Sunday, April 13, 2014

[JTL 163] Mystical Drug Experiences are like Ant inspecting a Lamborghini

Desteni Artists - Ant Inspecting Lamborghini by Bernard Poolman (picture is link)
I dare to question the drug-induced holy/mystical/oneness/bliss/enlightenment/god-experiences.

Question Everything

  • Are they really relevant experiences or those are just the mind's play, an other level of enslavement?
  • Do the people had experienced these really are able to apply this within their life and become more whole/effective/supportive for themselves and others?
  • If we are absolutely self-honest and question these experiences, are we capable of really-really trust in these experiences?
  • Do we really need to take mind-blowing drugs to figure out what would be the ACTION OF WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL?
  • Isn't the utmost divine/god-like/enlightened act to accumulate physical consequences towards what is best for all?
  • What is blocking individual human beings and humanity as a whole to simply consider the fact that what is best for all is what is best for the one?
  • What is actually blocking to use our brain/imagination/logical mind to realize what must be done in order to manifest in this physical system what is best for ourselves and all others?
  • Do we really need drugs to shatter/explode/intensify/zoom/effect our mind to consider what direction we should change in order to become a better/more effective/more practical person?
  • What is really better for individuals and humanity as a group altogether than do we have currently?
  • What do we really experience during mind-blowing drug experiences?
  • Why do we really believe what we experience as divine/god-like/mystical/enlightened?
  • What is the point what should be considered to use common sense and see beyond our experiences and consider facts and practical solutions?
  • What are the current excuses do we have for not being able to figure out what is really here and claiming we need to blow our mind in order to see beyond our accepted limitations?
These are just introductory questions, I mean - to question everything should not be a question because until I am on a quest for what is truth - I am not here, I am amazed in the journey through a maze of consciousness experiences in my mind while I am separated from what is really here as truth as this physical reality, Earth, ground, animals, plants, dirt, air, other humans and lot's of manifested consequences what are already proven not to be best for all what must be addressed with common sense to sort out.

Some people do use mind-blowing drugs to experience 'beyond the veil' and some claim for this life-changing experiences.

Here is the interview with Bernard Poolman about drugs.

"What is being accessed during the use of drugs is the mind, on become more aware of either a segment or a more complete picture of the mind. Obviously many then claim that they had a divine experience and they have become more knowledgeable, even wise and they have experienced oneness, they have touched god, all kinds of stuff.
I have a really sad news for you because to give you a context of your experience what you are actually seeing is to look at
An ant inspecting a Lamborghini. For the ant the Lamborghini look amazing and out of this world but even in this world the Lamborghini is completely irrelevant. Your experience is completely irrelevant. Your oneness experience is simply you're becoming aware of that you are part of a system that controls you within which you do not exist at all. Nothing what is experienced while on drugs is real. And as I mentioned you will give me many excuses and wonderful things because apparently their experience was something divine. It isn't. It's just your mind.
Now if your mind is to such an extent superior to you and you are mostly unable to actually contain, direct or orchestrate or connect or map your own thoughts, ~nevermind your memories, you can't even remember what happened during your life? How can you trust any of your perceptional insights? How can you trust any of the knowledge you hide behind? How can you trust anything that you are experiencing?
Careful! Delusion! Delusion! Delusion! Illusion! Illusion. The word illusion is very specific. It says you are losing. You'll lose yourself completely. And there is no divine spark waiting, there is no great merging with the great spirit waiting. It was all a lie. Time to take your hands out of the pocket and to start to find way to sort out this reality because you are here as the result of the sins of your fathers.
What you are busy doing is creating the future of your children. You are responsible as your fathers and great-fathers and forefathers were responsible.
Time to take responsibility..."

My experiences

I've had - really had - countless of experiences on various drugs, mostly with what are referred as 'psychedelics' - from smal spliffs to horrendous dosages for surreal trips and everything I've experienced was just an experience - not reality.

