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[JTL 138] Why I promote Living Income Guaranteed?

There are many reasons for why one can support/promote Living Income Guaranteed, there are quite some dedicated websites, articles, videos, I simply add my reasons here as I have found this as very important to get recognized, understood for what it means as the implementation of it depends on the people who realize their responsibility not only for themselves and their direct reality but all of humanity as a whole as well. This apparently hidden aspect of ourselves will be more and more revealed and realized as our accepted, maintained human system escalates to greater inequality and abuse and destruction.

Actually it is also important to realize the relationship of the individual human being with humanity as a whole as an equal and one relationship, which means what it describes: that any individual single human being is actually equal and one with all of humanity here - regardless of one is being aware of it or not - each individual is equally responsible for all what is here as we are all equally of the same substances, of the same Earth, of the same Life Essence.

Obviously it does not mean each humans has to do and be the same - but each has to understand the basic concept of our existence which is, surprisingly: give as you would like to receive: equality.

Is that even means you receive as you give? Well, first of all how we can expect something from others what we deny to even theoretically grant to them?

Is that totally cool to have food, shelter, water, health care while others do not receive such fundamental support for living?

THEN one can say he/she does not have the power, the knowledge, the directive to practically be able to CHANGE the current system towards a one which would give life-support unconditionally for all.

That would be a concept which Earth has not yet seen - but most people declare this to be impossible, because it is challenging and requires us to CHANGE individually.

THEN one can also say, there are levels of responsibilities which looks like ends with people's family, partner, even village or city by stating: "I am barely able to maintain myself, not even able to consider others, all others."

There are not much people who just can say: alright, I have worked enough, achieved enough, I am fulfilled, now I want to do other things, for other people  - no, most people do remain busy to maintain their living until their last breath.

If we see the human being as what it is: it's obvious that beyond healthy food, water, shelter, health care what forms one's beingness the most: is education, cultural imprints.

Teaching is the most important factor within a human's life if the basic needs are met - so it is obvious that how one is being educated will impact how will be able to see, be, move and actually 'live' in the system.

What is the system: our external creation, one and equal reflection of ourselves: System of rules and regulations, laws and order, mutual agreement among people what actually determines who can do what and actually how.

It is so fascinating to see - if I look back - I was not aware of these simple things - I was so busy in my head with all of my looping thoughts, trigger-able feelings, blurry emotions, avoiding my fears, chasing my desires being occupied so much to not be able to see the most simplistic points within existence which can be applied to all equally(needing food, shelter, health care, education).

I was also busy fighting for my own survival, working for my own goodies, but I was never satisfied really - as I was busy manifesting my dreams - I realized I can not participate effectively in the system as I feel like I am abusing others with the current money system rules - so my attempt was to leave the world/money-system, as I thought - "If I do not participate in it, then I am not 'responsible' so then I am really good, so then I can continue enjoying 'my life' ".

That did not work out - basically I was too split and conflicted mostly - so then I was wondering how to actually be content and satisfied - and then there was this idea of 'others' what I did not get really, only from 'my' point of view: I could only enjoy being 'myself' if I could be sure(by facts) that others are also enjoying their living.

This sounds like a free ticket in the asylum as this really fucks up the ego: only enjoy myself if I could did already all for others? In this world, with 7 billions of people how the dirty **** I could get that done?  Especially seeing the history and realizing no one did this before.

Then for a while I was screwed with mind-fucks like enlightenment and spirituality as there was this wild desire to be able to become effective, capable, stable, powerful, whole - so then I tried with those methods and eventually I had to realize these are for 'experiences' and not 'facts'.

Disregarding physical rules, systems, laws, dynamics especially with those what are strongly determining our daily experiences such as money system, capitalism while focusing to heavens, after-lifes, buddhas, energies, states of consciousness of course did not really assist me with more understanding on practical level on Earth how to change to be what would be in the benefit of all beings.

