Monday, March 10, 2014

[JTL 154] Patience Self-support from Practical Desteni

There is a series at the Practical Desteni blog which is the most profound self-support on the topic Patience-Impatience I've ever found.

I cannot encourage enough to read through it as these points have never been considered before.

It is part of the process of establishing consistency and self-trust within physical application and with these common sense points one can really become patient and the whole relationship to the physical reality/time versus inner mind-reactions/perceptions of time can be understood and practically apply within our reality.

The whole concept of our definitions and relationships to patience can be transcended to a new level from which we really can assist and support ourselves to become responsible in all areas of our living.

When I share Desteni blogs/articles I really mean that this kind of "profound understanding of how the human mind and physical reality works" I refer to - which I've never found within any spiritual or religious teachings -I've went through tons of those some years ago - those are vague/mystic and mostly out of context of practical reality. Even if some has some practical change reference - there is always a compromise, a belief, a faith which I was never comfortable with.

It is common sense that any spiritual/religious group which does not stand up for economic/political forces what direct our so called 'civilization', they will not change the course of humanity as avoiding the real problems here and only conspiring about personal interest of happiness instead of taking responsibility for the whole system as all as equal as one here in physical reality.

That is why I've left these groups - for me it was obvious they cannot support me for practical change from within to without what is required in this world to make it happen in a measurable, accumulative way in physical space/time. Also some are cool with thinking/sharing these '-ism' s but they do not actually LIVE that, or if they so - they just compromise with excuses and justifications why in fact do not 'have to' change - that is unacceptable within the starting point of Self-honesty.

Nor I want to judge or pish those foes referred as 'masters' but when one starts to study the massive Desteni Material on how the mind works can realize the profound and simplistic explanations of our reality what I am referring here.

So today I share this point: PRACTICAL DESTENI - as it is for practical living - I am still studying and applying the points I am reading from these articles and I am grateful and the least is tho re-share it as it is CRUCIAL to understand and transform our existing relationship to patience and impatience of the polarity of the mind to actual Self-support for perfecting our physical application within consistency without being directed by frictions existing within our mind.

This might seem a lot(more than 15) but these are not so long and day by day it is walkable and I guarantee - it can be a tremendous support for ones who struggle with impatience and not be able to consistently apply PATIENCE AS SELF.

"What one have to understand in relation to the Mind/Consciousness is that: it suppresses and disempowers our Self-Awareness and separates us from our own Physical Bodies and so our ability to in fact take responsibility for and direct ourselves and our own lives. One of the main methods the Mind/Consciousness use to disempower us within and without is Emotional and Feeling Energy, such as the energetic experiences of Patience and Impatience. What I will show within this post and posts to come is: with moving ‘beyond’ emotional/feeling reactions, such as Patience/Impatience and instead focus one’s Awareness on change and solutions – one will find ‘gifts’ within oneself and one’s living that will in fact CONTRIBUTE, assist and support oneself and one’s life/living experience. With such ‘gifts’ being Self and Living Expressions that will ground oneself in the Mind and the Body to become the directive principle and responsibility within who one is and how one live."
"Now, there are two different realities at play here: the Mind Reality and the Physical Reality. The Mind Reality moves in ‘quantum time’ and the Physical Reality moves in space and time. The Mind Reality ‘quantum time movement’ is measured by energy and the Physical Reality space-time movement is measured by breath. Dependent on how much energy (emotions/feelings) you access/generate – depends on how fast / slow the Mind will move. Dependent on how slow / fast you breathe – depends on how slow / fast the general condition of the body moves. One can essentially liken the Mind’s movement as a lightning storm in the head-region of human beings and the Physical Body’s movement as a river-movement within itself and also within physical reality. So, one can imagine how the Lightning Storm of the Mind can ‘unsettle the waters’ in the Physical Body / this Physical Reality – which is what we do to ourselves most of the time, because our Awareness is participating / possessed in/as the Lightning Storm of the Mind instead of moving with and as the rivers of/as Physical space-time movement in physical reality."
This was just some of my favorite parts which assists me but here I've listed the whole series(and it might be continued):
Another great posts by Practical Desteni:
Free Online Course for introduction of Desteni Self-support tools with one can start investigating what parts of self is really self and what not and how to practically assist and support oneself to really change:

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