize Money on Earth- and by that - each can have a dignified life. And there is no excuse to not even try that - if one criticize Desteni and Equal Money without openly and common sensically investigatint Self as World as All as One as Equal within Oneness and Equality - they in fact these cells within the Global Human Body are actively protecting the current abusive system and therefore we, at desteni must mark these beings as untrustworthy at this moment - because they can not make the basic mathematical equation of 1+1=2 here on Earth within Physical Practicality by regarding Life - because the possession of self-definition system as excuses and justifications of why one do not stand up for the ones who are in fact being abused.

And then there are great examples when for instance one rich guy is paying for 10 poor little boy for the food in Africa - that is alright - regardless I should investigate the starting point of such an act - because the current system will not change - and by fighting within the system - by playing good against bad - I am of polarity, I am of separation - we must embrace all parts of the current human system and as Creation we must mathematically make sure that we exclude all possibilities of harming by simply equalizing Power, equalizing Money, equalizing Life.

I do not have personal agenda against spirituality or religion, I will not burn you if you currently define yourself as this information system demon - I simply realized that until one can not understand, realize, forgive, release this possessions - will not Stand up for and as All life within Practical Physical Reality, therefore it can not be accepted as Life. Simply that. I take responsibility for what I've accepted and allowed to manifest Here on Earth, including delusions as well. I must be the change, as my direct reality wherein I direct Life within the consideration of What is Best for All.

Let use my words to be more clear:

If one DO NOT consider to actually do something what has an impact on this world - for instance by considering Equal Money - because it can be mathematically proven that this would be a kick-start for manifesting a System what Supports All Life - then that one I can not trust, I can not support - only I can give reflections and directions to how to assist and support oneself to realize and walk the Process of Self Forgiveness to become Equals with and as All Life.

And if one have issues with Trust - particularly Trust in Desteni - one should consider to Join Desteni I Process - because within that - all aspects of Self can be re-evaluated, re-aligned with Self-Honesty, Self-Will, Self-Direction, Self-Forgiveness, Self-Trust - within the consideration of What is Best for All.

Trust yourself - and BE the change - do not trust in the individuals of the group, do not trust in the group - Trust the Principle of All Life must be Valued regardless of Money.

Be Here to make sure that this Group stands for Life. This is Responsibility. Be the Directive Principle as Life.

Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself.

I trust myself as Act as Physical. I do not trust spiritduality, I do not trust religion. I trust physical consistency as Self only Here. I support Equal Money System.

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