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Why I use birth name

I use my birth name on internet.

Internet is full of fake names and imaginary titles - we are outnumbered with sources of information, what are coming from simply almost untraceable sources for the public and by that - basically anyone can say, state or attack anything without taking Self-Responsibility.
When I was in highschool - I was playing RolePlayGame - and I was playing the elf wizard of Talamon - in that time I was very introverted, suppressive in my physical approach - however with this person of Talamon within the RPG game(basically acting as this self-made character) - I could express that what I perceived as I could not do so directly physically as myself.
This personality I've become in a way - and I had issues with my birth name, with my surname and with my family name as well - my father was named also as Jozsef Berta, his father was also Jozsef Berta and who knows what chain of reproduction ended up with me but as I perceived this family, as I perceived my father - I did not want to be like that, I did not want to become as him because he was completely lost within ideas of consciousness and he ended up drinking alcohol heavily and then he slowly but surely destroyed himself and ended up in psychiatry and then he died alone in the forest sunk in a pit with full of water nearby the road - alone and lost.
I've gowned up in his shadow and my mother was fully fearful of myself becoming like him - so resonantly I've also participated within this fear - and I wanted to separate myself from my father and my family as much as possible in order to not become like him or like the members who I shared places with because of 'family'.
I could not deal with this directly, instead of I've created a person myself - who I wanted to be, who and what I've perceived myself to want to be - this is how and why I've created 'Talamon', who is
not like all of the Jozsef Bertas, who I knew - it 'felt like' a fresh start - and when I've played the role play game - when I was speaking out this Talamon character - the borders washed away - as the people around me started to call and refer me as Talamon, and when I went to university - also on internet I participated with the name of Talamon. I've created a reality wherein I was known as Talamon - without the direct influence of my Birth Name, of my family, of my direct physical reality.

I felt like I could not exist as Jozsef Berta as I had fears of I might become like my father - and I was absolutely sure that this is not the way to walk this Earthly Life, so I've created this Personality of Talamon in my mind - what I wanted to be - and by years walking, by travelling as, by experimenting with psychedelic drugs and communicating with people as Talamon - I was able to develop new expressions - however the foundation, as Jozsef Berta was never directly faced, dealt with - so the mixture of it was quite ambigous, unsure, twisted and unstable wherein all directly manifested: Physically.

As Talamon - I was smmoth, expressive, artistic and strong - within my mind at least - and as the physical being, as Jozsef Berta - I was suppressive, nervous, self-doubted and self-judgmental. However these started to mix up in a way wherein I was not the directive principle as myself as presence - but constantly battling and waving around personality manifestations within myself according to impulses from outside - I had issues with practicality and effectiveness - what I've judged extensively - and finally I felt myself as a constant, huge shitmess - when time to time I've proven myself to be lost from situations to situations until I've directly faced the very close opportunity to die some times and I've realized that this cannot work really. In that time I was not aware of the How or the Why - I simply physically faced myself in a way what was obviously shouting: if I continue like this - I accumulate the probability of death. Because of that degree of abdicating self-responsibility as considering what I participate within the Physical.

After 'subconsciously' - because I did not want to admit directly - almost physically experiencing my 'complete lost'-ness - I was desperately seeking new opportunities to come out from this madness.

When I found Desteni Group - I was full of ideas, knowledge, judgments and opinions - influenced by different agendas and I was unsure how to release my shit - what I just started to realize by embracing the Desteni material.
By the support of the people at Desteni Forum I was able to realize how and why I am constantly fighting within and as myself and slowly but surely exhausting myself as Physical Being - meanwhile all of my ideas and knowledge - was in fact justifications for why I do not Stand up for Myself as Life and Change. I simply realized Oneness and Equality as the basic Principle within all - and how this can assist me to realize what I am accepting and allowing within my reality - where my responsibility is.