After realizing that for me zen, buddhism, meditation, energies, chakras, sacred geometry, psychedelic drugs did not help - these showed glimpses sure and then I've became obsessed with these experiences and I was still busy avoiding, judging lawyers, businessmen, politicians, celebrities as judging them being lost and denying responsibility while I felt powerless and unlucky but then I had to realize - there is nothing in this existence what I can stand as separated from - that separation is me in and as my own mind - my personal Jesus being fool-loved in the forms energy of my thoughts, feelings, emotions - which are again only: experiences, not lasting.

I've got slaps in my face, I had to realize that the accumulation of disregarding my own personal physical life by praising experiences, looking always forward from here for what I desire - became automatic, I've became obsessed with ideas unrelated to physical until I did not lose almost everything, even my physical life as I was so busy with experiences I did not see what I was causing.
After facing some eye-opener accidents, consequences I realized if I do not move myself, I will sacrifice my physical body in my one of energetic rushes for some experiences, which will then end with my total failure to satisfy myself with the simple point of being myself who I can enjoy just be as I was always sure that if I would die now, I die before I could really become who I really can be, what frustrated me more than anything, so I was able to question myself to consider new paradigms, to let go ideas, obsessions and beliefs and started to investigate more what is real, what is real power which then lead me to find the Desteni guys, with the huge amount of material to study.

Desteni I Process(which is referring to a process what each 'I' can walk who takes responsibility) is here for to assist us to understand these basics of our living: that each of us has a mind which can be programmed, in fact already programmed to accept what is here currently.

It is possible to understand how we actually are directly responsible how our mind perceives, how our beingness feels, how we react, what we enjoy, what we don't but these things are not taught in schools.

To understand that each singular thought also has consequence, that emotions are the result of programming the mind and in fact how we accumulated to be who we are today, just to mention allowing a 'civilization' which year by year causes 30 thousand kids to die which is fact and it is not 'positive', sure - but unless we do not face the facts - it is not possible to change those.
That is why it is difficult to speak up - people will judge the facts as 'negative' while can not direct their own mind to stop 'judging, feeling negative' therefore they will feel shitty so much so then they become unable to 'enjoy' their life because all of the abuse is obvious.
But walking with Desteni I realized it is about to not judge, just see what it is and not be defined by our experiences - as once Bernard told me when I asked him about shall I take a job what I judged as dirty he said: -"If you judge the Matrix, it got you".

My initial and most 'strong' resistance and reaction to share and promote Desteni I Process and Living Income to people is that there are people who actually 'feel' alright, cool, their life is not struggle and they can enjoy being human - as some of the people's reaction around me was that
-"Why constantly forgiving yourself, why don't just forgive yourself completely once and for all and then simply enjoy living?"
My answer was something like this:
-"Well, I would not do self-forgiveness if I would not need it, you can believe that, I'd be the most glad to be able to stand and say: I have forgiven all and in fact changed all aspects of me what was not fully who I really am."

But I do not know - as the 'devil is in the details' - to the utmost specificity, just like with any other physical creation: just see a computer, a cellphone - everything in it's design is very specific and perfect in order to work properly and I do not become aware how to make such things just 'contemplating on it: "computer computer computer" unless I am exactly aware of all why's and how's and then it is still a 'theory' what must be placed in physical practical reality.
It is not enough to learn driving a car from a book - I have to allow my body to learn doing it, first of all physically learning to understand the dynamics, to change those without thinking - or with guitar chords - I know all basic chords now, but I can not play songs as I have to learn to use the strumming, the melodies, the tempo, the fretting specifically, one by one to accumulate into a practical knowledge.

So first of all - Self-forgiveness is about becoming aware of actually who I am(what is actually all what is here, the concept of separation is also a thought of the mind).

It is an ability to see myself: I see what I have accepted and allowed in my existence ALREADY.

