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[JTL 151] Need for fight and win part 4 - Commitment

Continuing with Self-commitments to direct myself towards a future which is aligned with my Self-forgiveness on what to change in regards to past acceptances and practical Self-correction of present re-alignment in regards to the words of fight, win, power and fear(about I write since some posts) to ensure that I am in all ways aligned with the Principle of a Living Word which is an accumulation for What is Best for All.

Those who question or doubt that it is even possible to grasp or act according to What is Best for All must understand that all the limitation we face is the self-accepted mind-prison only which can be practically walked through with the Journey to Life and Desteni I Process and which many are currently walking in an open, physical, every day participation while being busy with their daily living while exploring what would mean to LIVE Radical Freedom.

Writing is a KEY for Freedom, writing is a tool for Self-exploration, writing is a form of alchemy wherein with motivation and will one can transform SHIT to GOLD literally.
This "alchemy making gold" stuff has been misunderstood quite profoundly so re-education, re-alignment, re-establishment of the physical manifestation of simple common sense is required.

Our inner friction, doubt, frustration, exhaustion and insanity of repeating the same patterns while not even being aware of why and what and in fact who we do what we do is what we has in our mind and it is that has been manifested (as) an external world which is not so friendly with those who have no money, which seems irrelevant until one does not try to step out one's self-accepted patterns of personality, habit of life - but once one is trying to change oneself within|reality with out - will face that it is extremely difficult - but it is possible to change who we are today simply with decision, direction requires effort, dedication, commitment, specific understanding what for writing is the greatest tool. But who want (to) change?

Obviously those individuals who are in the experience of 'feel good' do not really want to change themselves as they are currently quite alright as they are defining themselves according to experiences and not facts - but the majority only gets moments, glimpses of any reference of a "great life", "happiness" while facing more facts: the reality, which is not so nice with billions of suffering - so for those the point of changing make more sense.

Within the process of change one can see/realize/understand the shit within which is in fact causing oneself to suffer, to be limited, driven by external influences - and yes - literally being influenced to act automatically with not awareness but friction, conflict, fight, surviving which is quite shitty to become so then that shit we can start investigate and transform with the alchemy of writing wherein one uses words to describe experiences, uses words to explore the how and why within the investigation of what is here as self and reality as well.

Within writing one can explore what is the difference of inner and outer within self and experiences in regards to physical facts and by cross-referencing, consistently applying common sense and developing Self-honesty one can reveal the specificity of Self-dishonesty: which is the shit what alchemy aims to transform to gold.

Many has no opportunity for this process are they are very busy to remain alive, strive to survive in a very unfriendly human system, so anyone who can have opportunity to write should appreciate being lucky within this capitalistic, cannibalistic casino system wherein for one to win many lose and within the hope of winning all losers comply into the rules what the previously winners written.

To re-write our system wherein not only some has gold but all can share, we re-define the words:

As gold one can define will, trust, stability, clarity, understanding, direction in relationship to oneself and the reality to be able to word it, to explore what it means to align the words within one's mind, one's mouth and eventually one's actions.
Then that is referred as the Living Word - and then our words become directive power, become the very fabric of creation within actual self-realization of equality and oneness with all what is here as self.

Fellow humans, this is not mystery, this is Life, this is Here.
If one does not believe, just test it only self here!
So words are the fabric of reality, the bricks of creation.

See all systems use it: politicians, media, film, sales, building, education, law, religious, spiritual agenda: everything what is manifested, stable currently is because of written word! So it is common sense to apply for and as Self as well! So let us write ourselves! Who we were, who we are, who we will be, write, write, write within Self-honesty.

And then one's words become reality - within the specific self-investigation one's weaknesses has been written out within absolute details and it is on the paper, in the file to show how and why one has became what/who it/he/she is today and can understand the process of past accumulation what has lead to today's experiences, factual manifestations - the creation of self which is conditioned, enslaved to circumstances - so then these weaknesses can become points of opportunities to work on within practical, worded understanding which is not running one's mind but it is here, remains here in and as the written word.

So one has the busy mind and writes it all - writing it down until everything of a point, a topic, an event, an experience is written out and there is the moment of emptiness, when all is here and one is empty, silent within.

Within the writing process one is slowing down within and writing down all the thoughts, reactions, feelings and word by word, letter by letter writing it down and slowing down within: one is being able to understand more than when just thoughts and feelings run within the mind with the velocity of about twenty per second. That is not practical, that is madness.
So writing is serializing the matrices of mind consciousness. All the rules and judgements, definitions of positive, negative, reasons and justifications, conclusions and identifications - write it all!

Many has this perception that many things can not be worded with excuses and justifications like:
too good, too great, to deep,
too profound, too complex,
too difficult, too intense etc

to word experiences and facts but I say then it is already questionable, who is limited, "myself here with my self-accepted relationship in and as my mind consciousness system in relation to experiences with words" or the words themselves?

Words are just words - what can not be explained with words one has not yet grasped, so how can we trust within ourselves about that particular 'topic'? Shaky...yet, obviously not everything has to be worded but within self-realization, about self-limitations, self-definitions it is a must.