By starting Self Forgiveness - I started to explore the 'why' - why I am participating within manifestations what are in fact not lasting, what are of delusions. There were some outstanding issues what I almost literally 'thought' "I was unable to forgive to myself" - so I started on these points - and the more I wrote, the more I expressed my decision to change, my standing up to my past - the more I understood the details of why and how I accepted myself in a way from where I was unable to shunt from. By writing the Self Forgiveness sentences specifically, directly to my self-accepted excuses and justifications - I started to accumulate Self-Will, Self-Empowerment, Self-Direction - to be able simply breath through inner reactions what I've programmed into myself - this is the real deal - because the effectiveness is withint he specificity.

Next point was to face how an other being can experience me physically within me as me, when the Tree of Life support was temporally introduced within the Desteni I Process, if you did not watch this interview - you should do so - at first it was quite intense to face in a way - and other way it was a huge relief as I always wanted somebody to directly say how I am because I've noticed that from my point of view, I was unable to see myself as the camera by itself also can not record itself, as the sword can not cut itself etcetc lol.
Here is the Video link of SRA Structural Resonance Alignment Research Desteni Talamon
(Note that this kind of support is not available currently as the Structural Resonance Alignment within DesteniIProcess is now works as a Life Coaching course - within walking that - One can Face Self Directly and embrace the tools with one can stop self-dishonesties).

Watching that interview I could not argue with that - it was all exposed - somewhere, somehow I always 'felt like' this, but I could not see myself in this way I was not aware of how far I went within self-suppression and self-anger - and by realizing how I am - I had to realize that there is no justification or excuse with what I could live anymore to accept myself as what I've accepted and allowed myself to become Physically(because Physical is what we can deal with, where we can Unify ourselves within Equality and Oneness Ethernally).
No spiritual agenda, no religious view, no shamanistic bullshit I could participate within anymore within Self-Honesty - and at one point I realized the following:
"Each and every single human being is equally responsible for the current manifestation of Earth."

Participating within Process - I started to face what I was escaping from within the Physical - for instance the DNA and verbal programming coming from my family - and I've realized - I can stand up for this and I can stop participate within the preprogrammed influences of the mind - I can stand up for my father - I can actually be who I always was within my life - József Berta. Because the knowledge and information what I've defined Berta József as my family - I can embrace and I can CHANGE within and as my direct reality. So I've started to face the issues of my birth name and not separate myself within perceptions through the mind - but be József Berta, be Talamon, be everything I've created.

Within the Desteni Group - we've decided to Take Full Responsibility for what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to manifest Physically - and the Self Responsibility must be Located, Tracked, Shared unconditionally in a way where we stop deceiving ourselves and others and start to explore how to Live within Equality and Oneness Physically - by embracing our past, present, future breath by breath.

As Jozsef Berta, as myself, as who I was, as who I am and who I will be - at this moment is within and as this Human Physical Body - what is within the current Human System - with an ID, with a Birth Name - and this Physical Location is always Direct, Simple, Obvious, Physical and Real.
This 'Person', this Man, this Human, this Body - this Mind Consciousness System(systems of thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, suppressions, desires, fears) - at this moment what is my Self-Responsibility, and can be referred as Jozsef Berta.
From the System's perspective - government, bank, school, tax, "health-don't Care" system, workplace, army, law etc - I am undoubtedly József Berta.

What I've manifested by this Self-Created Personality as Talamon what I've participated and made myself known by many people - is also what I've accepted and allowed myself to manifest and in a way also 'Physically' become - is also my Self-Responsibility.
My Self-Responsibility to see what is practical, what is walkable, what is supporting Life within myself and stop what is abusive.

