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[JTL 46] What is Principle then?


What is principle then? Giving a perspective from my personal life for a moment...

When I was kid - I had to learn a thing - what I really want - I can not take it granted - I have to do it myself - whoever promised anything and then I was expected - who was then responsible when it did not happen?
I had to realize that what I do really want, I have to do it by myself no matter what - because that is my interest.
I was interested in my personal development and my personal experiences - no matter what I've decided - limitations and resistance I faced within the physical world, mostly because of financial in capabilities.
I experienced at home that my family members were mad about the fact that they do not have money and everyone they made responsible except themselves - and they are still at the same place.
Then at school I've seen that there are others who can have clothes, gadgets, 'possessions' they want, not much but they behaved like they were proud of something - the fact that their parents were able to afford to pay their happiness.
From my point of view what did matter is that I wanted computer because I was cool with those at the school but my family could not afford that and I was ready to do programming stuff and others but I was unable to afford to have computer because my family was poor and then I blamed my mother who was raising us alone because she had no money to buy a supermodern 286.
After years she was able to buy one - when the trend was already 486 - but I was still very happy.
So from my first impression came to the word principle is that 'there is no money, there is no fun' - and my mother always told me that learn and and earn is the principle - I have to go out and take what I need and that's it.

I hated that so much - why do I have to fight - who I am and why some others do not have to fight and get what they want by default? What have I done wrong? What they did and where is justice?

After finishing university I was able to take the position at the international corporation as programmer - to earn some money - and then I was able to buy stuff - but yet I did not really understand it - it was not really me who was out there and get the money for the job - it just happened - I was not aware - I was not directing myself - I had no principle - my want to get what I want was here but that was not really principle. That perspective came later.
I've started to do stuff with my mind and apparently with substances I opened it and I had the same experience - I was working but I could not afford things what I wanted - yet I was already working - but to get camera and musical instruments - my salary was not that high as my mind.
I blamed the system - my mother I could not already - I was by my own.
Then I've left the corporate sector - went out from 'babylon' with hippies into the jungle and I was trying different lifestyles in order to change - meanwhile I was so angry that I can not have what I need in order to express myself - and that anger I was unaware of that it was towards to myself - however I projected to the system.
The big invisible human system I could not grasp - but then after all around in Sicili in a no-electricty bio dynamic gardening tiny community in the mountains where the physical needs was available in abundance for instance we dishwasher with lemons and orange was so much that we threw out many kilo rotten bunches every day meanwhile we did our own bread - and even there were naked rasta girls who were not so closed - and I was looking into myself and then I realize with this I could never be satisfied - this I wanted and desired for and had to see for myself - and within myself I've seen it that it is not enough.

I had to make the decision to come back into the system - and then I've changed a bit - not much but at least that much that if I want something, even if it means money(for my projects and artistic stuff like music and film), I have to make it by myself, there is no excuse that the system is not giving it to me by default - I can not say it to my deathbed that I did not 'live' because I did not had the money for it - so then I came back and got an other job - but then it was still no principle.
After that I came back and started to work with intent to be able to have some stuff for me - for the first time I was able to have a vision for why I 'sacrifice myself up' on the altair of the system and that was my self-interest: to have money for my stuff.

After some years I fell off again from the system (in Asia where to I went as the last resort to find the enlightenment what I never fulfilled yet tuned myself into in my mind perfectly but the physical showed me that I was in oblivion)- utterly when I lost myself within ideas what were not practical, like spiritual agenda and faced some near death experience because I was not present and I had no principle and I had no respect for what I've taken granted - again I had to find out something what I refused to.

So then came back and after some time I've found Desteni wherein I've met with the Principle of Equality and Oneness and with the idea of 'Principled Living'.

That was something and I was always looking for a compass within with what everything always make sense immediately and everywhere and always and then this basic principle I've started to apply in my life:

I am always Equal and One with and as everything of my reality - and that made sense after all of those psychedelic liquid mind Oneness experience but I did not realize yet that I am always equal with the experience and with the physical reality as well - and there comes the responsibility.
And then after all of those years 'meditated' and 'contemplated' on the word 'compassion' - I had to realize that was not real - I never got the real meaning of what it means to living by a principle without a con.

Then I've found these guys at Desteni farm wherein they simply live by and as this principle - and the simple question what one can ask from self is 'What is best for all?' within practical application, within and as this physical existence, currently as our constant, stable location as Earth and who we really are as manifested creation and what are we going to do with this fact?

Then I realized I must be able to transform myself to live by and as the principle - no escape - that I must be - and then I will see - and I am still here decomposing the patterns which constitute my beingness as already manifested creation and what is exactly what makes me unable to live the principle.

Because one thing is sure - that I will breath for a limited time - and then there is no breath. In breath and out breath - and between that and meanwhile that I am - but is this 'I' real if after a certain amount of breaths is gone?

I must investigate, understand, realize and find practical ways to let go what stops me to live by the principle in every breath - because this principle is everlasting: Equality and Oneness.

Within common sense and the basic mathematics it is undeniable that this is the basic principle - if one dares to push the definitions of oneself of what is real and what is principle within Self-honesty - after a certain amount of time of working(on and as Self) it will be obvious that this is the basic principle what is within everything - the question is that what one can actually perceive to lose within realizing it.

It's like the red/blue pill in Matrix movie - once you've got it - there is no turning back - you remain here - however the same patterns as before will not satisfy anymore - with the same self-definitions will not be able to grasp any profound meaning within anything because One's mind is tainted with a real taste of eternal infinity - that the consciousness and our minds within it is so limited, so predefined, so already made up that not much can practically transcend it with a real principle what can live breath by breath by disregarding the patterns what has been given and programmed through parents, schools, media.
Because that pattern is suggesting, hypnotizing that one does not responsible for the world, for themselves, for others - because that teaches us it is very alright to go out there and get what we want because it what it's all about: there are some who just 'go out and do whatever it takes to make their dreams fulfilled' - so that should do it - but to question the dynamics, the consequences, the responsibility is never taught - never asked - because for that one must live a principled living what is against our already made up personality - because that is certainly not fun and cool and groovy - to see what extent we degraded ourselves within surviving and why it is required to live a principled living in order to sort out our mess here on Earth what is already compounding day by day and already millions and in fact billions are abused day by day in the name of 'the system' - and then it is obvious that we must change ourselves within - and the system we will change - EQUAL AS ONE.

So that's why Desteni guys are amalgamating into and as the physical existence by the principle of equality and oneness - because that is the already manifested reality consequence of who we really became - and that is certainly not always cool, fun and hip - however within Self-honesty this is something what is lasting and proven to remain.

That's why the Equal Life Foundation has been set up and supported by very some people who already realized the necessity to change ourselves from within based on Principle - and until it is not consistent within - there is no way to start to deal the external reality of ourselves within constant, stable and practical expression.

If you are able to realize what is our responsibility, check out the Bill of Rights, written by a real Lawyer, by Destonian Principles and what it is all about.
The interest of all includes myself as well - and to give up something what is against it - within the process of self-realization I am becoming aware that it was never really myself what I can give up within the interest of all.
Because my self-interest is always only for myself - and what is mine what the rest does not have a right for?
Food, shelter, health care, education, clean water? Do I have a right for it?
What is right then?

So, check out the Bill of Rights, it is far more advanced in terms of what it is really resonating than anything I've faced before because this can be simply, practically manifested...

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