Wednesday, August 7, 2013

[JTL 89] Give as you would like to receive

Daily writing

I write every day when I am at home. The advantages are obvious: less noise in my head, more presence. 
There is a space within me what is not fantasy, not desires but actually something I can see and investigate and if I realize it is not Self-honest, I am not Self-honest, my creation is not of Self-honesty, then I understand I must stop that as myself directly so I STOP.

This takes some hours by walking Desteni I Process Lite and Agreement Course and writing Journey to Life.
Well, there are other things to do as well but within having these as priority I am able to PREVENT conflict within me, which is invaluable itself with no doubt.
I just had a deep sleep, which I read about on Creation's Journey to Life blog

After friends were gone and this is really something I did not consider directly before that if I go to sleep with an issue in my mind unresolved, then that prevents me to fully rest and accumulates. And then the next day I allow the noise of thoughts, feelings, emotions to storm me again and then day by day I can become more and more reactive for the acceptance and allowance of the internal feedback system within which is just an eternal trap with EVERYONE EQUALLY are equipped within and as human physical body as Mind Consciousness System to ensure that Self-dishonesty is contained and always directly reflects back equal as one as self-acceptance, self-allowance within and as this Physical existence what we are consist of and exist as.

So the common sense is to eventually and really, fully understand the simple mathematical equation of 1+1=2 within and as ourselves as the accumulation of Self-dishonesty in the actual manifestation of thoughts, feelings emotions and regardless of how positive or negative those might seem - it is a way from here and we are responsible for creating a space time within which is not directly related to what is really here as physical what we are busy sharing with each other but our personal, internal issues, attachments, devotions, paranoias, desires and fears and it grows to such a complex entity by years of participation within and as the mind and that will become something within what we are not really aware of what is here, what is real, who we really are and what in fact a real purpose can be for an individual and collective human which is in deed Best for all.

Within listening EQAFE interviews, especially that many has became FREE recently, one can really understand the specific questions and reasons for journeys and quests for humans join into extreme lifestyles in order to find out " the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth" which is merely difficult if we consider the countless layers and colors within we can find answers within our so called civilization because it is merely a reflection of human's personal issues, internal feedback of their own self-dishonesty as para-noise of their own mind projected and manifested in this physical existence as equal as one as who they accept and allow themselves to be.

Civilization I mean we should be civilized, See, Will I Seed the Life within each life form, starting with each Human Newborn Equally and the Garden of Eden should be wherein we respect this Plant as Breath of Life within ourselves as All as Equal as One.

Currently if one is able and daring to use Self-realization tools effectively, meaning which can be transparent and mathematically understand within it's application such as 7 years of Journey to Life, Desteni I Process, for which I stand as living physical testimony that it is what it is; then one slowly but surely can start to grasp the utter facts that there is no such thing as really civilized human, there is no such thing as Human Rights what is for all humans but only for those who is in the Sect of Owning, In Sect of Money therefore who talks Love and yet not Live Equality in regards to practical, physical consideration and manifestation of Equal Money is talking bullshit, is double talking, is merely two-faced, in fact schizophrenic and lost within and as the self-made up projection of virtual self which reflects back as the actual, daily accumulation of Self-dishonesty being the starting point as The thoughts as fruit as knowledge from the tree of good and evil, the feelings as chemical addiction towards self-known positive to ensure positivism of self-interest and the emotions as negative consequence of the natural balancing out the internal feedback mind system's made up positive part of the actual equation of participation within and as reality as it's principle Equality and Oneness in all ways.

So this reality is merely ourselves, each one of us is god equally as responsible for creation and this physical existence is us showing inevitably the consequence of our creation individually and collectively as well and within this currently manifested 21th centurion human system everything will be more and more obvious, direct and immediate in terms of who we really are and there will be no rights, policies, prosperity to avoid to face consequences of our starting point within and as who we decided ourselves to become as creators.

And it is a process within what each and every single participant is equally responsible to realize the ability and opportunity to be Self-honest and understand what is responsible for and who really wants to be with what can stand eternally.

Because if one can not stand with her/his starting point as Infinity as Self - then it will not stand, one will fall and within that fall there is when it is too late - when the physical body takes the accumulation of acceptance and allowance, from a point it is the consequence of disregarding what is here and then self-destruction will manifest in the form of death.

Remember, the memory, the actual personality, the mind is within and as the human physical body, therefore within death those will be no more, it is common sense - there is no more escape from responsibility than our disappearing as who we define ourselves to be as the accumulation of our internal interpretation of who we perceive ourselves to be within the act of protection of our own 'right', of our own 'good feelings' and the reason of us being emotional in order to develop a temporally solution for our actual disregard for all which is here as in fact ourselves as creation what we all share equally here on this planet as earth.

So from this realization of inevitable physical death comes the fact that our days are numbered, there is an actual measurement within us of how many breaths we are left with to express ourselves, to understand and if not eternally acceptable in practical reflection to all equally then actually change ourselves in the starting point of ourselves as the realization of Physical God as Existence what we are, what we only can be and become through the only possible Unification of all 'I', which is Physical Equality.

That is not a short process, seeing the layers of consciousness only within ourselves, or seeing the manifested systems in human collective as corporate, political, educational, law, media and other ways what we allowed to direct us: we can understand it will take time and effort, but is it really matters, when I can choose that I live a life and not taking the time for align myself with which is Best for all but it would take 7-10 years or I can give excuses and justifications for 50 years why I do not 'have' that time, that motivation, that understanding?

Then it is obvious that Self-realization can not be given, only assisted and supported for those who are willing to walk it, in fact in a visible, measurable, transparent way, otherwise the individual can not be considered as trusted because that will become the real value within the current system as all currently praised values will not mean anything more than ways to induce feelings of self-interest which will not last, will not solve anything but occupy the ones to lose perspective, directive power and practical understanding how to stand within all of these externally manifested human-created systems which will more and more direct and control our lives as equal as one we accept and allow the systems of internal acceptance and allowance of self-dishonesty to exist, occupy, influence and drive us in the name of nothing but self-interest.

Therefore to stand out, to walk the Self-realization visible, measurable: join 7 Years of Journey to Life and start writing every day and share your insights, realizations, if you are capable of and in fact walking Self-honesty: the world needs to see that, others can benefit from it, and you: definitely - but if you are keeping secrets, hiding values, powers in the starting point of self-interest, fear, separation - then you will not share, write, you will not stand out, and then you will not be trusted by those who are walking this and will become more and more visible, outstanding and directive.

So it will be obvious that who do not stand out and make their life visible, transparent can not be trusted, and it is not fair to claim this transparency, visibility from the already manifested human creations such as corporations, government, political systems, individuals meanwhile we are fighting for our own privacy, secrecy, hiding and rights(right to have food, shelter, education, health care for all, granted, guaranteed as BIRTHRIGHT for all humans equally), what in fact we are proving not to give, share to all others equally.

This explained HERE:
Do We Truly Deserve Transparency and Privacy?

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