To even realize the extent I've manifested myself today here, I must realize what is here, which seems ridiculous, but once one dares to try Self-forgiveness can quickly realize: Self-forgiveness is the perfect reflection of who we really are:
If one refuses to forgive what has been already accepted and allowed to manifest in this world, meaning how exactly in physical world one is responsible for it - while does not want to change it or not knowing how to do so - always sounds like a "fuck you" to those who struggle, survive, fight and die while they facing being rejected as not accessing the basic needs for physical living.

And there is this experience <- -="" versus=""> physical reality apparent opposition thing which also twists a bit as humans define themselves according to experiences - feeling good, feeling shit, feeling okay - seems like the most powerful card in this game to prove that one is just as cool as currently being and nothing needs to change, nothing to forgive only being stimulated to have good experiences.

As within this blog and many-many other Journey to Life blogs - it is about the patterns what we exist as without being aware of: one point reveals an other and it can go as the layers, the webs of the consciousness definitions, rules, personalities, imprints are everywhere. I did 'examples on how Self-forgiveness is actually a Self-awareness reflection: as what I give for myself - and then in physical I can see: do I really give for myself a new chance or I just say it? So then it is how reflects: am I what I say or I am split between words and actions? How I do not see the exact differences of my words and my actions and what I experience while I participate within reality?

Forging experiences what overwhelm the senses of physical facts - experiences seem more intense in the mind than the reality within one is - so then to promote experience beyond facts is also a favorable - which means if I feel good, then it is more relevant than 'they do not feel good' - and there is nothing more to do but finding reasons, justifications, excuses for accepting my experiences as 'positive' being more important as their experience of 'negative' within the delusion of 'freedom' -

 "I seemed to be free to choose my experiences to be relevant, so others also can 'freely' choose experiences what they feel good about."

And then to not being able to grasp how experiences in the human mind are created, stimulated, obsessed with; means one is not able to understand why actually experiencing what, which is in fact the opposite of any definition of 'freedom' as one had no choice within becoming who one currently is: for that the specific understanding is required about how actions and consequences really accumulated.

But simply accepting experiences, accepting thoughts, accepting feelings as 'self' - is like a random possibility to 'maybe able to grasp how all are equally requiring food, shelter, health care, education'.

What I wanted to pronounce here is that there are many people who do actually feel good/great, have access to resources and blatantly able to go on like that without realizing that those who have are always more responsible to share with those who do not have.

Who do not have resources - naming it: money - do not have much choice as their only choice currently is to get food, shelter, water, health care somehow or they will be refused, rejected, disregarded.

Just try it out - go to an other country without a coin and feel good - especially after becoming ill and not having the support - I know this on personal experience: when I was in India alone without money, support and I was very-very sick - the whole world was different: I was able to focus to only the basics: eat, rest, try to be better and eventually somehow be able to return to Europe where I can get support from family, health care system etc to get healed. It is very difficult in a place like India, Bihar to fully recover from sickness without support, without money. And I was 'lucky' as I was able to learn, try and study a lot before being exposed to that, so I had abilities what most uneducated people do not 'get'. Just consider those who can not read/write - what chance they get on a decent living? Who is responsible?

Facing this world directly without the pink eye-glass already feels bad, especially when we consider facts - the billion people in poverty - to be able to consider ourselves just as equal as they are - requires ability to put myself into their shoes. No 'strings attached', no experience, no explanation - just factual reality.

Desteni message is not fluffy, it is about enslavement to realize, to prepare us to stand up and take responsibility to stop it - it is obvious that the silly idea of 'there are more responsible people' does not work, like politicians who then screw up - only they are responsible? What about the people who vote and allow them to rant with all the power what people has given permission to use? What about our current education system what is not teaching about reality, the mind, self, energies, existence but history of accumulation of acceptance of abuse, deceit, so fucking proud of our civilized standards which is basically continuous genocide and suppression - just look at the current Syria - just being screwed up for centuries and it will not be stopped and the survived people are homeless, exhausted, starving.