I've SEEN things, I've seen through levels of consciousness systems, I've seen dimensions, worlds, constructs many and many-many more - but honestly, in the current life I live on Earth, in this body, how these contribute for the problems I face in terms of finding practical solutions? In no way whatsoever. All I've realized was that it's all perception, it's all illusion what I perceive but that does not mean this reality is an illusion.
The experience is what with we relate and then reacting to experience we are being stimulated by- drugs are only catalyzers only.

Just like those mainstream hollywood action flicks wherein hundreds of people are working hard for a year on visualizing and sounding the screenplay perfectly and then starting the production by artistic camera moves towards the movie's peak moment where the hero says something apparently relevant message like 'you have to love yourself' or 'family first' with emotion-tweaking music and oversaturated visuals and you might have wet eyes and a tiny automated nodding and then the movie continues with destructive car chasing, bloody shooting rage and nonsensical fistfight between the ultimate good and evil and then the winner hugs his model-like half-plastic masked babe and pans away with a kiss in the sunset hearing groovy music.

Not a bad analogy if I see that tripping on drugs takes soooooo much time while we are entertained within our mind, not being really here, not being able to take full responsibility, not even be able to walk through traffic or even speak properly - but we can see like Van Gogh's paintings or watch plants as breathing and glowing fractals and see our thinking like cartoon's bubbles falling apart, explode or dissolve while connect with the music completely and experience intensity and bliss - but meanwhile we should not drive as we are so flying high we are completely off-track from phyisical reality and it feels so more real, more free that we'd want to stay in wonderland for ever.

I am here questioning the divinity of drug experiences.

I have walked this path for several years with manifesting myself as the character as an eraserhead and I've mastered the art of making habit of myself being completely off-here, automated, ignorant and absolutely acceptive for all the problems in this world, the full self-acceptance of being a self who is not real in and as this enslavement of consciousness system which apparently means being human entails of on individual and humanity as a whole.

The intent was good - to get free, to go beyond my limitations, to see new perspectives, to transcend, to be able to help others - yet what I've manifested through the personalities I've became with the so called mystical experiences was not freedom at all but self-delusion and my life proven absolutely not working.

I was kind of hectic within that, I always had the tendency to be radical so to speak within ensuring doing things what I do with full of my beingness if I could - so within the quest in searching the truth I've put on all my cards to spiritual and psychedelic practices for quite some years.

What I have found that people do not really commit themselves for what they want for instance some do buddhist meditation and tries to apply it's sort of principles . It suggests to put aside alcohol and drugs or do the practices every day for progression and apply several symbolism into their living such as always discouraging the ego and self-interest, thoughts, emotions, desire while what people mostly ending up doing is standing on several principle-feets/columns, meaning 'keeping their old life' what is being used as justification why not fully applying the 'practice's principles'.

That is why for instance in Jesus teachings there is this 'leave your parents' - give up all who you were before otherwise you will remain the same even when you try to apply new paradigms for your living standards - first empty the cup before filling up with new stuff...
And it obviously does not mean give your parents the finger and let them rot without ever wanting to see them as it would oppose the 'give as you would like to receive' - but to leave your parent's point of views, starting points, philosophical codes and start from scratches finding out what is your real truth of who you are and what you do and more importantly: what you want to become.

For me this was a bit easy as I came from a family wherein I've seen the lower-end side of living, the poor family in the village, I've seen killing animals daily from kittens to horses and family members arguing and fighting drunk almost every day and the patterns I've soaked into my beingness as living was not really practical but theatrically reactive, in my mind quite radioactive, meaning not really being able to enjoy myself or have stability to be able to deal with reality and solve my psychological issues such as being blaming, shameful, suppressive, energy-addicted daydreaming, procrastinating boy and the only luck I've had that was able to deal with science and computers and also my will to want to become more than I've experienced myself to be, mostly taken from books and movies because the patterns I've seen as 'who I am' was not satisfying, but more frustrating, chaining so the need for changing myself, my reality was not really a choice but more like act of surviving.

So for that - I was eager to fully blow my mind with drugs and actively trying out several spiritual practices while I was totally ready to give up everything I consisted of - except my strongest desires such as beautiful women, money and maybe some sort of fame and lots of power(defined mostly by the other desires) - which by my way proven to be very difficult but I quite soon realized this is why I am born, not for half-solutions, so I just do it and kind of never see back or look more forward while trying to erase my old personalities which already proven as not cool because suppressions, doubt, petrifying fears and burning, reality-blurring desires.

