Tuesday, May 18, 2010

script up for upcoming vlogs

I am preparing to make some video logs - almost everything is ready, so I will push this point. Also I will start to explore myself within sharing myself in my native language(hungarian). In various ways, I will be more fluid within the expression - but many words I never used in my language - I will have to establish a specific vocabulary to be able to explore - so within the process of explaining words and information - I will be able to see the words as myself - and to purify words to stand as the words and not the definition matrixes within the mind.
Things I will be sharing like
what is mind consciousness system, what is mind, what is consciousness, what is system.
What is man, what is human, what is life, what is not life.
What is the physical, what is here, what is equality, what is oneness.
What is separation, what is the core of the separation.
What is the process, what is self, what is self expression, what is self realization.
What is common sense, what is real, what is not real.
What is self honesty, what is self forgiveness, what is here.
What is location, what is movement, what is expression, what is stability.

Things like that I want to express within some basic videos in hungarian - for the first time - to see how I express, how it flows, how I remain within the expression as the moment.
To see what knowledge and information I speak as physical living experience of myself and what is of only a theory and a information placement of what I should live.
To see what I still holding on and what I already transcended, how I realize what is self-deception and how I explore and express the self-deception and how I realize it's core, how I stop it, how I forgive it and how I prepare myself to finally stop and change within physical, real expression.

Also in english vlogs - I will start to explain how I experienced my deceptions during my lifetime before process started - and then how I experienced myself within the deepest, darkest mind-pit where I put myself when I realized who I am and who I am not and how I managed myself to pick up myself and how I stood up from the excuses and justifications to stop the self deception and actually start birth life from the physical. What things I've faced, what was the difficulty, what was easy for me, how I scripted myself up to move myself, how I realized what I realized and how I stopped my habits of deluding myself with substances such as drugs.
Why I took the drugs, what delusions I experienced during the effects of drugs, how I experienced the physical reality or how I did not experienced the physical reality and what I thoughts, what I hoped, what I desired and why - in order to be able to remain within the self-delusions - such as I am special, I am chosen or I am protected by the system -- what events I had to face to realize that I am in the choice of life and death and that was seriously real experience.
So in the first vlogs, what I've shared in the ' talamoon ' youtube channel - I was sharing my experiences for others to be able to relate but at this moment I can be more directive, more specific and more precise within my expression and my process.
So I will expand by writing and vlogging hand by hand and it will be one and equal as myself as words as expression as myself, here.

Also I will push the point of physical equality, and physical experiences, how and what I experience - sometimes I am able to express myself accordingly - how I experience the mind, the physical, the energies, the self movement, the breath.

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