Tuesday, July 29, 2014

[JTL Day 195] VLOGs for Self-Support

Made some VLOGS some time ago for about an hour. It is a cool self-support and also as an opportunity to share it.

Looking back when I've started Vlogging, I remember, in February of 2008 I shared my first VLOG in regards to Self-honest Process. Since then I see myself being much more comfortable to talk into the camera - or talking publicly - to express myself when I decide so.
Previously there was this 10 minutes limit for how long a youtube video could be - and it is funny to see that I am still considering that limit which I allow - because I do not want to make a hour vlog, but rather make it sticking to a topic and thus directing myself to compress and specify my words.
I find BLOGging and VLOGging as highly self-supportive when it is in the starting point of Self-honesty. To slow down into physical timeline, to be in this real space and face myself, to know myself, to understand and be able to change myself it is crucial a diligent, principled, disciplined effort to make which accumulates into Self-direction, Self-stability and Self-trust.
What I suggest is to re-watch oneself talking about a point and see inner reactions, how and when and what I judge seeing and hearing talking myself. And then that can be reflected back to self, can be understood, stopped, and simply stand as my expression, as equal as one.
There are so many aspects existing within one's mind and it's vastness can feel like it is life, but if we start investigating our patterns, reactions, feelings, thoughts - we can realize these are consequences, accumulated into the manifestation of conglomerations of who we really are today. This self, as how and as we live in this physical world can not be denied as it is ourselves directly, which does not mean it's unchangeable, it just means that it is what we ended up becoming until this day.
So changing is an interesting word - if I do not change - am I perfect, will I not change anymore? By myself or by circumstances?
If I can have power, will and direction to change myself to become better, will I do it? Can I really do it? Within wanting to change I acknowledge that I am not satisfied with myself, within not wanting to change I say everything is alright in me, in my reality, which again: can be and should be questioned within absolute self-honesty.

So after all - who can change oneself and who will change oneself? If I can not change, am I real or am I already fully myself? Why to change and what to change and how to change then also can be a question.
This is the whole point within the Journey to Life process - I walk through understanding and layers of Self and explore what I am, what I can be, which parents, spiritual ways, mainstream school, or partnership might not showed me before, not because they did not want to, but because they did not know either who I am and what I am capable of! And when seeing myself became who I am because of dishonesty, fear, I stop that, I see what is beyond that and how to live without that dishonesty/fear.

Thus I suggest taking this free online self-realization course for becoming not just the Quest I on, but the Answer too!

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