Wednesday, May 26, 2010

another writing as scripting structure for vlog

Within my process much happened recently and I share some points within the following videos.
In the last years I've become more quiet inside - many points what occupied me within my head I was able to release entirely, some points are still I am facing -- Also I was visiting desteni farm recently and many points I've became aware of - and how it assisted me and how I am able to turn this knowledge and information platform into practical living, what is best for all.

Immediate stop - Since I've started process at 2007 - during these 3 years - I've developed the ability of stopping - this self expression did not come in a moment - I had to push the point of self honesty continously and constantly - I had to become self forgiveness - to be able to stop the thinking, feeling, emotional movements, what made me busy within and without as myself as the starting point of me as mind consciousness system - as this self-deluded occupation happened again and again and again and then I always went into a some kind of energetic possession what directed me - and then when it was discharged in a way - I was alone with myself without directive power - with the facing of the fact that I am not really myself as wholeness -- it happened again and again and again until one moment when I've decided to stand and remain standing no matter what - the DECISION what must be made what I had to become to physically live - to constantly move myself as this point as self honesty and not falling back but standing and breathing and forgiving and releasing the idea of myself - within the understanding that if I let myself being pulled down - I will fall again and I have to pull myself together again to face with this same point - as it happened endless times - and I do not accept myself as this fall and cycle - I must change, I stand and I breathe and I move and I push and I walk and then at one point I realized that the point I am directing, that the point that I am able to stop - immediately - that I am the point as myself within myself and I am expressing myself through and as this point as the starting point of who I am as presence as inner silence. This realization must stand constantly and continously within the aspect of life in each and every single moment.
Until that the self is facing past as the manifested consequences - until that the self is pulling everything here to be able to stand as the unification of self - until each being is not standing within existence as "I stand as the physical expression of I AM HERE" - until that, the proces is not done, until the process of self realization of facing self, releasing the systematic manifestations and finding practical solution what is best for all is ongoing and being busy forming here in the physical who we really are within oneness and equality as life.

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