I've had my alcohol moments at university - it was like inhibiting the inhibition system within my mind - so I was able to express myself and talk! but after some years my body was like 'why you killing me?' and also all I've noticed that I did not really change who I was then if I allowed myself to get loose - I was just reckless and more like an unchained abused little wild animal who just raged around wrecking and laughing what did not seem right and also my father and many family members already walked this path and I've seen directly what alcohol really do with people's mind and body which was a no-go quite soon. I had this stomach-acid problem by always swallowing my reactions to remain apparently calm and combining that with lots of wine, shots, so when I finished university I had ulcer which was really hellish and completely blocked my ability to enjoy any given hour in my life so I lost my interest with alcohol when I started to smoke weed, which gave 'strange experience' while kind of I saw myself echoing in my mind and I calmed down with it.

Then I was surprised when I was high for the first time with acid - it was like smoking but 1000 times stronger - and it was still not enough so I wanted it again and the second time was a sort of white light experience, like a reset on computer - I've experienced silence, quietness, I was unable to define and I was dead and yet I was walking around so it seemed quite alive-like. This life-style has been sucked me into it's scenes quite deeply and I was learning how to not freak out while melting my mind completely.

There were aspects what kind of proven to be supportive, to be able to adapt the fast-changing mind-sets, external settings, the madness, the constant uncertainty of this changing world within and without - but in overall with this I was unable to work with physical reality effectively, only for a period of time of letting go was cool but then I've defined letting go, chaos and destruction within as who I am and then I've became it, I've became addicted to remaining who I've defined myself to be in order to perceive who I am to what I wanted to be while in reality from time to time accumulating hitting rock bottom and then realizing I was not here and missed some relevant points from what I've made mistakes and manifested irreversible consequences and losing everything again and again and again.

So for the so called divine and mystical experiences wherein one feels the touch of god and the oneness, the matrix, the beauty of the system: it is very important to question everything, especially the positive reactions within ourselves. I've explored this scene sooooooo much, I remember the weirdest experiences, changing visions, walking in mandala-fields, seeing everyone as myself literally, seeing the inner demon within everybody, seeing the layers of the minds, bodies or seeing energies, codes, fractals, ocean-like flowing of visuals, mercury-like people-groups flowing, siddhas, buddhas, aspects, bardo, ghosts, fairies, astral projection, obe, hypnosis, countless of white light experiences, ecstatic moments, body-switch, shamanic, tantric, krishna, jesus, buddha-experiences, whatever, YOU NAME IT, probably I've experienced - it's kind of groovy - but when I am for the real truth, nothing but the truth of myself, of reality, of facts, of everything - I can easily say this is nothing compared to Self-honest Living Here in Every Moment, only distraction, mesmerizing obsession to hide behind.
These experiences surely gave me perspectives, memories, references for what I am capable with the mind, even for moments without the mind - but after all I've proven myself - to myself and even others - that I was not directing, I was just 'free-riding' and I was reactive, automatic and picked up quite some quite schizophrenic, mind-splitting, megalomaniac convictions which with all I did was protecting my own interest to not needing to REALLY change, even by giving up these experiences completely.

System perspective

This is a very relevant topic to talk about as the world system consciousness is (constantly) evolving the idea of virtualization in the mind trying to promote experience instead of facts and solutions for all (as the machine-like manifested consequence-reflection of ourselves as equal as one) and what is spreading is to blow the mind as human right with those legalization campaigns for dope and other psychedelic, enteogenic drugs while almost half of the planet has no got no human right to have food, shelter, water, health care and education so within looking at priorities, the concept of equality is quite toxic when all the western people are thinking equality as the right to be openly gay, blowing mind with drugs and also have the right to march publicly, to live in secrecy, privacy and even now becoming to demand basic income while in overall looking the humanity as a whole we do not give that to all country while justifying it with manifested separation by definition of countries, religions, cultures, opinions so it is so fucked up if we start to investigate it with common sense, sober mind...but mostly we are always ready for an other fascinating experience to explore more while facts and manifested consequences accumulate.

