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[JTL 152] Let go Fear and Desire to start LIVING

As I really started to stop participate within judgement, energetic mind, fear and desires I started to face points I have never experienced - more precisely: I was never aware of..the life of beyond desires and fears...

I had 'ideas' about it that these kind of things I will have to face but the actual taste is obviously different than expected.

What I've realized that stopping judging positive or negative changes the already manifested energetic equilibrium within my mind, body and in fact the whole beingness.

I was able to notice to stop motivations within me - sounds strange, right? - which are based on desire or fear to an extent that I've noticed I am not moving that much automatically.

I was observing myself not moving, even to the extent that I woke up and I remained in bed - of course that's just alright after a week of hard work on a shiny Saturday morning - but not for me who I've defined myself to be - "I am always enthusiastic to jump out from the bed and do the things I usually do"- however for some weeks I was just stopping - stopping sexual desire(while sleeping with a beauty), stopping worry and fear from financial issues and car crash(learning to drive in the biggest traffic) so it seems like I went nuts by becoming not motivated from a normal human perspective, right?

These things(desires, fears) stimulate me, influence me, move me only because I allow it - I've realized this, so the question within Self-honesty was

"Is it good for me giving permission to my mind to allow external circumstances to define me who I am in any moment?"

Within Radical Freedom I say NO - but what is the current personality of humanity(which we could approximate if we would take all human into one body 'theoretically') would say:

desire is cool, because pulls you towards which is good(for you)
fear is supporting, because pushes you away which is bad(for you).

But within the starting point of Absolute Self-honesty I realized this is the very essence of the enslavement we all humans are accepting and allowing within ourselves, which is the manifestation of the REAL Matrix we live within - the Mind Consciousness System with it's all rules, definitions, judgements, the core of the problem which is in fact separation - preventing each and every human being to embrace and unify their very core of beingness of what is physically here, undefined, un-polarized but directly realize/see/experience everything as self here.

Obviously this is the goal of many agendas, forces, interests within this world referred as spiritual, enlightenment, religious, secret- or mass-formations while their intent seems good, valid and positive, they are all lost within consciousness systems having no reference, no taste, no power of what entails to be or even comprehend of what it means to reach our greatest potential transcending consciousness as LIFE and having no practical way in any way whatsoever how to deal with the currently manifested human systems which are obviously took over and directing our very essence of how and who we are today as humanity as on individual level and as a whole as well.

Myself I've investigated, followed, tried, became some of these methodologies in terms of copycatting, evolve and time loop within the certain pre-programmed steps of these -'ism'-s, which I do not go into explaining today - only saying I had the motivation, energy and time to give myself fully into these symbolic attempts, practices and today here being able to smoothly and certainly - consistently and clearly say that these will become blind alleys, dead ends if one is able to apply Self-honesty in terms of using practical common sense about the capabilities of one's realizations and power over oneself and the world to able to be applied; meaning being able to change one's beingness, the various system manifestations within this world which is currently directing the already manifested accepted habit of harm against life, the abuse, the disregard of respect all life equally.

Any master, guru, lama, rimpoche, priest, monk, coach, guide, seer, shaman or whatever they are being called, who can not face any systems within this world without being able to walk through it, understand it, wording and explaining it and find practical, physically doable ways to stop it and transform it to be aligned with the interest of all life is simply a lie, a cheat, a pretend, a con and within that it is part of the system of and those individuals are also lost within delusions and in fact are the agents of the enslavement without them seeing/knowing/realizing it.

Anyone can feel good, say wildly wise words who has food, water, shelter, fat income - but to deny those who has not such within the starting point of any interest is the real evil in this world because if one really dares to walk the Self-realization can inevitably see/understand/realize the only thing that really matters is Physical Equality. Anyone denies it is still walking out the maze of consciousness systems of EGO without seeing the exit.

Within current human system - except the continuously reducing number of places - money is the fuel of surviving, the blood of life and until that accepted system is neglecting anyone in the excuse of 'without hard work, belief or knowledge or royalty or money: one should not eat' - humans are nothing else but savages, beasts, demonic forces stripped away from real love, compassion, lacking the very essence of what it means to be aware.

