Monday, September 1, 2008

Script me up

real I sat I on
smelly plastic let me in
real me feel the sin gular ET

simply let put every con dition
de bug all con sequence
be ruthless
what points does not get the 'absolute priority' - self-definition - ingrained villain
villain definied as separated self
amal gamation
amalgamation re pull timespace tentacles
this honesties are real dishonesties
pillars music video girl money
self definition
music video is 1
girl money - myowney
with money can be girl
with girl can be -- can be be can - can be the be came be can be come
meaning no need meaning but back tracking
ruthless i am no separation
no no no no con fession - no com passion with my judgement - stop - the stopping who I am
no need to feel - no need to fear - we are all what we all are
i am the give up i am the give in but i i i
this i is just the eye
the eye of the con sciousness is the eye of the needle
need less we have to stand up as life without any con
conless need we are
this need is the needle
i stand up here
i stop the need i am the needle
i stop my eye - i am here
my eye moves - my need moves
my need moves my fear moves
my fear moves - my creation works
creation fear I on - stop
simply without fear
what i fear to give up - fear that i cant get because i slightly experienced it's loss
because never was real but maybe - running after the 2D tram picture what is already here
but running inside me - space+time+me =1+1=2+1=3 dimension all are one here as breath
how can be realised something what is already here - then nothing can be realised
no need to realise no need to need because is here all ready I am
i fucking judge becauase i fucking fuck instead of express
inpression - ex press i on
in side out side us me us me us me meus deus ex machine
for self for give for all for med for th for ce

who i am who still wants help outside because the hope -
i do not need any being to remain here
if i say - i need some body ex ternal - i exterminated me - because i am con ditioned
i am conditional i am condition i am con sequence i am con troll
poortal you are allone
per version but i wanted i wanted to stand up without any help
but it is here - i am helpless so i am help
stop judge
stop judge
stop judge
stop judge
any little slightly movement within this lifetime is awaiting to exterminated
to removed is program as structure as a skeleton structural resonance system to stop judge
how i can exist in fear from myself?
how i can let me to define me who i am?
the definition is a judgement before even experience
this honesty is dishonesty
any separation will stop as it is not real - con dition con dick fuck kick ass
anger sorrow pain says my hand when i am aware - it is intense
supressed fear rage madness and regret
if i am not honestly express - i fear - feel fear fear real fall
but i am already fallen
as i am not stood up as life
because if i fall - i am not stood up as life
because standing up as life means that no more fall because the fall means i am not here
- but in totality in separation - as i am here but in and as separation - so then the fall is actual experience of the separation - to be aware what is that - what i am how i am separated and why and stop
stop stop stop stop
every littttle particle should get debug point
breath in
typing typing breath
analityics because some weeks months need
i can relax my palms - and then i experience a slightest what my body as my pals contain - what i am actually within and as this palms - and it is rude
but sometimes even the arm can be relaxed -
what i sayed relaxed as just experience - without definition without any con notation
so simply being expressed and being comfortable as this body and i can express
that is who i am as body expression here
and within and as this expression i explore me here what is here - and no need to desire
no need to look
i let me move my past - as the program is here and returns and re occurs and re runs
and even one participation - the program sucks me as i am the program
as this girl finding - because i was sure about this desire stuff is not clear - but for a moment - i experienced that i am not the slave of it - it is equal as me as one
and actually i can stop and i can be here - but when even 'other' part - 'other' separation
occurs - the fear or the self-judgement just brings in the whole program and self-honesty can not be faked and is not here and i apparently lost within and as con sciousness
for moments, for even a hour - hours - and then 'well ' realising that i am not here
but within this i judge - instead of unconditionally stand up - self -forgiveness self correcting and remain here and breath - and do the fucking count of breath - as let's count me as i can count to me within me as me because i am here and that is
i ggive up power
i give up control
i do not want to assist others - that is of separation
i do not want to hope to actually preach others to live self-honesty
i am me and this is my responsibility - i know that i can stop the mind
all my life was about this - i knew i will give up everything - i had some ideas about it and now it is the giving up even theese ideas - excuses
i forgive myself that i accepted and allowed myself to always!! try to hide behind excuses - what to do what not to do to actually 'realise' - instead of HERE HERE HERE express absolute self-honesty

i forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to use my mind to rethink, 'rehear inside' the specific desteni interviews - instead of LIVE this knowledge - i forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to repeat some words from Vess instead of act immediately and express - i already know - I let go let go let go let go let go let go
the geo me try
i forgive myself that i defined me as who hates geometry - because of the precision as limit
i forgive myself that i accepted and allowed myself to fear from being wrong - from going wrong - because of the illusionaric possibilites and the weight of the responsibility- instead of realise that i am here and the possibilites as choices are illusion - I already decided, I already created, I already manifested, I stop.

I forgive myself that I havent allowed myself to sttand up as life in the morning as me as the moment as me - I forgive myself that I let me think in the morning because of the mask of fear - I stand up immmmediately as moment when I wake up - no need thoughts, no need energy to wake up - no need emotion, no need participate within and as the mind in any way what so ever to be able to wake up and express.
No need to think about the day - no need to think about the work - about loosing job - money, being wrong, being less - I am here - even if I loose my job I am here.
Being hard on me - means i judged me as 'wrong' and trying to regulate, because of the regret, because of the dishonesty - instead of stop the dishonesty and being innocence and express and stop judge and let all go let all definition go and trust me - trust me
I trust me as silence as inner wholeness within and as oneness and equality as all as one as equal here because nothing else is real - i am life.
I stop mind consciousness system.

I stop accept thoughts in the morning - i stop accept thoughts when i sit front of the computer - I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to fear from being wrong or making mistakes when I do not use thoughts - 'kind of' - 'go back' tho the silence and experience and trust me and expresss without separation.
Any desire - i am within and as the geometrial relationship with this world - so it can control me and does and i am event-based and not self-directed.
i forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to yawn, to shut down, to not hear what was the tought before the yawn.

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