Myself I have never starved really - but when I did not eat for some days properly I've became quite frustrated, irritated, reactive, weak when I did not eat for a day for instance and then I have eaten, rested - but to live like that for days, weeks, years - sometimes I wonder why people still do not pillage the malls but then I realize because of the fear of being detained, shot, tortured, abused, killed- all the government is doing is protecting ourselves from each other, really - I am not sympathizing with it, it should be different, for instance implementing Living Income Guaranteed, but in fact only the government and it's system establishments are what is preventing the hungry, frustrated and rejected people to simply take what they lack by force.
But even the law enforcement will not stand a chance to stop the crowd if people will get to the point of even that is better if they are being shot than starving and being abused for decades.

That government is what we are all equal with - and those frustrated people are also ourselves.

It is time to compass us with the principle of Equality and Oneness to realize how each of us are capable to take responsibility and live as an example for all.

So my time is nearly over for today but for understanding what ALL equally need such as food, shelter, health care, education does not require to finish university nor ancient babbling scripts, neither repeating foreign mantras for energy persuaded by charismatic masters or taking mind-blowing drugs to barely be able to speak or walk properly - to simply just see our own basic needs: yaaay - it is the same for all.

To neglect that, to disregard that, to ignore that is problem, is actually a result of such accumulation which did not consider all facts, all participants with common sense.

There are actually real people who approach Desteni Group with understanding what is the Liveable Income Guaranteed and why it would be really the best for all participants - but it is not a requirement - for some as I was - it is a process to understand - first get out of personal maze to able to see and study physical reality which I was stimulated to by fed up the internal conflicts first to realize: I have no idea why these conflicts I re-create and actually how - and slowly but surely understanding how to actually stop the inner conflict, the doubt, the fear, the desire, the paraNOISE of the mind which is an instant self-reflection internal machine what we indentify ourselves with: that is problem, not only for individual living but for all participants within this human system.

Money goes almost everywhere and until each do not have access to it, which means surviving, living, growing - then there is always a division: those who have and accepting those who do not have.

Living Income means for those who do not have: there is a system maintained by all to give - unconditionally, just like the word LOVE would indicate.

For me it is obvious that our concept of love is of the mind, of experiences, feelings, of personal priority - love is a concept what is always compromised by our self-accepted limitation which is in fact who we have became.

To correct this, to re-align ourselves with such idea of 'unconditional love' would indicate the idea of 'no man left behind' - as if love is not applied to all - then that love is conditional, there is this interest which divides us within perception which is always responsibility as it has impact on physical reality, wherein, as who we exist on Earth all equally.

With Desteni I Process online self-support courses (starting with the free DIP LITE course) one can learn to understand, to change, to take self-responsibility.

If one has already programmed self-acceptances and allowances - might not want to understand their  action's consequences - even if it has impact on others - this is problem, which can be changed step by step - focusing on education(DIP, EQAFE) and supporting ourselves, our children to be able to develop common sense, be able to understand facts and realizing how the mind works which can be a tool but certainly not our starting point as energy which is just an accumulated result of our separation from who we are here in and as the physical.

See - being physical is not 'less' - identifying ourselves with consciousness systems is not 'more' - is actually less and money is just a manifestation, a representation of our separation from equality with ourselves.

Personally what went through within me in regards to money in my life was the following in the last ten years:
-Ahh, shit I do not have money for what I want to do in this world, this world sucks, humanity is fucked
-Ah fuck, I still want to do what I wanted, I have to work hard to get what I want, this still does not worthy, especially becoming a money-monger, even to participate with money feels dirty
-OMG, I've managed to escape from money system, I can live, however somebody always pays something for me, yet I can still not get what I really wanted(music instruments were these in that time)
-Olala, I do not want to say in my last moments that 'because of lack of money I did not live who I wanted to be, even when I could work as I have professions, skills, diligence, so I choose to go back into the money system and actually work
-Okay, I work and I get my instruments IN the money system, but as I see this system, it is not so cool with all just as with me - this system is full of crap - I can get what I want, but what about others?
This always bugged me, especially coming from poor family - even if I have spared some money in the last month - if my family members are lacking basic needs (for instance this winter proper shelter) - it just does not 'feel' right to buy an other expensive musical instrument while my family is freezing out as their heating system is wrecked, has to be repaired.

