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[JTL Day 192] 10. Making Love Visible part 1

Continuing with my Declaration of Principles

10. Making Love Visible – through me not accepting/allowing anything less than my utmost potential, I support those in my life to reach their utmost potential, to love them as I have shown love to myself by gifting to me my utmost potential, the best life/living experience and show others as I have shown myself what it means to LIVE.
"Love = I will not accept or allow anything less than who you are as one and equal with me. When I see that you are not honoring you as who you are - I will directly intervene and assist and support you, how necessary - so you in this moment may realise/see/understand what you are accepting/allowing within you that is not of who you really are."
Starting Love Here - with exploring what Love is in terms of Self and within that what Self is and within that what Self is not as what is not yet Living as what would means to really LIVE.

Within each breath I take and I am in the mind: I am not Living, I am trapped within the religion of my self-created reality of the delusion of self-love which in fact not visible, which is in fact not physical, not real.

Within walking the process of Self-honesty it is clear that any love which is not expressed, shared, lived directly in and as physical earth is not real, only seems to be in the mind as a make-believe, as a bubble of energy, as an interest of which not the best, which will burst inevitably.

Love starts with Self Here - thus not accepting anything less than who I really am within absolute Self-honesty, within the utmost respect for the Breath of Life within and as me which equal within all.

Not accepting myself to be influenced, stimulated, mesmerized, trapped by thoughts, feelings, emotions, images, pictures, memories, personalities, characters, desires, fears, phobias, obsessions, possessions, which with I would justify to myself or others that any perceived separation of me into and as the mind would be valid, acceptable or even for a moment be tempted to tell me who I am and what I would want to accept as myself for now or for any given moment from now on indefinitely.

Standing up to my self-accepted limitations to recognize the compromise within the false refugee I've taken into and as the polarity of the mind as the mesmerizing energetic states of positive and negative energies in and as my physical body, forming anything beyond one and equal present physical self living here in each breath.

Whenever or wherever seeing myself accepting compromising self-honesty at a slightest level, recognizing the most relevant mathematical equation of physical consequence of 1+1=2, meaning realizing the self-responsibility for any inner reaction of doubt, fear, judgement or inner definition to limit myself which always accumulate into what is not the best for me, for all others equally, thus committing myself to forgive myself for what I am accepting and allowing and standing up to stop and within stopping actually changing myself and live this change making my love to myself, to all life equally visible and ground to earth due to the accumulation of physical consequence one act at a time, one breath at a time.

Realizing the solution of that I can understand, stop and change myself, sharing myself walking through all layers of self-dishonesty unconditionally, I am re-defining what is love which is real and can be shared in and as the physical.

Within partnership, agreeing with self to stand unconditionally, to stand and walk with an other within an agreement unwavering, undefined within self-direction and manifesting love in the way of giving which I want to receive, meaning care, trust, tenderness, stability and practical equality and within this direction facing anything compromising this from within or with out and taking responsibility for and investigate, cross-reference, forgive, commit myself to stop and really change and explore what is real love.

Within this Starting point it is here what I still accept and allow within my mind in forms of resistance and and attraction and realizing that it is of self-definition, of self-judgement, of self-dishonesty which can be understood, written down, walked through with Self-forgiveness until I am here with the awareness of what must be stopped and how exactly I am participating within what and how exactly must be stopped participating breath by breath.

Starting with exploring what resistances I've defined towards the word love, thus manifesting polarities, different poles to be reacted to at the same time towards the word LOVE thus whenever hearing, thinking, reading, saying the word love, associating, reacting automatically, activating energetic reactions, definitions, perceptions of virtual personalities about what love is and in fact thus giving my mind, circumstances, physical reality, myself permission to constantly timeloop within the exact same patterns without being aware of, being able to stop and really change and transcend and explore what would really mean to live the unconditional love in each moment equally.