I am not against the decriminalization personally as in my perspective it is absolutely exaggeration and unfair to go to jail because one is blowing mind with substances, unless manifesting brutal consequences - especially while many anti-life pro-war-public figure criminals are walking freely on Earth - it is also the question of what do we really have right to do by the law, by morality, by consideration of all participants.

One more thing I point out here is that it is also quite unequal for instance when the big promoter of weed Snoop Dogg is being caught with a pillow-sized quantity of dope at an airport, he just pays some thousands of fine and gets front coverage with his fox-like smile on it saying "Life is cool, bro, do it too!" while if some street kids are being caught with some spliffs they literally hit rock bottom in the jail judging them as the nastiest evil so it is quite a controversial topic.

Also I am aware of the the researches at MAPS and other 'multidisciplinary' psychedelic therapeutic groups for instance for war veterans with PTSD and with MDMA and Psylocybin they have some result for sure - but these wrecked humans(coming home from hell of Iraq, Afghan or Somali etc wars) are so much screwed up by directly facing real reality of the demonic nature of mankind within which they literally torture and abuse and kill each other, I mean human killing human is like brother killing sister, not much different, especially when we investigate the causes for wars and realize that is mostly by corporate greed for profit and not even ideology or moral reasons - that is only the media propaganda to catalyze the human mind's emotions -  these soldiers are really deserve therapies what can lesser their fuckedup-ness of their severed mind and beingness to stop living in constant horror - for which drugs - with supportive, so to speak controlled environment - they can re-visit the trauma experiences and revive from the dreadful physical shock they've been programmed to exist.
I am sure that if those therapies would embrace and introduce supporting with Self-forgiveness, Self-honesty, Writing, they would result with much more effectiveness as I have used that too to support myself from stopping extreme paranoia with the assistance of Desteni Forum and Desteni I Process course.

Mystical experiences

Let's look back at the point of 'divine', 'mystical', 'holy' experiences which I've realized as a complete delusion, illusion, not being true at all but our perception through still remaining in and as our owned (or being owned by) mind system making us believe we are reaching out while all what happens is that we are being blinded by the bars of our mind-cage shining bright with the effect of the drug over saturating, melting and liquifying our already existing separation from reality within exponential exaggeration.

Such as within the quoted Bernard Poolman's interview - people will give many excuses and justifications of how those experiences are resulting them becoming more knowledge-able, wise etc however it should be common sense that if we do not practically become more responsible and actually be able to do for what is best for all with any experience then it is not worth a moment to even talk about.

Whatever is 'divine' - it means separated - polarity - it's like in the Orwell's Animal farm - "all animals are equal, but there are more equals" - just like in our manifested human system with it's blood, the money system - just like we define our moments sliced in time, judged by quality, positive or negative which is always only comes from self-interest. Self-interest indeed, even when we 'think about others first' it is about ourselves one layer deeper and when it comes down to Earth and the only acceptable solution obviously should be about really changing who we are according to what is best for all.

I really like the music for instance of Shpongle but what they speak about 'Divine Moments of Truth' referring to Dimetyl Triptamin enteogenic drug which with one can see through the veil and realize what is going on is questionable.

I mean, everything is questionable with common sense! Even questioning our questioning and I am not kidding - nothing in this world is what it seems and we want absolute self-realization we can not trust anything! Especially what comes from our perception as it has been formed, shaped from the first breath we've born here by forces outside of us therefore if we want to aim absolute realization from where we will not fall from time to time - we should get to the bottom of all things with practical, physically measurable Self-honesty with the tools of Self-forgiveness, Self-honesty, Writing, group support, etc

Even people refer to DMT that it is produced in the body, the mind, whatever they say to justify that what they experience is more real than our physical world - for me it is irrelevant if I can not become more practical for what is best for all in this human system. And be mind-blowing musician, promoting mind-blowing drugs will really solve the economic/environmental/educational issues and manifest a system for ensuring to prevent poverty/war/child-abuse/slavery/destroying ecology?