To see each word we speak, react to and live: is really what we want to become and if not, then we can change our relationship with the words, to re-align, re-define our vocabulary and live words as equal as one as ourselves, starting all by writing all words down, out, here.

And within writing, like saving our mind into a file - once it is done and that point is here, one is empty and then within that emptiness can receive, embrace what is here, what is real.

That is a fascinating moment because within that moment - one is be able to be here, be clear, be empty yet capable of understanding. It should be practically specific, not just sit down and write until you die - but about a point - for instance 'worry of failure' or 'fear of spiders', whatever is bugging oneself the most - apply self-direction within practical, liveable common sense while we participate within our daily living, going to work, be with kids etc and schedule time to write - that is practical self-direction, self-realization through and as words.

Just to share some glimpses of why so much sharing of so much written words...

...and within this continuing from the previous post of what I commit myself to walk into practical application with no separation but self-direction step by step, word by word.
Currently about energy, power, fear, wealth and fame just to mention some trigger points of inner frictions to re-align.

I commit myself to walk through all upcoming fear within me according to power, wealth, fame and exposure within human systems and I commit myself to remain here, stable, consistent and use common sense and consider facts here.

I commit myself to stop fighting and within stopping I realize it is the fear of being judged myself as inferior I want to force change what I perceive to be which is not real, not practical and not considering all what is here therefore I let go the fight and embrace what is here and use common sense, breathe and accumulate what I want to manifest.

I commit myself to let go the need to fight, win, dominate within the understanding that all fight is against myself within friction and within that I would always lose - so I rather stop fearing, breathing, writing, investigating, acting within common sense, practical actions to stop which is not aligned with life.

I commit myself to prevent myself to go into energetic experiences of want to resist, fight, dominate, fuel my mind states with energetic reaction in the delusion of I need to battle against myself, others, the world within realization that all what I face here is myself so rather I embrace, I stop, I re-align and remain clear, inner silent and act with common sense, considering facts within consistency.

I commit myself to stop fearing when seeing something or someone is fighting against me and I remain here, directive, present without going into fear but consider practical ways to prevent and stop harm.

I commit myself to let go the fear of becoming evil when acquiring more stable financial status within the consideration of what must be done for implementing Living Income Guaranteed requires media, exposure which require money and within that I commit myself to support financially Equal Life Foundation and for future leadership the Desteni I Process and EQAFE as much as I can while remaining stable and consistent within the system.

I commit myself to be self-honest with myself to not make decisions what has impact to my reality which I am not aware of what consequences I will cause - with full of my potential, meaning what common sensically I am able to comprehend without going into reaction of worry and fear that I am not aware of everything which would be not practical, so in those moments I commit myself to stop the doubt, the complication and I remain simple, empty, directive here.

I commit myself to stop judging people according to their fame, wealth and I commit myself to prevent myself judging people by comparison with knowledge and information of the personality of the mind with polarity of negative and positive.

I commit myself to stop and prevent myself defining myself according to experiences and I commit myself to stop taking refugee within experiences and realizing that I am as living flesh and what I express and participate within physical reality is fact here.

I commit myself to decompose and let go all energetic relationships within me to 'help' or 'define' to feel me, to experience me, my reality and realizing that this is the act of separation, accepting the comparison, the perception of self-interest which I commit myself to remember that it is not real, only all life here as equality is physically here.

I commit myself to stop judge positive and negative in my world according to my self-interest and realize that all definitions which I allow me to automatically judge, influence my perception, experience, behavior - is the mind, the mirror of my current beingness to show me what I have to re-align in the interest of all life as equality.

I commit myself to not accept and allow the forces against all life to progress within my reality, which are delusions of consciousness systems about life while disregarding, abusing the physical life here, to stand up within and as myself and express and act according to the principle of "Give as you would like to receive" and "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself".

I commit myself to embrace all power, wealth, fame to promote Equality as Life for all lifeforms within the interest of What is Best for All which I accumulate to manifest with the simple mathematical equation of 1+1=2 until all life is equally appreciated, loved, taken care on the physical level.

I commit myself to not stop until all life is free as manifested equality in and as the physical as this is who I am and this is what I stand for.

I commit myself to slow down within until I stop and remain inner silent and empty within myself to be able to express into and as physical reality directly as who I am as life and take responsibility for all what is here as equal as one as myself.

I commit myself to walk the Process of Self-realization within Self-forgiveness, Self-correction, Self-commitment to re-align all my fractions of my mind, of my self, of my beingness into a living
Flesh, Living Word beingness which is consistently able to exist without fear, desire, thought, feelings, moods of the mind and assist and support myself and others equally who are ready and willing to walk out from Mind Consciousness to PHYSICAL LIFE in and as EARTH as manifesting a world which is Best for all equally.

Join Desteni I Process LITE free online course with seasoned Word-alchemist supporting buddies who has already been proven to be able to change themselves and willing to support others with the same process freely in and as the starting point of Give as you would like to receive, which accumulates into practical Equality and Oneness as LIFE.

This VLOG I've made 5 years ago about Self-forgiveness as Debugging the Mind:

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Also some links here point to Self-support from EQAFE audio interviews which are huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge assistance for Self-realization, check it out!

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