Friday, June 25, 2010

Money System

Ok, let's talk about money, common sense and the physical.
Within this physical reality, throughout the history we humans has accepted and allowed the value as physical energy -- as money.
Every single human being is individually responsible for the current manifestation of situation of the earth, because each and every single human is accepting and allowing the money system as currently it is - as the unequalized polarity manifestations as hierarchies as currency systems as abuse - because each and every single being - directly or indirectly is using money - for their own survival - for their own happiness. It may represent a group or family - but it is obviously of self interest.
Each and every single being is being locked within the surviving and happiness-seeking box - no matter what is the financial level of the human being - for living for surviving on streets, slums - or working hard in the factories or being in the middle-class - where they can buy for instance TV or car -- or those who have much much more than it is required for living, and they can almost do whatever they want with buying whatever they want to...
But within the system - they all are the same icons - the same mechanical tiny particles within one great system what is actually disregarding, abusing life by allowing millions to starve, suffer and die day by day in the name of luck, hope, faith or whatever they call the truth of abuse.
The actual money system is not regarding life - especially children, as they are coming into this world with openness to express themselves and most of them face with extreme limitation, with systematic abuse, with breaking down the pure life essence within themselves by programming fear and surviving and self-righteousness as primary point of their artificial personalities what can be controlled to consume by their inner confusion and weakness...
This actual human system is managing to exterminate children on daily level. To give an idea for instance in the country so called 'Liberia' - such a joke - in Liberia - the infant mortality rate was at 15.7% in 2005 -that means that (156 deaths for every 100 live births)

I am not satisfied with the current system.
So I start to look at my point, my location within the system.
How I am actually directly involved with the situation.
So I am in a country, where I work legally and I pay my taxes. What is quite a big rate - it's almost 50 percent - what I give to the government. about 6500 euros I payed as the last year's Personal Income Tax . This money I must give to the government - unconditionally - otherwise I can not work at my workplace, otherwise I would be rejected or even punished by the government's tax authority system by applying law enforcement as brute imprisonment and humiliation.
Before I started process - I was a big rebel of the system - illegal things, sneaking around, avoiding money - but then I was extremely limited and most of my time was about surviving - to have a roof over my head, to have my food, how to wash my clothes etc -- I even went out so to speak from the money system for so called self-sustained agricultural communities where people tend to avoid money - and they work hard and they can produce the requirements for their own living - but to expand and participate within a 'global' solution - it is not possible like that -- simply because to appear and to do something, or even try to change something within the system - money required - lot's of money!
All of my energetic mind dimensional self-developed delusions about realization and power is simply always denied by the current money system -- because whatever I decided to do is requires fuck loads of money - but if I actually start to do something in physical I can face with the real fact -- that money is the backbone of the system.
That money is the driving force, the liquid blood of the human system on this earth.
It is flowing around almost everywhere and into everyone - it is influencing and directing all of the puny humans who always seek for more, who are happily compromise their self innocence for a bit more of money.
And in fact no one is questioning that money what they got - where it came from, what was the real physical price for that handful of money - it is commonly accepted that since the physical price was paid for the money - then it has became "pure" money what has no "past" - as now it can be transferred into literally anything. Of course if you have enough for that...
So the unequaled, undistributed, inefficiently and artificially manipulated system is causing great havoc and destruction and abuse within billions of lives day by day, moment by moment.
And those who question the system - they are criticized, judged and opposed by the ones who actually have money, who actually can control and manipulate their placement within the system for their own benefit, for their own possessions - you name it - material things, alcohol, sex, drugs, family, religion, spiritual agenda - whatever of their belief of being who they define themselves to be to avoid direct physical confrontation with actual reality to face what others pay for their experience...

I repeat - I am not satisfied with the current human system - I do not accept this.
I am locked down within the money system as a name, as a number, as a name - and behind this I am standing as an energetic source for the system to survive, to keep it up, for maintain -- so I am part of the system - I am the system so to speak.
But within the system I stand up - I stand up for life - I explore practical solutions - I expand as life. I embrace the system - I am busy to find practical solutions to expand my location - to expand my here-ness as directive principle as power as creation as reality as myself within the life-valuing principle of best for all.
It is not about judging the system - it is not about leaving the system - it is not even about to fuck with the system on a way then that it could kick me out or lock me down...

To be continued...

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