What is best for all is not a mystical term - it is something what can be considered by the 'give as you would like to receive' and 'love thy neighbor as thyself' principles. Food, shelter, water, education, health care is what we want for ourselves, so then seeing facts - currently it is not given to all - so first of all, this would be the best for all, that's simple, no need a trip to the Mars to see this through...

Also the musician from Shpongle(this is very popular in the mind-blowing scene and many does similarly quoting drug-experiences by psychonaut foes) has an other song called 'Mystical experiences' - which I really like as music but the message is the same: there are experiences which through one can experience great oneness, a world beyond which is more divine.

I agree with the need for deeper understanding what people grasp of this reality, I really do, which for religions and even science can not really stand for as those are more easily questionable because science is more and more becoming the tool and fuel for more corporate greed for profit and religions mostly point attention towards obedience and beyond death and asking for divine mercy while being comfortable with even child-woman-abuse and holy wars and the media is selling consumer materialism big time which also bulks in environmental and all living creature's abuse and aimless reproduction on mind- and physical level so people are hunger for real answers within the era of complete brainwashing thus trying to come up with more and more extreme methods to shake off the chains of our own enslavement.

The era of modern shamans, yogis, tantrikas, mind-revolutionists, psychonauts new-agen, spiritual and consciousness entrepreneurs has come wherein conviction of freedom is always at our fingertips to trip into the world of divine, mystical, profound, blissful spirit world of our true nature with various chemical substances.

I am deeply sorry but I humbly disagree. And I repeat - I've had these experiences, so vivid, so mesmerizing, so deep, so detailed that many currently I can not even describe and I've even enjoyed it, it was really like space-travel with the speed of light, but if it comes to Self-realization, Self-honesty towards practical solutions I clearly state that it was just the dimensions of Mind Consciousness System - not life, not really real.

For fun, artistic influences, sort of self-therapy, psychological-self-evaluation and acknowledging the extent of my own mind systems within which I exist as my own self-accepted enslavement for working with the tools of Self-forgiveness, Self-investigation it can be supportive for once in a while if one has the ability to apply Self-honesty.
Within each experience if we dare to really slow down - we can reach it's limit, it's end and it's systematic equation so to speak which can be explored through words, their relationships and energetic reactions always linked back to the human physical body. It's just the question of specificity and Self-honesty applied with measurable ways such as Self-forgiveness written, said aloud.

Also people would response that if one would require such experiences for becoming a less asshole, why not we let them experiment with their mind?

First of all you and your mind, your body is government property, what you have signed on many documents already under the capitalized letters of your name so are owned - hmm just kidding, but seriously - our so called 'civilization' is the external representation of our own mind consciousness system which determines how we perceive and react to things since our first moment.

We always exist within equal and one relationships as it is the basic principle in existence: Equality and Oneness as Self as all as one as equal. That's why we are always in relationship with something, even in drug experiences.

But if one has not dealt with the conscious mind, subconscious/unconscious mind, one's own-self interest, the desires, fears, ego and not yet manifested a stable physical presence and consistent breathing here as silence within in application and direction to walk Self-forgiveness to immediately re-align and change - these things will make one believe into constructs which are not really real, only the mind is at play which we are automated ourselves to define(even ourselves) with, therefore as as the mind itself.

So whatever is 'mystical', it is sneaky so to speak - 'myst I call' to hide behind, because I am unable to cut through the bullshit because I am not absolutely Self-honest/brave enough to understand all aspects, relationships, parts of my own creation, therefore this mysticism is here to justify with that "I do not fully understand what and why I do, I just know, I just believe, I just trust".

This is unacceptable within the context of Absolute Self-honesty and obviously within common sensical cross-referencing as it might fall with comparing to facts therefore we have to question these whole spiritual vocabularies which has been spread across the cultures all over the planet what if we dare to investigate it's history, FACTS, we can see - all the spiritual agenda was just a smart coup as any other consumerism, only this one has aimed the mind, it's energetic systems(what then will stimulate to do capitalistic consumerism).

