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[JTL 40] Life or death is human right?

I am on the train, going to a funeral. That's right. So I am talking about how I see human right about what is real.

Mother's husband's mother died by cancer and I travel to family where there will be a ceremony.

She was very nice and kind always - however I've assumed suppression as I am also capable to do so and I have the tendency to absorb my problems as well what literally kills the human physical body.

A guy who I know since years killed himself.

Land-lady told me her 3 some sort of friends died recently.

Death can come at us in any time - and it is not a joke, not a fun-oral I make about it - when I've got the phone call about grandma(some sort) has died - I was expecting so as she was so sick before - but when my ex asked that "Are you sad?"- I told her - no - not really - for me death is part of the deal of why we are here - what can we actually do before it is the real deal, isn't it?

I can follow all of my desires, avoid all of my fears as long as I live but certainly my time will be over in a singular moment.

And when I will look back after I died - I do not want shame and regret - even if it means I face all right here, today, in this moment the shame and regret - to actually change before it's too late. And I am absolutely not satisfied with the current human system.

I do not like it, if it sounds better: I do not love the current human system as it is disregarding many participants for some to have more and actually abuse the others - I can have all justifications and excuses about why I am not responsible - however with common sense and self-honesty - none of those are really real - if I do not have enough gut or power or will to change the system, what is the reason I do not even try? If I do separate myself from what is here - my separation is my self-accepted limitation - I am here, I am the system, I am Life - any separation is of self-definition of consciousness - not real - but to get it - I must give it for myself the realization what I've accepted and allowed all ready to face - so I for give myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to con myself with science of thoughts that it is alright to exist within limitation and separation.

What is the reason to have somebody and care about that one only really and then having some more who I do care but not much like as my part-near, for instance family and then friends and then the ones in my neighborhood, then the bigger the circle, the more the people, the less human systems FEEL responsible for - because their awareness is not really expanded that much.

Humans are only aware of what they actually and currently experience - beyond that - there is no interest for them and there is good will, right, that's exactly right - mostly everybody wants good for others - but wanting and actually making sure that is reality - is two different scenarios.

I do not feel right how the human system works and anybody can tell me that there is something wrong with me because of that - but what I feel is not really relevant - just only for myself, right? So is it my interest to feel all right?

When I was around 8 years old - a grand-grandpa died and he was stone cold and just did lieing on a table.

It was quite strange before he was gone - he did not do anything particular except smoking cigarettes, all day along. And once he was just gone and noticed 'him' on the table I went to his body and touched it and it was cold. It was around summer yet his body was like stone cold. (Another) Grandma tried to avoid that to happen and was not happy that I was able to touch his face - but I certainly did.
In that moment I felt like years passed within - I had to face the fact that this is what makes us human - certain death - not the emotional shitstorms or the self-interest and feeling good - that's not mandatory - however our human condition is that: we've born, we age and then die - science can go wherever it wants according to someone's profit - even if we 'transfer' the 'consciousness' into machines - organic cells are programmed to decay - by ourselves as influenced by programmed consciousness systems.

Since that day I've realized I do not have endless time, I've realized all the parent's attempts to contain my consciousness does not make any sense as the veil dropped - it was immediately clear why they pretend the santa claus thing and jesus's gifts under the Christ mass tree with lots of candies meanwhile it was obvious that they did it apparently for me within their interest - to actually make me believe that everything is alright - because then I will not go crazy about the fact that we will just simply die and become like grand-grandpa: a stone-cold rotting piece of meat with skin and bones what is required to dig into the ground because will smell like death itself within days - or there is the modern 'ritual': burn the body with beyond 1000 degrees and put it into an urn and speak about it within gratitude or distribute the dust in the air and feel the recycle connection, right?

I've also realized I can not trust my family as they were not really 'with' me - they worked really hard in order to feed me and financialize my emerging into the system to be able to earn my income- but as embracing this fact - to react to the point to actually die - they've failed - and I was really angry for that -even a bit disappointed to realize that's all we've got - and they did not trust me that I can handle that - so then I've started to really-really read a lot to get the understanding from somewhere else than my family elders.

And even my sister had/have the perception that her brother is a strange man who always thinks about death - well, certainly not - however to miss that, to deliberately skip that to consider does not really make sense - as it is inevitable.

So I am not really sad that G. killed himself because for him it was too much - from outside he looked just alright - strong, handsome, capable, smart guy - but he could not face reality - the sufferings he could not take in this world - even a baby cry was so hurting him that he could not face what is what we've became, so he tried to escape from consequences.
And the experience-machine consciousness system killed itself with the body anyways - Life force can not be killed - otherwise it would not really be Life - but there are things must be considered that Life must be born from the physical - and currently all what we've got is programmed human mind consciousness systems as manifested limitation and separation so then Life must be emerged from this, right here!