So then it is obvious what is the priority - even if I do not have ever that instrument(what I doubt, I can work) - somehow within Self-honesty it is obvious which is more important.

As those who march on streets in bulk for stuff what seems to be personally important for 'experiences' - will not be solution - it's like the Ship of Fools - each wants something yet not seeing the whole ship will sink while all are divided with their own, apparently 'original and valid' idea of their freedom.

I am certainly not against gay marriage, sure I support, but there are much more eager points to solve than this, such as the cannibalistic, vampire nature of our relationship with experiences, physical, life, energy, each other with the capitalism, even with the cost of destructing each other not seeing it is directly self-harm.

So Desteni I Process is also assisting and supporting many how to understand, find, develop, share Self-honesty not only on personal but on universal scale. I walk the DIP course since a while and still there much to go and previously I have finished quite some school, education out there and I never stop learning new skills but what this course shows is that us, as current humans are not understanding who and how we really are - and this course is challenging our addiction to our mind, to our energetic experiences, to our excuses and justifications for why we accept one billion people today existing below poverty line and they every day suffer more than we, who we have all fancy gadgets could ever imagine - and we have money, we have time, we have some resources, they don't.
We can not wait for the rich to save us - no one will do so - each has to stand up and as within my standing up - I suggest also to stand up with Self-honesty while becoming the living example and share ourselves by using common sense, sharing realizations and understandings what we directly walked through - phobias, fears, desires, addictions - those can be sorted out if one is dedicated and able to develop practical Self-honesty.
So for today that's about the current human system - and it is Common Sense and Self-honesty to be able to understand real, physical priorities - and if one lacks of these understandings, there is no excuse, there are specific facilities, courses, groups to assist to learn practical common sense, self-honesty.

For a mother it is not required to explain the child needs support - yet within the failure of that mostly all mothers of earth are in this bubble of 'my child is the most beautiful, most important' - which is then also requires remediation, self-support to stand for all life and actually what it would mean to do it practically, in this current system, today, tomorrow.

Living Income Guaranteed is a more practical, common sensical answer for the current human system's need than anything before. It is not a product what we just take and it is in effect but we must find practical ways to make it working - with current technology it is possible the redistribution of resources, the needs and goods to all. All reactions to this, to practical equality is our accepted mind stepping in automatically - that can be also understood within specificity.
At Desteni there are educators, teachers who walk already as an example since quite some years, proven that principled living is very possible and human can change themselves with dedication, consistency and motivation.

The Basic Income Grant is very cool stuff, study it, but as it is proposed, not practical, not really a solution, so that's why the Income should not be just basic, but a decent, LIVEABLE.

And there are significant differences with BIG - but the idea is the same: love thy neighbor as thyself in a practical, measurable mannerism in and as the physical reality, where our bodies with their needs are.

There are forums, discussions, chats, videos, articles, blogs, vlogs about the topic, it will be more obvious for more and more people as the system becomes extremely polarized until everyone gets it: it is about how we manage equality to manifest in the physical level.

That is why all mysticism, spirituality, religions fail big time - more and more 'scandals' come out as they disregard physical facts, priorities, common sense with separation, definition, excuses and justifications for why to accept abuse what is happening each day and to solve that always starts with the basic needs for all - until that is compromised, there is no such thing what would be more important, not even kneeling down to our own mind's creations to beg for better experiences.

That's all for today, thank you very much, I suggest to study Living Income Guaranteed:

Living Income Guaranteed website
Living Income Guaranteed facebook group
Living Income Guaranteed youtube group-hangouts 

Desteni I Process LITE - to grasp basic principles to be able to understand, direct, change our lives

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