And it is not even just about the point of Self-honesty but within delusion one's actions and their consequences into the physical reality, Earth without really being aware of what one's actions are causing through participating for instance in the capitalistic cannibalistic system wherein half of the human population of the planet is living in poverty meaning not having proper food, water, shelter, education, health care so then the accumulation of one's actions or not actions is also a responsibility whether one is aware about it or not.

And I repeat - I do not have problem with the mind-altering drugs at all - only what I refer to is for practical solution purposes these are obviously not the solution. Many claim, promote and even agitate these substances and the experiences they had on those that it is the solution while it is also questionable. It is so cool we see those vivid hallucinations of course, but many might freak out and they do not do it anymore, but if one then does it again and again and again for the tripping - is that really for transcending?
I still visit goa-psy-trance parties/festivals sometimes for fun and dance(not consuming anything only water) or making videos or helping on sound stage or just test myself(do I have energetic reaction in the mind and then re-align with Self-forgiveness immediately) and I look around and many people blow their mind and drink a lot by habit as it is the 'normal party' and is it really that 'revolutionary'/'life-changing'? Though it is cool to not judge yet embrace all what is here in all ways.

For let go of the reins within our mind, unscrewing the frames of it, having reference-experiences for what is like when we are not defining, when we see the extent of the mind consciousness layers and energetic manifestations it can be a mind-field-trip literally but within this one experience can easily fuck up one's own process of Self-realization by even within one thought-feeling-process when using it as fact while it is just a reaction of the past when one was Self-dishonest, in separation of fear from what is really real therefore manifesting some patterns from what one acts out or starts out a thing in one's living which seems valid, legit or even self-honest while it was literally just a tripping.

For instance when I use big equations for computing quantities for materials being needed for a house to build up and in the equation-process for mixing cement I make a mistake and count on ten times less one of the requirements than what is needed for it to last and it turns out only when it is too late when workers build up the house by it and later it falls apart and then it is already too late to correct it.

Once I've had the conclusion that I am a buddha, so for years I was doing buddhist things and then I've realized I am not.
Once I've perceived myself as light - so then from that moment I've defined myself constantly as 'light' - while I am not light. It is the polarity of the mind, depending on positive, negative: lightness, darkness.
Once I've felt myself as being this christ consciousness, for months  I was wondering about that while I was able to let it go and realized it was by super-fast thoughts I've allowed to influence me.
Another time I've had experience talking to a specific mahasiddha(sort of old story of a buddha-like guy who had superpowers, just like from x-man) in a dream so then I've felt myself like 'I've given directions and teachings directly from a buddha-aspect) which I've researched for years, even went to India to find more original scriptures about it.
Many-many and many-many more experiences I've had while here, today I do see it was conviction, opinion, with good intentions nothing else but self-interest, and took invaluable years to realize how exactly I was Self-dishonest to be able to see through my own, self-created, self-maintained, thought-, feeling-, emotion-, memory-image-tuned experiences.

This is the mind - we can experience whatever we intensify ourselves into by the thoughts, feelings, emotions - if we have enough money for it and be able to pay for health, food, shelter - and there are many who can not afford to escape into experiences of positive, groovy moments but they suffer and survive - or not. It is crucial to understand how we are creating experiences through our mind.

It is similar in and as the mind where positive and negative judgements, energies are constantly moving and to see what is real one is required to lean back and stop participating - and within the drug experience these all systems are not really being stopped - only all is being liquified for one big blob within which one is tripping constantly and all the experiences are happening and within that one is not seeing thoughts, only patterns, geometry, colors, frequencies etc - while it is the same system, only it is being heated up (or cooled down) to have different effects.

So anything seems mystical - it is suspicious that "I am in delusion with justification".

It also can become easily a trap - as we peel off a layer with drugs and see another - and then we do another 'trip' to face the next layer - and then we also experience the mind blowing - and then again - while we completely miss the point of direct changing ourselves - and wanting to use the stuff to experience again or have a more direct reference or having a more deep, longer, intense, profound experience - but it's just experience - completely individual - even when we do it together and we feel similar, whatever - we do not understand how the mind works, it is always creates virtual space within we are being entertained - and if drugs effect our mind - we are not here, we are in the mind, it's common sense.
We even can state that we are simulating life - but after all all we do just stimulate ourselves.

