Monday, May 31, 2010

Visiting Desteni Farm

I am speaking about visiting Desteni Farm. For one month I visited Desteni farm for Self Assistance and Structural Resonant Alignment Course to be directly Here as the farm and assist myself as others as the Starting Point of Stopping. Okay.
So I was visiting the farm and I was with the beings at the farm and what I realized that the beings at the farm are quite directive, they are not the same kind of people as I am facing with in the city, where I live at the moment. These people are not bullshitting much, these people are directing themselves and facing themselves - yet they're in the Process of Self Realization and Stopping. I was able to discuss with the beings - basically with any being at the farm about points directly and we could assist each other directly physically speak, and a fascinating point that I made quite a lot of physical expressions as working outside, working on field, working in the dump-yard, working with horses, also like building house base, cement mixing, picking up the grass, things like this and I enjoyed it because it was like directly physically and I had nothing to think and I had nothing to worry and I had nothing to fear, I was simply doing the job as physical expression and when points came up I was able to see it and I was able to stop it and fascinating point is that I was able to see people within agreements and how they express and how they stand and how they communicate and beings also how direct themselves within situations and how script themselves up to situations, to be able to remain silent, to be able to stand and also the Structural Resonance Alignment as we were making Pie Charts and Mind Constructs and how we start to reveal our systematic manifestations and how we operate as a system and how can we dissolve into parts what we can face and how we can assist and support ourselves through muscle communication to directly communicate with and as Substance within the starting point of Self Honesty as the process of starting(stopping lol).
And the fascinating point was after some days I was already able to see the difference within myself as my expression as my walkings became more quite, my expression became more direct and also I was speaking with Resonances; within the discussion series of resonances my past through my human relationship was discussed quite in details what is being actually busy shared at the DesteniProductions channel and it was fascinating how we ended with the practical solution to how I can change the inner process to an outside expression to stand one and equal outside and inside, it was fascinating to how everything what I experience is still of my past, what I tried to escape many times, but fascinatingly it came back always, it is within myself, within my Resonances, I am still creating and manifesting my past until I Face the Points, and I direct and I stop and I express the Self Correcting Application as the starting point of Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness.
So this kind of practical assistance is really assisting for any being but first one self must stand within the Realization and the Decision that I am who I am as what I've accepted and allowed myself to became but "I do not accept myself as this", "I must stand and I must find practical solutions and I must investigate my life within self honesty without any excuse or compromise" because one Self Definition Point as one point of Self Dishonesty within myself is enough to remain Self Accepted as Mind Consciousness System as Limitation as Suppression and this is simply Self Responsibility what each being must Face and Transcend Here within the Physical. Because Here in the Physical we are directly facing the accepted and allowed nature of ourselves.
So the process is here. One is Participating Directly and Facing the points as Self Facing Here or the points will come as the Manifested Compounded Consequences.
Alright, thanks, enjoy.

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