These words might seem harsh, wild accusations from an extreme point of view but it is not me to judge but embrace what is here and if this is here - this is what we must acknowledge first in order to be able to understand, stop and change as ourselves as equal as one, step by step, accumulating with the simple mathematics of 1+1=2.

I've walked some areas of Earth wherein faced extreme poverty, suffering and neglect and I might seem pessimistic or even stoic but I exist as nothing of that kind.

I am optimistic and idealistic, because I start to understand that in fact we can stand up within ourselves and being each of us The Society as the Representative of All Life and step by step be aligned with the Unification of Man, the Desteni of the Universe, which is Equality and Oneness on Earth. Practical Appreciation of Equal Life within all humans is obviously the Eye of the Needle which is our real purpose and only those who are proven to be standing for All Life Equally should be referred as LIFE for accumulating towards a future which is indeed best for all.

I always consider myself, my life as being extremely lucky, even that many of what I entail of has nothing to do with luck, still countless of who I am today is of luck - I am grateful, I am sober, I am responsible.

Within Investigation of various human system manifestations it became clear to me that the economic, political, educational and media forces are directing humanity's future which I am interested with in order to transform ourselves to being capable of stopping accepting HELL ON EARTH for billions while systematically exterminating our own breathing environment, the animals, plants, oceans, nature, basically everything like a cancer, a virus within absolutely possessed with ideas of our delusion with the experience of consciousness evolution while we imagine, project our energetic, virtual, egoistic, self-interested mind towards various beautiful experiences of HEAVENS.

So the solution is right front of us, here, directly, and only those do not see what is here who want to enforce their own truth through the starting point of their EGO mind of thoughts, feelings, emotions and not realizing that each and every single being is busy facing self as truth while disregarding what is already here in and as physical reality.

And within seeing/realizing/understanding the delusion as our truth - stopping is common sense, taking responsibility for what is here is common sense and indeed making our hands dirty and deal with these economic, political, educational, media, military etc forces what who we are currently while being absolutely clear, consistent within the starting point of who we REALLY are as the Seed of EQUAL LIFE within each.

That is why the Equal Life Foundation - group of people who realized they are LIFE - is busy investigating, researching, exploring possible practical ways to manifest a world which is Best for all by each is giving what would like to receive - even within the current economic, political system.

That is Living Income Guaranteed, not just a basic income, but a liveable life-support for all newborn, all seed of life equally - with a fraction of the computational power currently we have with technology we could already operate a simple, transparent monetary system wherein each human's food, shelter, health care and education is taken care of.

No revolution, war, aggression is required at all - those are of fear, which is also part of the consciousness trap - we all should rather see the advantages of the system which is being promoted in the name of democracy, the power of One Man - One Vote which through each and every individual could and should stand up for manifesting an establishment which ensures the basic requirements for our physical living - without that currently many are facing reality as being neglected, disregarded to degrade living into surviving, fight, pain and suffering, which is unnecessary and none of us, who currently have goodies would want this for ourselves.

That is why the individuals who are walking Desteni I Process do promote LIG, because they equally realized the common sense of the same realization that LIFE must come first and if any system, even if the monetary system neglects that respect for life, then it is unacceptable, it must be understood, changed but not within the starting point of reaction/judgement/separation/fear/anger - rather than within unification, embrace and transform from inside out as equal as one as ourselves step by step, breath by breath.

That is why we can stand out and dare to say to each who promote love and light, compassion and positivity that the real compassion must be considered in this human system, this humanity and this Earth is all what we've got and critical, self-honest, cross-referencing self- and world-investigation is required to be able to stand up for all life.

Because within positivity, there is the other polarity within separation with negativity, which is of judgement, of consciousness, of mind of fear what always reflects back as lack of power, lack of stability, lack of absolute self-trust which is required to face the things what already manifested on Earth and are far away from being cool.

A process of re-alignment is required, a self-investigation of letting go all toxic and automatic inner reactions we accept and allow as inferiority, separation, self-interest and fear.

