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[JTL 140] Stopping gaming addiction support part 1

Just like last week I was in a Desteni I Process live hangout; this time on the topic of Gaming addiction.

I expand a rant here about the points what did not fit in the 30 minutes talk.

What I actually experience

It is like an extended mind-like experience wherein it is sort of virtual stimulation without apparent and direct consequence and I can always go back and load and try out things differently and I am in control.

I do not have to deal with reality and things like irreversible consequences but what we do not realize that acceptance in this world is accumulating as well, not just the actions we do.

So as we accept our reality, the world system, the economic inequalities, the abuse, the brainwashing continues day by day - it obviously will effect us - not only ourselves personally but everybody around as we breathe the same air, drink from the same water, eat the food coming from the same earth.

When the politicians and their groups decide the risk of building and operating a nuclear plant - if that fails - the whole country will face the serious consequences, in fact the whole planet will do.

And as those who 'do not care', are 'unaware', 'can not do anything' - they are still in the same boat.

Particularly I do not have anything problematic with computer gaming at all - it is quite fascinating -as I have spent already decades to study/learn about programming and gaming: I know the scene - but when healthy, smart, capable grownups spend most of their available time with gaming only - it is as escapism from all what is physically here and busy accumulating and that is problem. Nothing personal exists within this here - anything what does not support the principle of What is Best for All must be investigated, understood and practically stopped. Most of the people say they can not grasp really what would be the best for all and for that proper education is required, being able to step beyond our personal views/interest to see FACTS but it is possible.
Gaming is alright for some entertainment and fun but to become obsessed with can and actually do escalate into neglect of what is here, which is not that nice if we see the amount of abuse exists in this world.

That is the most relevant point what I wanted to share here - that there are more important things to do - and there are more ethical, more common sensical, more sober, more responsible things are to actually investigate, understand and change than ALL THE TIME exploring virtual realities and riding on these stimulated experiences to deny what is here.

It is relevant not only about computer gamers - sport fan(atics), excessive party/drinking/drugging, TV Series addicts, Religious/Spiritual obsessive compulsions(Love and light and mantra and enlightenment self-induced stimulations) and many-many more - which one can justify that it is what seems right to do all the time while not realizing that the directive principle here in this reality is intensifying by the day, which is the capitalistic money system, the media, banking, military operations - that is the most powerful force currently and it can not be taken lightly and if one is disregarding what is here then two might disregard and the accumulation exceeds quickly as 1+1=2 and there are those who direct this thing, already proven without any compassion, without any regard for life, for future, for all living organism by justifying that "it is possible to do it so I can do it and I do it and in fact - no one stops it" - so they continue until the last real life value is destroyed, abused, capitalized.

We can see this tendency in big multinational corporations - the secret director board in the background month by month is just demanding more percentage of revenue while they do not care about the consequences - they feel they can buy of themselves(and their own families) out from the consequences - just look at oil companies, the spills, the fracking, the explosions, the military atrocities - it is beyond any sense of life - if somebody does not see it, should consider the fact that being lost - any sense of what is real life, what to stand up for and what are the real values and should start investigating, re-mediating, changing to embrace the horrible fact that as if we continue like this - in decades even humans can become endangered species, not just lions, tigers, elephants, pandas etc.

Also to travel around the world, even countries where most of the people lack of sanitation, healthy food and proper education - they are really suffering and then if we are capable of just go home and play all day long with computer games then one should feel that something is off, something is bugging here. All of the mainstream media is impulsing that this is justifiable, it is encouraged to to feel good and not realizing the price what others pay for it.

And it does not end with feeling sad about eating chocolate because mostly child slaves pick up the cacao on the fields for that - as the "feeling sad" is also a justification - as it does not change a damn thing, only people stop considering these facts after a while as becoming overwhelmed with sadness of the facts, so then it feels compulsory to do something what feels good, for instance gaming.

As within this blog post Maite shares how to make a decision within self honesty - we all should face our habits and repetitive actions that "Is that really the best that we can do for our life, for our future, for all's life, for all's future?"

So my most relevant point to stop computer gaming obsession is to consider the consequences of disregarding anything else because of automatically justifiable self-interest.

This point as I consider assists me greatly to not lose myself within computer gaming.

I continue by stating: playing, gaming itself is not bad, it is just when one disregards anything else and being obsessed with the game - there is a reason for that - I can easily speak of my own life experiences as the difficulties, the current life what I walk: I did not realize that I judged my life as negative, grow a desire to avoid to face/experience reality as it is, so a resistance I have built to deal with my life's all aspects with occupying myself with stimulation as much as possible so then this resistance I live out in the form of being obsessed with do things what I have defined as feels good so within that experience I am too busy to see what I have became and I got so used to it that I did not realize I have developed an automatized personality of having the tendency to not face real life (personal, interpersonal, universal) issues and rather than just focus to how to experience the way I defined myself as feeling good, excited, stimulated.

Another aspect is that most computer games are made for money, especially the big, famous ones by big corporations - just look how EA, Activision, Sony really handle their workers: the same as the typical capitalism really exists.

Most gamers know that by following gaming news, often comes something ugly out to the public about the development jobs/hiring/firing/lies.

I just did a random search about gaming industry truth and found these below:
After doing some research - video game industry is there only for profit, revenue - of course there are great ideas but the ones who are leading/profiting the most from this scene are famous by handling professionals/artists just like cogs...

Just like with out latest handheld gadgets: mostly slaves make them while CEOs are profiting their ass off. Of course it is not true for ALL games - it is just there as well.

Especially with the latest tablet/store gaming rush where exists huge profit as well - the game makers do anything to hook on the kids for make parents pay for one more game and kids are really vulnerable to become obsessed with games while real life/real social activities/play OUTSIDE is less and less relevant within the middle class and we adults do not make the kids more easy to integrate into the world system as kids can see that there is greed/stupidity/abuse/lies all around the world where they do not want to go, rather than just play nice and stimulating games all the time until they can...

Finally I share my examples of what I have found myself escaping from reality into computer gaming - and I repeat - gaming can be fun - an entertainment, a self-discovery, even educational - but when one just can not stop when real life priorities kick in - then it is a problem.

For me mostly what stops me expressing myself within REALITY is an inherent fear from expressing myself, to be myself, to stand out and do what I want - I allowed the tendency to fear from consequences, fear of rejection, fear of making mistakes, fear from being exposed of what I have done what I have judged as failure - and not realizing that part of the solution is to directly face these points within me and walk through/let go/physically stand with the starting point of not participating.

Also the inflation of values of computer game graphics/sound - as if the game looks almost real/gorgeous/immense/high quality - I defined as it is more 'good' therefore defining as self-value when playing with these.

An other point I see the inherent desire to try out/play with the best latest games, especially within the topics of what I have defined I love to play - some of the first/third person shooters, real time strategy/role playing games - mostly the action games.

Okay so many points I have shared here, I walk Self-forgiveness in the next post, thank you very much, in the meantime I suggest to listen the audio interviews of Gamer Death series at EQAFE:

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