I stand up for All Life, I stand up for All as One as Equal as Life, also to stand up for those who can not to - for a Global Change, for exploring ways to manifest Equality Physically.
And to make it valid - I share myself as my Birth name - as I am embracing from where I am 'coming' - as I was born into a system wherein I am identified by my birth name - I stand up within the System as the System - by standing up and sharing myself as the following:
I was born as József Berta within this system and I am standing up - as this Physical Body - everyone can see, this is who I was, this is who I am, this is the Principle what I am walking by and there is no hidden agenda, there is no fake name what behind I can do whatever I am being pleased to without being exposed - that's Self-Responsibility.
Simply being able to look into anyone's eyes and no shame at all - the only way to develop infinite Self-Will is to accumulate and integrate myself into and as the Physical reality as a stable, constant, untouched, expression what stands for all Equally wherein we can exist in harmony, wherein noone have to exist in poverty and live in terror of war - and I want to give equal opportunities for all life. This like I would be if I would be the Creator. And this is how will going to be. As I am Creation, I am Creator, I am Created - one and equal, Here, within and as the Physical.
There is no 'bigger picture than this'.

I am interested in Real People, who also can Stand Up and want Change, I am interested in practicality of What is Best for All.

So I am directly identifying myself as Talamon József Berta - and in fact there are many József Berta-s in this Matrix, there are many Talamon-s you can find, but at this moment this two together can pinpoint my location wherein you can find, trace, locate and directly access me as Physical.

Physical - because Here we can Stand Together within Unification - as all currently existing miriads of Dimensions of Consciousness Systems - and in fact the Physical is the only one what is really relevant - the only one what if we remove from the equation we cease to exist.

And within the currently manifested Human System - we must sort out the dishonesties and delusions of other dimensions from the mind(thoughts, feelings, emotions etc) - by Aligning ourselves with and As the Physical without Perceived Separation to Unconditionally grant Dignified Life for all within Physical Equality at least in the 'level of' Basic Living as Food, Shelter, Education and Health Care.
Until that is not done - until each human borns with practically equal opportunities (Equal Money for all) - I am not interested within any self-interested agendas and those must be released unconditionally within the principle of What is Best For All.

That is what This Physically Located name, as Talamon József Berta is referring to at the moment.

I am even considering to take up the Talamon surname as well 'officially' within the system to simply embrace everything what I've participated within and as Creation to stop any personality-manifestations within myself.

Therefore I dare you to share yourself being accessible with your Birth Name - and take full responsibility for what you are participating, broadcasting, sharing, resonating - within the principle of What is Best for All. Because if you do not so - then you can be questioned that you are not dealing with Real issues, you are not standing up unconditionally for All and therefore you might be harm for the Walking Equals.
I do not 'care', even if many people refer somebody as 'good person' or 'peaceful' or 'talented' or 'nice' - these are dwarfed within the equation of What is Best for All.
I understand that from the starting point where from all humans 'start' so to speak - this might sound as losing self - but if we investigate our daily life, participation - the hours spent by people who can have money to buy 'heavenly moments' - can be questioned by the point of view of those who can not even afford to eat properly. Your agenda could be anything, a great golf playing experience, or enormous artist activity or watching the greatest movie or having the most intense sex - or even spending millions for the sake of your 'miracoluous family love' - please love thyneighbour as thyself unconditionally because otherwise you are just an another organic robot who is full of justifications and excuses of self-interest - regardless of your mental and emotional intent of world peace and great om spiritual enlightened blahblah - in fact in the REAL physical level - you act as an active obsticle against manifesting Equality.

What I did not include within this Equation before is that this is a process as who I am physically has been manifested through constant and continuous participation within consciousness system - but by participating within DesteniIProcess, Applying Self-Forgiveness, Exploring practical ways to accumulate Actions within the Physical - one can Align Self Physically slowly but surely with and as All as one As Equal as Life - breath by breath, moment by moment, day by day, month by month, year by year until it's done.
I have the tendency to jump into conclusions within my mind by 'thinking fast' - and redefining myself only within my mental dimensions - while in fact, physically I am not changing - therefore it is imperative to walk this process step by step PHYSICALLY, ensuring that I am not deceiving myself with an other self-definition system. Therefore we urge everybody(every physical body) who can afford the luxury of Internet - to share themselves who they really are within starting point and within the current Physical Expression - because this is reality, we must breath and walk out from the mind-delusions - but alone it is barely impossible - that's why we form a Group wherein we do not accept anything less than who we really are as Life. And by walking as a group - we see what it takes to bring about a change to manifest dignified life for all.