Walking through the layers of perceptions of self-defined idea and experiences of love to explore what it really means to live love free, not defined by the quantity of it's subject, and also within that realizing that if love is objected to something, it is already of separation, of definition, of mind, thus realizing the true love is when there is no separation, no judgement exists and within that realizing that I am not only responsible for myself but all what is here, everybody on earth, in this existence and to be able to stand up from my self-interest and mind-perception to live according to what is best for all as equal as one in each action can become the Visible Love I am aligning myself to LIVE.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear from the word LOVE because defining it as deception, defining it as not real, as defining it as failure, trap, illusion, delusion, because whenever I've defined myself with it, whenever I've tried to believe the reactions, feelings, personalities built with it, it always concluded within falling, shattering, being completely false, not real, not true and thus defining it as avoidable, resistible, deniable and never considering to realize the fact that my starting point, my very relationship with the word love is of self-dishonesty, fear and the word itself is only can be what I give meaning to it and manifest it through that, thus the common sense is to decompose all patterns I consist of in regards to the word love first to see who I've accepted and allowed myself to became already on the physical manifestation in relation to the word LOVE.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define love as unconditional, as eternal, as unquestionable, unwavering, and seeing this world, this physical reality, this manifested human system as in fact is, concluding that real love does not exist, only interest, thus real self does not exists, only self-interest and defining it as tough, cruel, rude, and within defining it as, defining myself as that as well, thus wanting to be and become tough, cruel, rude as this system has become to be equal with it, to be able to deal with it within believing that whatever the system is like, I must be in order to be able to remain, to be effective, be myself within and not realizing that I've defined myself of this world, I've defined myself of my reaction, relationship to the perception I've defined seeing in relation to my self-defined idea of love and thus limiting myself to what I've defined without questioning, without being able to understand, stop and change.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself naive, childish, delusional because in terms of my definition of unconditional love not seeing reflected back in this world, thus defining myself through it, in fact reflected back within the judgement I accept within my own reaction to what I actually do and what I see others doing and thus influenced by my definition and acceptance manifesting exactly what I've judged and defined as the opposite of unconditional love.

I forgive myself that I have previously fallen into love which means defining something what I've loved as being obsessed with as wanting to have and ensure being able to remain having, possessing, the subject of my love, the reaction to the definition of my love, the person I've defined to be needed to be able to love, to feel love, to feel loved, to be equal and one with the definition of love and not realizing thus separating myself from the ability to directly myself here LIVE LOVE.

I forgive myself that I have never realized that holding onto ideas and images and pictures and memories and hopes and desires and superimpose that into physical relationship with someone can not be real love because disregarding what is here, who I walk with thus the expectations to love, live in fact meaning compromising self-honesty by making love conditional, not self-directed and of and as the polarity of judgments.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from the word love, it's meaning, not facing it with the perception that real love not exists within this world and accepting it and not realizing that I can re-define love and I can live what love would really mean as unconditional standing for self as all as one as equal and seeing practically what it means to manifest it and seeing facts here and not react to what is already manifested as consequence thus focusing to practical solutions.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define love according to media, books, movies, how others explain, define, show what love is and defining it as bullshit, superficial and delusional and defining love according to when multiple self-interests stand together and thus reacting to it and manifesting resistance towards it and that energetic reaction to influence, direct me and feel separated from others, and judging that as not cool and thus separating myself from my own reactions towards my self-defined love instead of letting go all definitions, judgements, reactions, automatic feelings, thoughts, and use common sense and see facts here and support all participants as giving as would like to receive equally..

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define common sense based, calm, not overwhelming, not storming, going up and down and emotional, feeling-based consideration/definition/value of love as not real as defining love based on emotions, energies, feelings and never question my starting point, each and every single tiny reactions I accept, allow and accumulate into my personality to automatically influence, suggest, tell me what is love, when to love, what to love, how to love and thus let go facts, reality, equal consideration of all participants here physically.

I forgive myself that I have never realized that love can be visible and real if it is in and as the physical, not in separate minds, not in feelings, emotions, but the flesh involved WITHOUT the mind, consciousness and thus to be able to really love myself, others it is crucial and inevitable to purify myself from all energetic mind reactions, patterns programmed with words within with Self-forgiveness to the utmost specificity to see what I have allowed myself to manifest and taking responsibility and really commit myself to find practical ways to change.

I forgive myself that I have never considered to face the fact that I do not know what love is and how to really love myself or others and thus using patterns, images, reactions to define me regarding to love, how to live in love and never realize the polarity within, the starting point of negative energy of self-accepted hate towards what I accept and allow within self-separation, self-dishonesty, self-delusion and yet not standing up to it as myself to face equally what I consist and exist as and thus realize exactly how and what I should and in fact can stop breath by breath with Self-correction within Principle and re-definition of words.

I forgive myself that I have never realized that why in fact I've allowed myself to hate and blame for that hate and what is that hate within me and allowing the polarity within with hate-love and never realize that anything of this polarity is not living but programmed consciousness systems for it's own self-interest, excluding others, secluding self into this one-dimensional energy-game wherein running from what is defined as negative and be attracted towards what seems as positive and never realizing the whole cycle is the same and recreational timeloop within the same self-dishonesty as fear and never realizing the exit from it with slowing down within, writing all patterns down and forgive each pattern I've allowed to participate within and commit myself to stop unconditionally and thus let go and really transcend the polarity game of love-hate and find out what would really love mean without conditions, separation, fear.

to be continued

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