Monday, May 19, 2014

[JTL 178] Fear from losing freedom is enslavement

Expanding on the points previously opened up about fears, freedom, entertainment and energy.

It became clear that the uncertainty I give into is an energetic experience wherein I am occupied with reaction instead of solution in order to not change directly when facing self-dishonesty manifested as fear of change/lack of common sense.

Holding onto the energetic reaction of self-definition of the opinion and self-religion of the idea of 'freedom' is in fact self-limitation and it is not who I really am as the seed of life which I am birthing into and as the physical into and as this human physical body meaning changing within real space and time what I actually do based on these realizations, meaning specifying the knowing of myself as practical liberation from the fear from unknown as accumulation of self-trust.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to validate myself preventing to commit myself to walk a specific path in reality based on a decision, self-trust and self-direction unconditionally and within that I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to see/realize and understand that the lack of unconditional self-expression is the indication of self-acceptance within relationships what are not based on facts, reality but of impermanence, pre-programming and lack of awareness of consequence as responsibility.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to stop myself expressing within self-forgiveness as physical action and giving into the energetic temptation of experience of the mind of positive and negative annotations of judgements and excuses for why not standing up for all as equal as one as life in each moment within oneness and equality meaning dilligently walk the job as practical self-liberation from delusions of self-limitation of fear of unknown, fear of facing self and fear from lost and fear of change.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to create personalities within which creating energetic experiences of constant and stable image and likeness of who I apparently I experience myself to be and based on this experience justifying who I am holding onto these experiences and not realizing the source, starting point of these experiences as physical facts, physical substance, physical reality here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to validate myself why accepting existing within frustration and justifying it with the apparent automatic self-definition self-judgement self-reaction system which I've gave permission to program my physical actions to stimulate me into the same experiences over and over again and by thus creating the apparent image and likeness of who I perceive myself to be and not stopping myself and not allowing and working and establishing self-intimacy to directly see in each moment who I am accepting myself to be by what specific self-limitation to be able to be aware of it and in absolute specific circumstances to see before participating in it to be able to commit myself to the decision to prevent myself going into by taking responsibilities for all what is here and thus becoming the life force as principle of what is best for all.

I forgive myself that I have not realized that I can trust myself and in fact I should trust myself because all reasons for not trusting myself are excuses and justifications to not go beyond the limitations what are not physically real, only believing in those and when common sensically investigating with self-forgiveness, I am always directly see that it is not who I really am therefore I commit myself to trust myself within self-direction as self-forgiveness to unreveal and be aware of the self-dishonesties to prevent myself going into within consistency by writing, saying, acting and thus living Self-forgiveness.

I forgive myself that I have not realized that my interest as movies/videos/films/music I do not need to deny and fear from losing it and losing the experience of being stimulated by these - because I can self-honestly and practically and specifically walk through these points within myself facing all the fears I accept as fuel for self-limitation and trusting myself to go beyond and trusting myself to that I am myself, whatever I do, I decide, I realize, I let go within self-honesty - I remain myself because of the simple common sense of I can not lose who I really am, that is why it is who I really am therefore what I fear from losing and what I lose is not who I really am and thus I commit myself to let go all fears one by one and altogether by re-aligining myself with facts here, with reality here, with responsibility here, with living words directly here aligned with all life as equality.

I have read today a very cool blog from Kristina:
"That is a point I saw directly today – how uncaring the system is in terms of human's emotions and feelings – it deals strictly with information, facts, rules, guidelines, policy and law. It is very cut and dry, to the point."

So by reading this I've realized that the emotions I react with facing unknown, facing fear of loss of the idea of freedom(which is when investigating it in fact self-limitation) is the least practical, effective and self-honest thing I can do in relation to these points I am currently walking through and re-aliging myself with.

Because when I fear of change, fear of losing what I apparently have within the delusion of 'this is who I am and this I fear of losing if I would change circumstances, my starting point to it, my actions, my reality' and this perception is fueled by emotions - which humans then justify that 'this is why we are humans, because having emotions, because capability of emotions, feelings, thoughts' and within that arguing for limitations.

I have many direct experiences which about I am quite AWARE today here, not just memory but direct physical reference that expressing myself as LIFE, as human being: emotions are irrelevant, feelings are irrelevant - because there is expression beyond these, as direct SELF-EXPRESSION is not relying on nor emotion nor feeling.

Being as a child, running on the fields, standing here as equal with animals, participating within reality without the interpretation of the mind consciousness system is not just very possible but it is the way, it is the real deal for self-realization to stand here with all as equal as one as self.

...Let's say if you have a relationship with something or someone of this world, you are trapped, enslaved, you are a goner, you are done, you are the slave to the mind, the Unified Consciousness Field, you are in the prison of your own creation....

Because within the mind, the only way to stand in oneness and equality is to have a relationship separate from me.

Thus the solution is to disengage myself from the self-accepted self-defined relationships about points in my mind - which create energy, friction, induces thoughts, feelings, emotions, fuels personality, character to engage into physical action to fulfill being equality and oneness towards me, who I perceive myself to be.

From this specific point - it is to walk further the point and idea and self-definition as self-accepted limitation of relationship with the word "freedom", what I will continue to walk and re-align within self-honesty through applying self-forgiveness.

From Creation's Journey to LIFE blog post:
"I commit myself to SHOW that Nothing that Now exists on Earth should be feared, and that Understanding How what is Now on Earth is Created in Detail will bring an End to all Fear, and Enable and Empower One to Stand and Stop Abuse and Call all on Earth to Responsibility no Matter what Fears are used to try and trap one in a System of Abuse. "
Desteni I Process LITE to start the walk

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