And within the current manifestations on Earth - within this Human System - within the Current Money System - we must form a Group wherein we can assist and support ourselves and each other within exploring practial equality - for the group's sake - we must embrace principles in which we do not compromise the Equality Equation within and As the Group by accepting Abdication of Self Responsibility for instance as existing and sharing by fake names - because to speak and write anyone can do - but to LIVE the same Equally - as becoming the Physical Living Words - we must ensure that the ones are walking are Real Persons.

It's like when TrueLove555 channel makes a comment of 'it is not true, love is the solution' - (just an example) - is like physically you do not take responsibility, but hiding behind an idea what physically was never real - and you are in masks where others can not see who you are - and therefore if you participate within abuse - you can not be physically located, you can hide and say whatever you want so - we, as a Group - do not accept this, and if you can not give up your imaginary personalities - you can not be part of the Group wherein Equals are walking - because you could be a compromise for all in the group.
Therefore I dare you to share yourself with your Real Name.

I even would enjoy if anyone's thoughts could be publically accessible - much of the abuse would be more obvious and directly 'manageable' within the Principle of What is Best for All. But it might manifest HELL on earth big time as the Mind Demons - what are human systems taking over the body - physically abuse Self.

That's why we BLOG, we VLOG - what you see is maybe imperfection, but by sharing my Self-forgiveness for instance regarding to fears, desires - I am stating that I am actually forgiving myself to stop myself accepting myself, I am becoming aware how and why I started to participate within desires, fears - I am actually making a public statement for everyone and for everything equally - that I take Full Self Responsibility for what I've accepted and allowed to be, but from now on I am finding practical ways to STOP to do so as I am the Directive Principle of My life and for my Reality, for Existence.
Because for instance this shared fear, desire is not really who I am as Life - but at this moment I've manifested it, so as I've created it - in the same way I can STOP - I can stop my participation within FEAR.
Because if I do share my Self-dishonesty - and I do not share - at least I share with the world that these are my issues, please be aware that you should not accept me remain within this self-dishonesty - if I would not change - if my Self-Forgiveness would not be real - then I might need Self-Assistance and daring everyone to not accept me within my self-dishonesties.

That's why if somebody is Walking the Process as Birth Name, as sharing Self-dishonesties, Self-forgiveness, Self-Realizations, Self-Corrective examples - constantly and consistently - unconditionally - and the Physical change is obvious within the Way of Living, within the Expressions - then this is where Birthing Life from the Physical Starts.

When One walks like this - re- and re-aligning Self within Process with and as The Physical - sharing all the shit what comes up - and releasing self-definitions by sharing, by forgiving self - One is directly Facing Self, walking the Practical Self-Realization, Unification, Self-Perfection.

This is who I am, this is what I've redefined as Value, This is What I support, this is what I stand for and what is really relevant is how we accept ourselves as Humanity, as Animals, as Nature, as Plants, as Earth; existing and what really matters is simply What is Best For All.

That's why we focus on Equal Money - because each is involved with the money issue, by what everyone is directly responsible who is participating within the Current Money System - the Blood of the Human System currently - 'current' - 'currency - rent' - and by re-defining Value as Life - not as greed, not as surviving - we can Stand up for Poverty, Famine, War, Genocide, Abuse etc - as most of them is because of the people has no money and without money humans are degraded to the level of resources or machines what will end up in dumpyards without any compassion. Because currently even the idea of compassion is related to money. Love is of money, the perception of 'life' is related to money.

And that's why we must Stand up in All Levels of Humanity to take Self-Responsibility without any Separation, without any exception - the God of Man is the Physical is currently being driven by Money. That's why We must introduce a temporally solution which by Humans can release this Hypnotic Trance/Vibration to be slaves of Money.
That's why we push the point of Equal Money - to bring about a Dignified Life for All.

Thank you very much:
Talamon József Berta.

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