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[JTL 146] Positive and negative... part 2 - Correction I.

Continuing on
with Self-corrective statements to stop the habit of going virtual.

I start with quoting from this blog link:

2012: Directions for Ascension – How to know you’re Ascending into the right Direction:

 "The “Religion of the Self” – this “Self” is what we’ve defined as ‘who we are’ in/as our Minds as the conglomeration of Personalities through which we live this “Self” and the protector and defender of all of one’s Personalities is the EGO which is the one that will rear its head in attacking anything/anyone that in any way represents a threat to having to change this “Self” in any way whatsoever."

 For more, read further at the blog, I continue with self-correction statements here:

 When and as I define my real physical living and having the starting point of the self-definition is how things are in reality and wanting to rely on definitions of who I am and how things are I STOP, I breathe, I trust myself to be here and re-align myself to apply common sense and letting go the fear of not knowing, the fear of failure, the fear of pain, the fear of myself, the fear of fear.

When and as I see that I think about something and having feelings, energetic reactions - I realize I am going into the past-created mind-personality which is in fact the EGO to protect my perceived self for surviving, for remaining who I've defined myself to be therefore I let it all go and I re-align myself to be here, be aware of the physical, the body, the senses, surroundings and the breath of my human physical body as myself.

When and as I experience doubt, uncertainty, worry, fear - I stop, I realize I go into self-definitions, I go into personality, I go into mind, thoughts, feelings so I direct myself to stop, stop for a moment and let all go and breathe, just breathe and embrace the physical presence and stabilizing myself here.

When and as I experience anxiety about what I do, what would happen, about interaction with others, using mass transit and facing thousands of people very closely - I realize that the reality is here and if I define it by thoughts, feel about what is here by energetic feelings as positive and negative - I am trying to superimpose the presence with the past wherein I gave permission to my virtual self to direct me so I literally stop for a moment and in one breath I re-align myself to focus to what is physically here.

When and as I worry and fear that without thinking, feeling, having emotions I am not able to be, operate, work, be effective, be a living human being - I realize that it is the worry, the fear what is blocking me in the moment to see that by exactly those what I fear to let go I am not able to fully be, operate, work, live to the utmost potential of who I can be with direct amalgamation of all what is here without the need of act of separation of thinking - so I stop, I stop, I stop until I am clear within and I act.

When and as I feel I can not trust in and as myself without thoughts, thinking, the little voice, the little me, the backchat, the silent whisperer, the god within me as the mind of inner reflection of myself - I realize this is the greatest con I've been subjected to by believing that with the inner separation I can be myself so I let it all go and explore what is beyond definitions, thoughts.

When and as I face difficulty to stop a thought-pattern within me what is re- and reoccurring and in any way whatsoever I miss moments directly here - I realize I do require self-investigation, self-forgiveness, self-correction and self-commitments to write, to voice, to act as equal as one to re-mediate myself from the energetic possession of my self-accepted limitations.

When and as I am using the act of separation by myself defining/judging and go into the action of defining/judging towards an apparently 'separate' subject of my definition - I realize about that I already allowed polarity separation of comparison by words to stand for me, tell me what is it and until I do not question, understand, stop that - I am unable to stand equal and one with the 'subject' of my definition, therefore I will be never whole with that point of myself, so I apply common sense, and I stop, stop defining, stop thinking, stop relying on past conclusions, I breathe, and I re-align myself to stand and act here undefined.

When and as I automatically feel myself in a way and I am unaware of all dimensions about it in myself, in physical reality - it is questionable, it can not be trusted, so I breathe, I apply common sense and let go the need for comparison, definition, feeling to tell me who I am.

When and as I feel like I am unable to do something without feeling, without positive feeling, without the starting point of stopping the negative feeling - I realize I am programmed and I am limited by circumstances what I do not direct therefore I stop acting by definition, I act with direct decision and self-trust within breathing presence physically.

When and as I feel like I am unable to direct my life, an aspect of my life, a social part of my life wherein I feel overwhelmed or pushed, suppressed or excluded - I realize it is the comparison within me what fucks up direct presence, direct power of myself here and I realize within writing about it I can support myself to see the points first and understand how I am accepting self-limitation which by I automatically allow being directed by forces and energies, events and circumstances to direct me, so I direct myself to sit down and write it out.

When and as I allow a thought that I to not have time, I do not need to write out the inner judgments, comparisons within - I realize it is also a self-accepted limitation within fear of change, fear of facing self, fear of not having enough time for myself so I realize - with this I actually give the time for myself to change and become more effective, start living.

When and as I feel like I am unable to move without positive energies, without being motivated by wanting to stop negative energies I realize I allowed myself to define myself according to energy, according to feelings, which to I've became addicted to and I do require to stop, to let go, to transcend within practically which starts with writing, self-correction, self-forgiveness, self-commitment and within living it out I see that I am able to let go the energetic dependency.

When and as I am not seeing why energetic reactions of positive and negative within my mind and body is self-delusion I realize that all energies have the source of 'PHYSICAL' here which is the body what requires to be supported by food, shelter, water, health care so in fact when I feel good - I rely on the physical support, without that I would not have power over my energies within myself who I've defined myself to be therefore I realize that those who has no access to proper food, shelter, water, health care are subjected to physical and energetic experiences what they can not direct, they can suffer from so the solution is to give what I want to receive within practically doing something to ensure that all gets it.

When and as I feel so fucking good I realize that it is because I have a position in the capitalistic system wherein I can nurture my body to experience myself good and within neglecting others who do not have such support in the system I actually say them 'fuck you' so I realize that it is not about myself but all equally and when I am feeling good because I neglect reality wherein all exists just as like me equally.

When and as I feel good when I do not have to worry and consider others, to take care fellow humans I realize that it is of self-definition, of fear, of energy of losing myself who I've defined myself to be as positive what with I defined I can not experience when facing reality what I've defined as negative therefore using excuses to why I do not ACT according to what is best not only for myself but others, then I realize I virtually created within and nurtured an image of self which is EGO what I commit myself to stop with the practical tools of Desteni I Process to be able to face all beings that I do not chose to say to them 'fuck you' but let go all what is not practical for manifesting what is best for all, at least on the physical level of food, shelter, education, health care, water, which is the first priority to really manifest live, love, compassion in this world.

I commit myself to LIVE the self-corrections I write, to find practical ways to become the words I write and say and act.
I commit myself to stop the comparison within my mind instead of trusting my whole beingness to be able to direct myself and take responsibility for all what is here.

to be continued

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