There is no escape from what is already here - better to face in this moment - as the next moment is not real - but our fear-full projection what if we accept and allow and do not PREVENT - certainly will manifest as our starting point within as equal as one.

Currently we are equality and oneness - 'machines' - nothing more and nothing less - if we accept and allow ourselves to be equal and one with programmed consciousness systems through identifying ourselves with thoughts, feelings, emotions, pictures, judgments, desires, fears etc - then we will manifest that, by that, only that as limitation, separation, definition, beginning and end. Corrupt governments, wars, exploiting capitalism, starvation, extinction, rape, murder, child abuse, just to mention some mirrors we face each day, is that right? Who is responsible that no one can really stand up for those to stop happening in the name of the system and prevent to happen?

Shall I accept it as it is human nature, all right? What is Life then? Cells duplicating, grow and die in systematic formations based on pre-programmed DNA as god separated yet imbued and locked into and as what we are and refer it as Life by the science of corporate biology? Or by superhigh philosophers refer to us whatever we participate within as humans is Life, no matter how cannibalistic we are by make-belief systems that its what was always and will be? And they die.
We simply refer ourselves as life because without that romantic delusion we might see what we really are. And to see that many justify it that once I am so, I shall remain - but to change ourselves does not feel right if we feel quite alright personally...
And I do not have problem if one feels right, experience moments as profound, joyful, whole and meaningful - of course but know your right to be aware of it's price, is it worthy? What about those who also not stand a chance for that to experience but survival, fight, rejection, hell?
How it can be right that just today mass graves are being filled with starved to dead people while queens and princes pretend to be value with thousands of jewelers on their heads, wearing dozens of valor medals for what they pretend to do in the name of their interest while millions of self-acclaimed minions clap in the same tempo?
Medal of honor given and getting hugged by the president for combat duty wherein killing humans like a machine within outstanding efficiency then must be alright if we accept and allow it every day by each and every single human being, - this will be faced, no escape, no suicide, not even any amount of savings can save any of us what we've done, alright?
I am just standing up for what I've done to myself through the years of my 'life', not even grasping directly the consequences of my existence toward all life in existence - but to pretend that if I do think that I am not responsible then it is so and this is right I can not really do. Yet if I keep this repeating meanwhile not acting, not changing is then also a mirror of who I am currently and will intensify.

Better to face existence as fact as equality and oneness because this is what is here as ourselves and here on Earth(why capitalized anyway? Is that right?)  will stay until each experience the responsibility we've got with creation as ourselves and any separation is the path-ethic try to escape from facing the consequences to actually realize what we are facing and that is ourselves. So enjoy your life, I do not say feel bad, I say start considering directly what would be the solution for all Life equally from within the current system and if there is shame, that's right, but use it as Life force to change and then no one has to be ashamed if doing what's right for all...
And I might seem to be angry and raging of this but who doesn't and why?

If we are able to embrace Real Life within everything in existence and to manifest it - we are life as equal as one what we accept and allow - nothing less, nothing more - infinite, endless, limitless.

Life has no beginning, no end - consciousness systems are programmed to start and to end - life does not require any limitation - and the physical is the manifestation - the consequence and  the substance is aware what we are formed of - are we?

If you would realize yourself as Infinite Life within and as physically manifested programmed mind consciousness systems, what would you do?

What is your interest and what is you are in with the rest equally?

Life is equality and oneness expressed without any limitation or separation - and that is certainly NOT manifested to the outmost potential here on Earth - yet. But it is inevitable. Study desteni if you want all things to make sense, the power to change the system is within the proper education within physical application clear from government and corporate interest what is being resonated from the currently established education system.

The perfection of the systems is manifested - wherein limitation and separation can be and will be more and more easily physically experienced until each one gets it equally to realize what is exactly what we have been and still are accepting and allowing - and what is right and what is not right in fact - really.

Human right can be painted as beautiful and cool and divine - it means exactly the opposite until we are unable to give to all others what we'd like to receive in all ways.

Until we do not want to live the same quality of life what we want our neighbor to have - that is manifested separation within the level of human right as only self-interest, self-awareness, but not life-interest, not life-awareness.

For me, after started Desteni process of Self-honesty, Self-forgiveness, investigating existence within common sense and start exploring what it means to live by and as the principle of Equality and Oneness - it is clear that we must equalize the commonly accepted physical power and internal mind-power point which is manifested and driven by: as money.

One can argue about this, but I accept debates only from who does not receive anything what costs money to somebody.
Because then it is the blood of the global money system what is disregarding human rights.

And it is a right decision to give the same equal right to everyone without fearing from being abused by others - because that fear is ourselves!

That to forgive - is Life!

Walk Life Process by Desteni I Process Lite to gift Life for and as Self within the interest of all.

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