Friday, June 18, 2010

on eating disorders fasts etc

my experiences on not eating-not eating properly - what I found that when I do not eat properly - it is an energetic shift within and as the mind - for instance very focused on something with (like job and I want it to be done etc) I slip into energetic reactions - by what else than self judgment.... and with the energy I suppress my physical presence experience with my own reactions -thoughts, feelings, emotions what are becoming like an echo chamber - and I am not HERE and I do not HEAR myself as physical body - but only my EGO

depending on the level of energy and the detail of the obsession what is making me more focused into energetic dimensions from HERE as the Physical - the longer I am suppressing the "normal", "natural" feeding as taking care of my human physical body as myself

so if even an idea could come up about these acts such as weirdo fasts with what one apparently can prove or gain or release something -- except in some specific medical cases -- like Matti said - I also would suggest to STOP and assess self intimacy about the idea and how and why and where from it came up to conscious mind level...

also to be considered to become and remain effective within and as the physical - practical effectiveness requires nutrition - common sense - so if one is being busy with sustaining on physical states when can not be physically effective - is self dishonesty.
Also what I realized is not only about "me" and "my body" but we are all here - all body and every body is here - but I am sure that if not every body would be here but every self as one as equal here as body - there would be no eating disorders.

I also allowed myself to define meat as avoidable until I realized - it is self deception to separate myself from meat as me at food, therefore I had to stop - sometimes still I can catch myself on habbit like wanting to avoid meat and then I can face and stop define and simply living common sense within practicality and pushing myself through my accepted and allowed deceptions what I allowed to direct me within the starting point of separation.

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