Simple - within fulfilling my desire I do not desire it - because I experience it - or my reaction to the fulfillment of my desire - so only those desire who do not experience, it is common sense. But to question experience, it's consequence is also part of the package what should be considered - as experience will not last and are being subjected to facts - and also within the common sense point of if I allow myself to be determined by and as experience - am I really real or only something what is of conditions, conscience, consciousness systems?

So after all this - I return to how I've started this whole point - why I do this stopping desire, stopping fear - as it seems to be the greatest fuel of the human - it is in fact limitation, it is enslavement, it is not who we really are as life as equality, because we use our MIND to connect, to define, to judge, to fulfill, to experience, to express through and therefore physically become as.

It is explained perfectly within this Equality and Oneness system design:

"Once you participate within the Unified Consciousness Field the only way you are going to be Oneness and Equality with the Mind within the Unified Consciousness Field of this world if you have a relationship with someone or something separate from you. Therefore:

Let's say if you have a relationship with something or someone of this world, you are trapped, enslaved, you are a goner, you are done, you are the slave to the mind, the Unified Consciousness Field, you are in the prison of your own creation...."
The original interview:

That is why I stop my mind and desires what automatically move me - I do not accept myself having a personality which I give permission to tell me who I am; especially within the realization that I am all life here equally - there is no need for personality which through I am always separated from all what is here.

Yet we are all infused with various layered fear-mechanism to never question, never go beyond our perceived 'self' - for instance sometimes I experience this physical shock-like state of fear - so intense, so brutally real - the desire for give into the energies, to avoid certain uncomfortability, fear, pain, just to remain limited, programmed, separated from all what is here, but within the overwhelming experience I do not see that and it's consequences and it is a problem - that is what we accumulated through aeons of time and the same accumulation is required within consistent application to investigate, understand, embrace, stop and change our very beingness of who we are within the realization of we are all LIFE within each act we do(or not do).

That is why I work on this mind I see, that is my real job and within this system, no one is telling me to do so - yet I do not stop it until it's necessary and I also can not tell anyone to walk through the mind, the consciousness, the limitation, the thoughts, feelings, emotions, the fear, the desire - it is the decision which only SELF can decide and walk out from the maze of consciousness mind energies and explore what is beyond that and we well see who is really life, who is able to take responsibility for all what is here.

Who can not walk through the one self's mind are still in the process of self-realization of what is real, what is not and if self is not willing to give up the delusion of self-interest, the self-virtualization of of clever thoughts, great feelings and perceived personality to all-life's interest - then the basic principle of existence will assist and support to show, face and directly experience what one is accepting and allowing within and as Equality and Oneness.

The physical reality is the greatest assistance within our life to see directly within consistency to experience of who we accepted and allowed ourselves to become on individual and also whole level of humanity and everything will fall which is not life, which is not eternal within equality and oneness as self. And certainly will not go away until we change within and with out as it is who we are, as we are here, the world is HERE as equal as one. Simple.

It might not be pleasant to lose all what was never real if one is still holding onto it - that is why it is suggested to let go everything unconditionally moment by moment, breath by breath within common sense yet remaining practical, aligning to what is best for all.

And within practical consideration of the current human system, we still have to eat, rest, remain healthy, support our children so that means most of us has to remain in the system, but learn to be not of the system - and earn money - so it is not about becoming monk and go into cave to meditate on all of this - and certainly not to revolt, fight as it is ourselves what we face in all ways - but the solution is that we all have to become activist, economist, and even politician within the consideration of "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself".

And also important to mention that even when letting go desire and stopping fear - we still can be here and compared to conditions enjoy ourselves, each other while standing up for all life.

So this is radical freedom as one can never imagine the 'freedom' what is waiting here beyond desire and fear until not transcended fully within our physical actions.

So in the next post I will continue with my personal experiences and realizations of stopping my desires and fears while and as I do walk the writing Journey to Life blogs, sharing VLOGS, listening to EQAFE, investigating existing human systems, walking online course of Desteni I Process.

Here is a very supportive audio interviews about Consciousness(and it's whole series):

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