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[JTL 139] Stopping weed addiction support

This is a continuation of Desteni I Process live hangout on the topic of Weed addiction.

Within the 40 minutes there were some points what could not fit in to talk about however it is crucial to share as many points about this as possible to support those who are facing difficulties to stop.

I have already written about this point here, where I provided quite some links for self-support from those who already walked through this point within Self-honesty:

Especially with the recent weed legalization campaigns it is crucial to to get all the points out there to all who wants to realize, understand the relevant points and find support or are just curious.

The point is that if something is legal - it does not mean it is not bad - just look at alcohol - I've posted some facts about alcohol already - that is really self-abusive and those who say it is good, beneficial etc - they might not consider facts, the bigger picture and unforeseen consequences, not only for the consumer, but for the community, economics, children etc.

So weed, marijuana, ganja, pot, hashish, pollen, cookie, you name it - the same plant: cannabis, the same substance: THC.

The most outstanding point is that any drug, any mind-altering stuff only works when one is participating in the mind - if one is fully here, direct, physical, present, no mind - the drug has no effect whatsoever(of course if it is that much, then one might fall asleep, as it is a physical process, the chemicals, the brain, the body's response etc).

So it is blowing my mind - and the mind seems to be a crucial part of ourselves - however it might not seem obvious first that our mind is something what is not necessary for an effective, healthy, active living.

So let me refine what I mean as 'mind' here - the thoughts, feelings, emotions, the reactions, the energies, the associations, the moods, the fears, desires - those are abilities what we learned by parents, school, media but in fact we have became so ingrained with these within our daily living, we do not see the mind as separation, we ARE our mind, we are what we participate within, even we are what we accept and allow within our reality.

Probably I could fill a book with sharing points about weed, how it seems to be supportive for many and when they want to expand, grow, move, live beyond who they are currently with weed-smoking - they can realize the fact that weed makes one limited for the long term. More precisely: one stimulates self to time loop with the feeling effect of weed - and I have experienced such things, especially when after the first couple of weed-experiences I was able to explore aspects of my mind what I have never seen before.

There are quite some people out there who has became addicted to the feeling what they reproduce by regular smoking, just like with alcohol.

What must be realized is that stopping a addiction can not be forced to stop effectively by forces outside of self - because then oneself is conditioned to the external to stop and when that stops - one will feel the same as felt before smoking, just a bit more compounded.

It is possible to live in the(or out of) society being stoned most of the time - it seems like one will be less and less judged as these legalization come further(that is an other topic of why leaders allow such things, consistently: if all is stoned, they will not march on street for human rights, for the fact that we we are destroying nature, animals, water supplies - they will stick to stand up to the feelings they defined as happiness and freedom, and also the taxation is very tempting of something what is being sold on massive scale).

It is a nice trap to think that 'I am chilling, I just smoke, feel good, listen to reggae all day - I am not harming anyone, I love all, peace bro!" - but meanwhile the capitalist sharks who are absolutely lost their sense of 'real life on earth' see this as an acceptance of what they do so will continue deliberately becoming more and more obsessed with revenue, business expansion and market domination, exploiting 'opportunities', 'loopholes', 'bugs' in the system without integrity, without dignity).

Especially with an other fact that it is illegal in many countries - so mostly smokers do not really stand up, stand out as they might get caught for being criminal by smoking.

I remember when I was in my phase of ERASERHEAD lifestyle - I did not like to share myself, I wanted to remain in the background, to be seen as gray as possible, "What if they find out at workplace?" What if at job interview it becomes obvious - who will hire a stonehead? I will be disregarded in the system and that means serious trouble. In fact I was able to learn how to continue most of my previous activities even being stoned - but I was not directive, I was not fully present, I was not able to expand effectively as most of my care was about:

-Being able to get the stuff
-Smoking it - and it was the first - until that was not ensured - I was obsessed with to be able to do all the time.