There is nothing within our mind or consciousness which can not be explored within practical self-honesty HERE, breath by breath, step by step, if required with specific assistance.

That is real Self-intimacy - the Transcendence of the Mystical.

Just some points to 'thing' about... If you disagree - simply share your perspective if you dare to stand out and see your common sense and discuss it openly with no shame.

I am open for facts and cross-referencing, these are the points I've realized.

What I've also realized is that many of the so called enlightened people are not standing up and out and share their point of views - therefore it is already questionable is it really real, meaning if you would be so sure that you are really knowing, really transcending, why don't you want to share that so fucking divine revelation with all the world openly?

Investigate your interest, your motivation, your direction, your willingness and capability of sort things out on Earth. No matter what's the matter - what is the excuse? That should be obvious how to step through and ACT SOLUTION if you are really enlightened - if not, then question everything from scratches. Every day if required, every moment if needed. Simple.

Also when one is blowing with these drugs - can also incorporate the F.E.A.R.

Fear of being punished from the law system being completely hooked on stuffs which are illegal? This was a great point also within my living with drugs for self-betterment - for my reasoning it was this buddha-thing(buddha referring here as 'awakened one'), one saying was that

'A buddha should not rely on anything'.

I mean literally anything - so if I do need anything for being aware - am I being aware or just being effected to feel more aware until the effect is gone?
So even referring to such thing as 'buddha'(which is a label, a definition, a picture, a judgment in the mind) is already a relying - relationship, separation, fear. Unacceptable. Push through it and whenever comes up - apply Self-forgiveness immediately and re-align in one breath and stand.
Not much time after applying Self-forgiveness directly to it one can realize the enormous power of letting go such belief-system and start to realize how much it was indeed blocking real freedom to be here. And from that there is no turning back - Self-honesty is always who we are - or who we are not and that's it.

So after all - for me all mind-altering drug has proven to strengthen only the inner mind for external dependency for perceptions which do not stand through the test of time.

For that it was the beginning of the great war of intensity for having a so strong mind-blast that I should be shifted to the 'other side' permanently. Of course the intensity also only requires for the mind, not for Self-honesty, Breath, Act where we can stand within stability - in and as our human physical body.

For the purpose of mind-blowing drugs if one use these as mind-effects, visualizations, mind-lubricants it can be sort of fun regardless of the fact that it fucks with the mind with ways one does not comprehend therefore it is mostly the separation what is being fueled within one's mind about there are divine moments, the mystical experiences are more real while these are just really the moments of one is seeing the mind system from different angles.

In this perspective for the real self-support it can be used a very few times but only for the sake of realizing how much we are fucked within our mind which we have to take seriously in terms of working through delusions word by word what we do actively accept and allow within our normal daily living.

For the simplicity it is like a war going on within our mind - the positive, negative, neutral energetic forces are being created through frictions of the judgements we participate within and each breath we miss to remain here in inner silence - we are not here, only in this virtual mind field which we were proudly able to program to perceive a some sort of reality for what we do not really take responsibility for.

Each word to we store reactions, memories, feelings which are being programmed into our own physical body to react to what then stimulates the mind, energy, thoughts, feelings, emotions what we will bear one after another even if it is obviously out of context from HERE, even when it is just distraction, energetic accumulation, spite or even self-abuse.

But when the thought is coming here - it is already manifesting in the mind - and if we are not slowed down within enough to literally be faster than our mind - then the mind will always walk in front of us in one step beyond and simply mirroring our starting point of inner separation from ourselves, from the external world therefore being completely powerless and victimized by: our own self-dishonesty towards ourselves and to the external world as equal as one moment by moment accumulating more and more physical consequences not only for ourselves but for our children, the future, the destiny of mankind.

