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[JTL Day 213] 2. Living by the principle of what is best for all

Continuing with the Principles list.

2. Living by the principle of what is best for all – guiding me in thought, word and deed to always in all ways direct problems to the best possible outcome for all

What is best for all - means that within my starting point, words and action I am accumulating what is based on for the support of all life equally.
All includes self, me and excludes no one. What guides through the maze of consciousness, the influence of energy, the perception of the mind is Self-honesty.
Self-honesty is the compass as I do not accept anything less than who I really am as LIFE.
To actually self-realize what is best for all starts with here within applying Self-honesty: What is really the best for me?
This leads to the question of Who I really am in this existence, on this earth, as a human being.
I am here - and it is not a location, it is a starting point, a statement, a decision: Who I am? All what is HERE. I am all ways Here.
This is the eye of the needle: I am taking responsibility for who I am - if I am all what is here, that means I take responsibility for all, I want the best for who I am, which is all.
Yet the process starts with SELF here as Self has been accepted and allowed to manifest self-limitation which through being able to be unaware of what is Self, the 'Who I am?' and what is Self-responsibility.

Self-responsibility starts with Self-honesty: the acknowledge and the investigation of self-limitation, which can only be denied up to a certain amount of common sense and cross-reference.

It's so simple if we look at that all what is here is accepted by everyone, and anyone states that it is not the best - then why does not change it?
To try to change what is here - being referred as 'self' or 'reality' - and not being able to: means one has limits. Who wants to face that directly?
Self-honesty means to not accept the self-limitation from within, but to dig deeper, investigate further, becoming practical on facing and understanding oneself.

What is best for oneself is when there is no conflict within, there is no doubt, no fear, no shame, no regret - at all! If one states that it is the best to have such reactions - is it really self-honesty?

What is best for oneself on the PHYSICAL level is more simple - it's obvious, undeniable: healthy food, water, shelter, air, space, tools - education, care - the best to have these and the worst to not getting access to these simple physical needs. This is fact - who does not agree?

To have what requires a human for LIVING is not default, not in this current human system, oh no, not at all - yet everyone expects it, because it is right to have a living, alright? To be left out from the undeniable, obvious needs to be a healthy human is the worst for the individual - this is not rocket science, just simple common sense.

What also should be pretty straightforward is to realize that I have given what I have - many can argue with this by saying they have worked for it, earned it - but if we look at all the things from a holistic, global perspective - all is given - food, shelter, water, even the given value to money. Don't look at only from human perspective, look at from the ecosystem, animals, plants, the weather, the planet, the solar system - we actually do not own anything except being obsessed with 'thin king' ideas in the mind, the virtual self-imaginary device meanwhile the actual life, the body, the resources 'just' all ARE in the physical.

So in a way - we own only our mind - even our body is from the planet's ecosystem and the consequence of that mind - which is what we come up as who we think we should imagine and behave ourselves to be - on all other levels we are all just physical substance cycles. It's a perspective - but should be investigated! And a self-honest human will certainly do so if can or willing to break out from the constant occupation from the mind's cycles of self-interest.
Because if we dare to investigate it can become quite obvious that we don't even own our mind, oh no, in a way it owns the human, because it is superior in many ways - it is always one step before where we go, what we see, hear and understand - it is a fundamental spacesuit which through we are interfaced(what a word here inter-faced!) by energies, thoughts, feelings, senses, memories, personalities, definitions, desires which are conditioned to situations, reactions to represent our perception of who we think we are as a person but none of those really matters once our heart stops, it's irrelevant how developed our mind or the skill we have with our mind or with reality once our body dies. So in a way we are inferior to the mind which is inferior to the human physical body - and what are we aware of in the meantime? Not really how these really function, not even 'high-science' understands the brain, the cells - so to actually realize that we lack real understanding can be mind-blowing and one wants to understand how the mind works to be able to put it aside to face reality directly without schema, polarity, projection, definition - just to experience things as they are, directly. This is imperative.
And the mind is not the boogieman here - it's also a consequence, a systematic reflection, a mirror for and as self which with we can face and realize who we are and who we are not.

The interest of self can be revealing and it's consequence within action/manifestation we create or accept each day, each moment - and to see that, to understand it, to be responsible for it and not just face it but commit self to change is Self-honesty.

Within self-honesty it is obvious that there is serious problem within this human system - beyond the total self-interest, which makes the human believe that it's own mind is right, that others can be left out from the equation, just using the whole to get, but not give back, to expect to have but allow others not to have, to not take responsibility for one's action, consequences, not considering how others will experience that - it is obviously not the best for all.

So from all of this, it should be clear what is the best for all - it's not that difficult, complicated as it might seem from one's mind - and if it is - means oneself is so crowded with the ideas of one's self-interested ideas that can not see through from one's mind into actual, physical reality and therefore Self-honesty should be considered, embraced, understood and practically applied unconditionally.