In the beginning I smoked quite occasionally and even one inhale caused me to fly away totally, like laughing for dozens of minutes or staring screensavers and Winamp visualizations like dimensional gatweays and especially listening to music.

My conscious mind was always convinced about I smoke for enhancing listening and playing music and the mind expansion, the great feelings, the calmness, the peace, the wise and smart thoughts, while beyond my awareness there are always hidden dynamics of what are the real reasons I smoke what one does not realize being busy with stimulating self with the cool feelings until something radical does not come into one's life.

For instance not being able effectively participate within specific activities(such as being well organized, be always here in and as the physical or being able to not think, REMEMBER things, earn trust, make business etc) .

A typical reaction is that there are people who are able to do these things as well while being stoned - many are able to drive car very effectively while being stoned - that is an ability what can be learned for sure - imagine if an airplane pilot would spiffing some huge joints while greeting the boarders how would cause some safety questions or those who work in a nuclear plant/missile silo but these are rare and extreme things, can not be used for reasoning, but I wanted to point it out that here as well.

That is the great thing about physical reality, where our bodies 'live', where actions and consequences happen: after events become facts - can be measured so then it is obvious.

I am also aware of that stoners do not become aggressive MOSTLY like drunkens, but actually there are studies how slaves (even child war slaves, meaning foot soldier-gunmen) are conditioned to weed, just like the stories of assassins were using hashish while killing. Just an other point to consider.

Being lucky that it is not me who to judge("Do not judge for not to be judged") those but these are also part of our reality, just like the meme of people jumping out from window with LSD/acid what I always found ridiculous to generalize from one or two occasions, blaming the person and protecting that it was not the drug itself until I have not faced it factually one of my mates unlocking this weird achievement who could be judged as 'experienced acidhead' and still he lost his touch of reality - maybe only for a moment but it led to serious consequences(he is alright, one lucky SOB).

I do not say it should be absolutely banned, removed, punished - as at very specific circumstances drugs can support for see our mind-fuckup(as many other things as well, especially things what intensify certain experiences) - for instance occasionally taking it and seeing how screwed we are in our mind, but that requires quite 'amount' of Self-honesty to not go to the good feeling but actually see our mind how moves and realizing that it is not who we really are but what is being stimulated to reflect back our self-acceptances.

It is absolutely unnecessary to face and realize what is really real to use weed but if one uses it for instance more than once a month then it can be questioned....

Also on medical treatment(which is the CBD part of the plant, not the THC), I do not deny it's benefits, I even experiment with it as I have previously faced some sort of cancer, however here I only focus to the addiction and practical ways to stop it.

Most people who smoke regularly can speak up sharply that they are not addicted of course, they can stop any time and also having dozens of well-prepared excuses and justifications of why they smoke every day as I also had.

It is about the ability to realize the self-deception when we are not supporting ourselves with the stuff, rather than using it to stimulate ourselves to not face ALL ASPECTS of our direct reality, life.

I know this very well, I have been using it to suppress emotional shitstorms for a long while, also when anxieties, tiredness, low energy-feelings or simply enhancing perception to be able to focus to things, to generalize it as a multipurpose extra CHI/KI/energy.

I focus today to the point of when one is able to realize that by smoking weed regularly one is NOT supporting oneself anymore with it and wants to stop it and facing difficulties or finding impossible to let it go.

There are many people, personally I have been talking with quite some guys who was not able to stop(some did, some did not).

Of course there are people who simply can say "not anymore" and then they stop it - also there are some who face 'negative' experiences with it and therefore not wanting to do it anymore and still not stopping as they feel more shitty with themselves without it.

What is also important to realize that the user becomes totally one with the habit, meaning regular smoking becomes self physically, so it seems natural, automatic, reasonable.