We must be able to become literally faster, smarter, greater, stronger than our mind which requires slow but sure accumulation breath by breath to not participate within it, not being directed, mesmerized, pulled into.
The fact is that our mind is always one(or more) step beyond of us, who do consciously experience and the mind is constantly busy, scanning, processing, equalizing, predicting as a supercomputer and changing the curtains in front of us - but this mind is who we allowed to direct us - and this mind can not be shattered, left behind with drugs - as it is the inner manifestation of separation of ourselves from ourselves - so we must understand the mind, how it works, what triggers it, why I am being reacted the way I am now feeling good, feeling shitty - all we have to know without thinking, without memories - that is awareness - what for Self-forgiveness written, said aloud is the solution - I will be able to see the mind-patterns before being thrown at me as 'experience' and I can become faster - while being silent, here, directive physically.
Even if we can experience these on drugs - it is not really helping as while on stimulated by drug energies - it is not SELF who changed, only being stimulated to perceive differently - so then after the drug experience is gone - we are the same - only having some references which we might define, think about and in that moment we are more screwed as to use the dualistic mind to define non-dualistic mind is the direct way for absolute delusion it is sure, I've walked it, will not work, only for self-interest, but if we open up ourselves to really act for what is best for all, within this capitalistic, limited system, then we will see, it is not practical, it is slowing us down, it is filtering out facts, it is not practical.

So transcendence is letting go all - even experiences, even drugs - if you insist and take the risk, try, for sure(with assistance, as the guy really jumped out from the window, I did not believe in this shit, but he really did, and he is alright now but did he really change? I am not sure, time will tell).

And transcending is not meaning letting go the physical - it means letting go delusions, applying Self-honesty, absolutely, in each breath. And then we can become capable of seeing/realizing/understanding that the mind consciousness is dependent on physical energy, the human physical body, which is way more superior than our mind, than consciousness.

How much more do we need when we really realize the fact that we are inferior to our own mind which is inferior to consciousness systems which is inferior to the physical?

Investigate, question, apply - it is not the lazy, tripping rebel who will realize, but the diligent, self-honest, practical - and if I can become this, any psychonaut can if really dares. This process will be a shit load of more intense when letting go the mind-altering options but then we are able to work directly with and on ourselves for changing and then applying that into our direct reality to really be able to stand for all equally because that assists to embrace what is real, here.

For real solutions we must be in this system but not of the system, understand our inner mind system how we are behaving, why do we behave so and what is our individual impact to the greater human system which has it's own character so to speak. The capitalistic system, the money system is enslaving almost everyone equally while some are feeling divine, mystical, god-like with all their billion times billions of money which to we should stand up to in practical way and use the current system and it's rules to have impact which is relevant which can be accumulated by individuals who really did realize what is the first priority, what must be life, what must be equal life for all.

That is why the Equal Life Foundation has been formed and running various projects, researches to accumulate real solutions such as Living Income Guaranteed for an immediate solution for poverty, famine, child-abuse which for no mind-blowing god-like drug experience is required to see it's immediate need today as daily 30.000 child dies from famine each day which for we must stand together to vote and implement and manifest a system which ensures ground to earth solution.

Personally me, who've invested so much time and effort to know these drugs, experiences, if I would see these things as the most practical solution for the greatest problems to humanity, I might consider supporting these things - but within investigating how the systems really work and how to become the most effective to participate within standing up to these by investigating and participating, I've found these drugs, the experiences not much relevant and from a perspective directly as blocking my effectiveness to expand to directions what to I am directing to move so it is common sense for me within my personal process to let go these experiences, substances and trusting myself to give my support to other manifestations what require focus, consistency, clarity and diligent accumulative effort to have relevant impact on educational, online and local societies as well.

And it is obviously an excuse to claim that these things do not accumulate consequences which are obviously questionable for not only physical but mental health as well which is also a point of Self-honesty I am referring to. If one can acknowledge that even if would like to stop but can't then it is time for ask for support and it is not shameful, for me, when I've approached Desteni forum in 2007, it was common sense to ask for support and that was the one of the most worthy of my decisions in my life because from that moment I am stabilizing and expanding day by day without a doubt which is also available for anyone who really wants to.

So investigate the Mind, Self here, Human Systems by investigating Desteni support sites:
That is all for today about the context of Ant inspecting Lamborghini.

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