To be able to guide me in thought, word and deed to always, in all ways direct problems to the best possible outcome for all starts with self - to stop the ideas of self-interest, to stop justify self's survival and protection as the most important thing even beyond others needs.

The reality is quite serious - our very living environment is being abused so much that more and more areas are becoming uninhabitable, the destruction of the forests, the dieing of the ocean, the pollution of the water shows us that we are irresponsible, not considering others, just our own interest and even that not really, because we are so obsessed with the IDEAS of our interest, that we do not see that it is absolute self-deception.
By investigating our system, it can be quite shocking to realize that current forces directing the faith of humanity cannot be trusted - corporations driven by insane obsession for exploiting profit, governments lead by corrupted individuals, religions motivated by fundamental extremism, it is an absolute denial of common sense and real compassion - let's face it - it can be war at any time basically anywhere if these interests meet or oppose - only people with absolute integrity, committed who stand together for taking responsibility for all life can make a difference and it is not a choice to realize that who has the potential then should stand up to it.
I do not say I will be politician, but within self-honesty I could not sit around and just 'enjoy' all my life while being aware of that the half of the world is burning. It is also to realize that what we are facing currently is a long-term consequence for the abdication of responsibility for humanity as a whole and the correction cannot be done overnight but requires dedication, consistency and principled living and within that prioritizing of our lives is required by letting go self-interest but not within inner conflict/friction, rather than by Self-honest investigation and actually realizing that the starting point of any self-interest which excludes all life is based on fear, a delusion thus it is common sense to let go...

So to start standing up to what is best for all starts with stopping self-deception, expressing oneself as practical changing, sharing/applying oneself and simply give as would like to receive. This means that what I have given - I should give naturally as well.

We can dream about everything should be free, but there are limitations within resources yet it could be abundantly enough for all of us here if we could learn to give unconditionally, but everybody expects to get first and this does not really flow very well.

So for me, guiding my thought, word and deed to ensure that the outcome of my actions are supporting the problems what are blocking to be this world to be the best possible for all.

And then it means becoming practical, becoming skilled, becoming effective, becoming involved with issues, problems, facts and taking responsibility by living an example of giving as would like to receive on all levels of human living - with myself, within family, within society - no matter where I am, I know who I am, I am committing myself to be what is best for all. That's my name and the only relevant name we should live up to.

Yet I do not deny there is individual expression within all of us - that's why I'd support all equally, because every individual is unique if nurtured, given equally.

And the current system and it's participants has accepted itself existing as millions starving to death, hundreds of thousands are killed in wars every year - yet we, as being in Europe, America or in any 'more rich' country - we, who have food, shelter, health care, education, clean water - we have given but if we do not give as well - what that tells about ourselves? That is the point of self-honesty.

We can sure can enjoy our lives and not constantly strive on problems to solve but it is also the point of self-honesty on how much one can stand up to others as self - and it's a process but there are tools, people to support with the practical application.

And the people who are ready to support - they are no different - they have given support and they give support - and they do not expect anything but apply self, be honest and stand up for all life.

There are economic, political systems in this world what are supporting inequality, what should be re-aligned with what would be the best for all but it does not necessary means one only has to solve those problems - it is also the same on individual level - when I face a friction/conflict - with my partner or in my family/at work - when about to react with frustration, fear, anger, jealousy, desire etc - it is also the point of application of Self-honesty: to slow down within for a moment, to consider all participants of the situation objectively, to consider what would be the practical solution for all, including myself here and apply that.

If we can consider and find out the best possible outcome in each situation for all participants by becoming aware of our starting point, the consequence of our actions and the responsibility we have for it - we can align and change ourselves to be able to make the decisions by what we act in reality to actually live by the principle of what is best for all.

This brings back to the point of the actual, walkable, day to day application of how to guide myself to ensure that accumulating actions/consequences what is manifests what is best for all.
  • First of all working through the resistances I face to certain aspects of my life - establishing more stability, consistency within my self-forgiveness, sharing and supporting myself and others within becoming aware of how reality works and be able to apply practical change.
  • Stopping reacting by and to fear by slowing down within, writing down the reactions, mind-constructs and cross-reference self-dishonesty to be able to understand and change to what is considering all participants in the equation.
  • Standing up to investigating how my mind works, how to stop the inner conflict, prevent any blame, projection, attention diversion, obsession, possession, desire, fear to distract me from what is the priority within my commitments.
  • Focusing to give what I have given within the practical knowledge on how the mind works, supporting the education, process of self-forgiveness and finding stability and consistency in and as the human physical body as the expression of life and also within the physical aspects, meaning supporting research and change within the world system, it's economic, law and monetary systems, exposing inequality, abuse and proposing more practical, equal ways to co-exists within self-and others respect both on on the physical and beingness level.

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