Especially those who have never considered the fact that THOUGHTS are not directly ourselves but the inner reflection of our acceptances, so listening and doing exactly as our thoughts suggest, direct is the total possession of consciousness by being able to absolutely disregard physical facts here as thoughts are being automatically triggered by external(or internal) stimulation and if the person is not being absolutely physically present, meaning slowed down, stopped within the mind to see what are coming up, when those come up and in fact why they come up. That is essential to learn to be able to see - how thoughts seem for making us more intelligent and smart but if we investigate thoughts with common sense it can become clear that in the moment of following, reacting to a thought we are not here, we are not aware of what is here, we are in our virtual reality, thinking while walking and not seeing when bumping to someone for instance.

I have learned martial arts for a while and there is no time for thinking - when two good fighters are attacking me - I have no time to think and wonder - in a quantum moment I have to act if I want to prevent destruction - this can be understood - so being a fighter also involves being able to stop the thoughts. That can also be done by teaching the body to respond as the body is always here - it can act automatically if programmed so - like someone swings a stick to my face I lean away without thinking if I am not busy thinking. When I was learning some Aikido while being stoned with acid+pot and I was able to explore how I had some 'latency' in my mind and I got the kick in my gut even before I noticed the kick. Well it was funny and I realized for being present - drugs do not really support - or sometimes yes, sometimes not in an unpredictable way, but for most of the relevant things in this reality - happens in physical. No thinking is required. Actually if we think while doing something - we do not experience it as fully, whole - who wants to go into 'thinkabout' while having sex with our desired partner?

Also with music, car driving - it is not requires thinking, it can and should be programmed to handle effectively by and as the human physical body as ourselves.

Same with all our life aspects - even when feeling somehow to want to feel an other way automatically, for instance when being anxious and fearful, one automatically wants to do things what already assisted oneself to stop the anxiety, fear as the body has real experience in it.

As with alcohol - to reduce inhibition people drink and become very social, do fun, become horny, dance groovy easier etc - and when they face that point they want to drink automatically, no thinking is required anymore to persuade oneself for why to drink. Same with all mind-altering substances. Who we are is what we actually do.

Especially with the physical experiences - those are direct, sometimes brutal experiences what one immediately want to change if it is not pleasant.

There was a time when I came back from work, tired, energetically charged, vibrating, frustrated from the busy mass transit's experiences, from some abuse I have faced and felt not cool about and could not handle or prevent (or just not wanted to) - so then arriving at home I smoked immediately - and then in a moment I felt myself calm, quiet, energetic. That can become a habit quite easily and by each time one does so - is in fact conditioning one(physical)self to do the same way as previously seemed to work to 'solve' and not realizing that this is NOT the solution but only handling the effect of the problem meanwhile I did not see/realize/understand how I allowed myself to go into reactionary, energetic, thinking, feeling patterns automatically to accumulate frustration, being exhausted etc and that to solve I might have to consider changing my life entirely for instance changing myself, whatever it takes: leaving the city, doing another job, getting less salary, learning another profession or simply dealing with my starting point, my automatic reactions what cause the frustration and finding practical ways to stop.

It is globally accepted to want immediate solutions, the big pharma also suggests that - "just pay and take and go on enjoying whatever you do."

The point is that our society, family, school always teaches us to feel good, implanting the idea of having the right to feel good while all the things what are being judged as 'negative' are being disregarded, suppressed, while what we perceive as 'negative' are simply FACTS here what we react to automatically as taking away our self-accepted ways to generate good feelings so then appearing as negative.

All those beautiful spiritual 'artworks' promoting love, consciousness, feeling happy, beauty are for us to stimulate ourselves to constantly give into the energetic temptation of feeling positive, which seem like a goal to maintain otherwise we fear we become what we experience as negative. Because we as human has accepted 'experience' itself to define who we are. Especially with the global agendas of sheep-ling with religions and spirituality wherein experience is the priority.

Capitalism is the physical realm of religion and spiritualism where one can buy products/experiences which seem positive to balance out or suppress the experience of negative while all the way down both are our own mind's creation: facts are facts - a tree is simply a tree - there is no such thing as 'nice tree' or 'ugly tree' - that is our interest to judge and manipulate our experiences to apparently live a self-defined 'happy' life.

