Sunday, October 26, 2008

Money change - multiply site

I did a multiply site about how we could change money - and I wrote some about it:

The begining of the zeitgeist 2 movie explains how money is created to create debt.
And an article about it:

One year ago I had an opportunity to work to help develop stock software modules - and I denied - the crysis is coming - everybody knows in the scene... not long ago there was an almost total shutdown in the stockmark software system - was overloaded and the system couldnt serve the requests - and then people became afraid, so they multiplied their requests to the system so it was overloaded - had to intervene to save it's integrity and stability...So now it is working modulary - the software had been written in Java and thousands of programmers working hard daily to improve, upgrade this system but the inevitable can not be avoided trough this try: it will crash - and will be big fall. It has to. It has to fall completely for the people to realise what we have become.
And then we can create the new principles as equality and oneness - not allowing any hiearchical separation by money.
Each individual should own the same amount of money from the moment of birth - and then no fight for survival, no family abuse, no war, no famine...
Of course this sounds ridicolous but in fact we have to develop - because what we are now is unacceptable - and is falling - only those do not see that the system's troat is bleeding who have such big hope in their illusions so those blind their own perception.

Too much value had been bond to the word: money and the life does not mean anything - and this is a ruthless system perspective, but when EACH individual will experience the worst of earth - then will realise - until the bubble of illusion of happiness conceals the truth...

For me money means opportunity - and I have to learn how to use it from a perspective of oneneass and equality. What it means to me and why?
Why I fear from lack of money, when many times I proved to myself that I can live without a coin?
Because the current manifestation limits those who do not have money to spent - no travel - no food - no clothes - no tools - nothing...

But the interesting part about money is because I fear from not having enough money - I have this fear - inside I contain this fear, I allow myself to exist in this constant fear - and feeding it by thoughts, emotions, reactions, concerns etc - and by this I manifest it - because what I am inside - I manifest outside - kind of automatic - so that's why the fear from not having enough money manifest the actual experience - why?
Because we are in truth not money - money is not even real - some guys say that"
-Hey, we should create one billion euros again, because those folks whould loan it and then by their work will have to 'repay' - and then people create money - I create money - humans create because of the fear of not having enough - to stop this fear - because if I fear from not having enough money, then let's make money and then I can be right - because the fear will be feeded by money - but then the fear would remain - so it is a cycle.

And the solution to be self-honest about what money means for me and why? What values I did put into the word money and why? And Is this based on fear on any way what so ever?
Because of fear of not having money? Fear from not being able to survive? Fear from not being able to express myself withou money? Fearing from not being able to be 'free enough' by paying what I want?
Theese words mean something and stand.

Money means power - if I have money - I can do more than if I wouldnt have.
And the power is control - the control is about polarity - hierarchy - not based on equality.

And this equality is not about communism, no - that was interesting try but never worked - as the core remained the same: control, hierarchy. Was demagogue method to control people trough their emotions. I do not speak about this. I speak about being who we are without systematic emotional loops, without concerns, without fears - just as we are capable of - just breath and express.

Is cool to realise that when I born I had nothing and I was me - and I am the same - but I got clothes and I got social behaviour but in fact as I got this - I will throw when the time has come...So why should I comply? Why not change?

The core of the system is the money and is maintained by individuals - all. All are responsible.
I am responsible. You are responsible.

So my part is my responsibility. I stop concern about money, I stop depend on money from the staring point of fear. I puriy myself from the self-definitions based on money or the lack of money.
This was a kind of fall - and this had to happen to realise who I became - and each will...
And there is nothing to regret - regret means I regret, because I do not want to change - I definet myself as like I did what I regret, so I remain the same and the regret is kind of self-abuse and excuse to not change when is obviously dishonest and deceptive what I became. No. I do not regret. I change.

How I change? I forgive myself that I became what I experience and express at this moment. Because I decided to change and the self-forgiveness is a tool - to pin-point those within my existence what I realised that is not really me but I accepted and allowed - so I manifested and now I am experiencing. And I forgive - I give the opportunity myself to stop this - to change.

And when I forgive - I change - if I not - it is more obvious - because I realised, and I expressed that I want to change - and I didnt - so is more here - and then I just dare me to see as it is - and then I change - or not then it compounds until I change and finally stop the self-dishonesty.

To stop the self-dishonesty about money and desire and fear and self-doubt and responsibility.

So let's get started.

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