What is also not understood that experience does not last - it is a result of stimulation - while to change physical facts sometimes are much more difficult - we do not just have to feel different energy but in the physical realms things must be done - what requires consideration, planning, skills, effort, work, patience and that might also open up many areas to oneself to experience things meanwhile - and if there is negative feeling, resistance reaction meanwhile - one can judge the whole action as 'bad', 'not worthy', 'too difficult', 'needing a shortcut' - while it is always self who reacts with positive or negative in and as the mind.

So our tendency to become weed addict is not from weed itself but our cultural heritage of who we humans has been allowed ourselves to become as 2 feet walking mind consciousness systems in and as human physical body.

There are so much aspects to explore the WHY-s and the HOW-s - the best way to learn is to invest some coins into EQAFE audio interviews(there are many-many for free) where various aspects of our reality is being explained in specificity and also to participate within Desteni I Process online Self-supporting course to learn how we are existing already in terms of how our mind works, how our body and energy works and who we really are in flesh and meanwhile who we perceive ourselves to be in and as the mind through believing ourselves to be our experiences of thoughts, feelings emotions, reactions, worries, desires.

So for me personally, the tendency to become addicted to things what stimulate me to feel good and giving permission to automatize such reactions-actions-reactions-actions time loops was catalyzed with drugs.

I might say there are cool experiences what did really support me while I was high - but these moments are also here while I do not smoke so in the long run I can simply state out - facts, experiences what really support me are regardless of dope. Especially as I again state out - any kind of unity/bliss/freedom/universal love experience I have - it is only an experience I stimulate myself into in my mind which is of condition, has a beginning and an end and it always has a specific price what might not be obvious until the consequences we face, in flesh.

Of course there is the area to explore what really means 'supporting me', especially beyond being stimulated myself to feel good, beyond myself, beyond my interest, in fact all life's interest.

So my motivation to stop was to realize I am stuck with experiences, I am not expanding and there are certain ways to go to, learn, explore what requires consistency, sober head, such as changing myself to study reality, systems to be able to participate, for instance business and leadership.

Especially after I am reckoning the fact that it is literally 'recreational' - re-creating the same experiences - for instance stimulating myself to have cool thoughts, smart ideas - it is just one dimension: thinking - well no one should be that ridiculously insane to 'think' that thinking is multidimensional - that's the point of it - one thinks it - it's like with thinking trying to get out of the box and not realizing the box is thinking itself, in fact myself.

Sure I want to enjoy my life, have some fun but overall if I see my lifetime on earth, I'd rather do something to change it to a better place, to stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves, otherwise what for I have these gifts, abilities, smart brain, nice smile if most of the people around me do not enjoy their life. Where I came from - there is suffering and abuse and as I have walked many parts of this Earth - there are much-much more abuse and suffering and I can not keep up stimulating myself with that many 'good feelings' to be completely occupied myself to not realize from time to time that I could practically support the changing the human system - and it starts with changing myself, living an example and being here to support. I have already given so much support and it is natural to give it back and to live the words of Jesus such as "Give as you would like to receive" is not religious, it is practical common sense.

So if weed smoking or anything else in my life stops me from expanding, changing, finding the most practical ways to understand reality to be able to change it - I commit myself to stop myself doing so - even if it is a process, as it was to became who I am today - I have found that with Desteni principles/courses/tools/study material/group I can really understand everything and be able to change, so that's worth for sharing.

This is just one aspect I wanted to share, there will be more to come, thank you very much!

If anyone has questions, require assistance, support for addiction, I am not 'professional' but what I have already realized and walked through practically I can support with, and also there is the desteni group, forums what has many-many people who already walked through such addiction or currently walking through or being assisted and walking it with others and one can realize that this is not a specific, personal, unique, special thing what one has but there are types and many people had similar experiences.

Also there is the Desteni forum where anyone can join and ask for support who requires.

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