Thursday, February 21, 2008

Self movement

Moving self

This is something like usual diary stuff again.
People who is using common sense will find self, will move self effectively than who are still using their 'knowledge', using their 'past'. The past is a swamp, moment by moment, step by step we have to pull ourselves out, trough breathing.
Moving self means the inner core of my being starts to explore, starts to live. Starts to express. Without mind, without past, without future. It is not body movement, it is not art, it cannot be anything. It is life.

Honestly - I can give it to myself - so

honestly I do not care of anybody, any buddy. I see my reactions, and understanding, forgiving and stopping. Pulling back my mindtentacles, my minddefinitions. Always wants to go so fucking forward, like my eyefocus, I look, focus, and mind is there...mind is projected there outside, and by this I manifest. Like that I manifest my mind. I manifest my deception. I am not deception. I am not my mind. I am, i repeat, not my mind. I am if I stop my mind. I start to be as I stop my mind. And if someone does not see that fact 'mind is not me' - that person is behaviouring as the mind. The mind have taken control, that being is actually a mind. That person is just a reaction machine actually. Predictable, Controllable, usable slave of itself, of anyone has power who understand the mind. Like a turing-machine: I put some input, I will know what will happen. Strange. But I realized I do not have compassion with minds. Mind even do not know what is compassion, just got that word, and put many pictures around that, to be able to load those if needs to prove : mind is life. NO. Mind is just a designed idea, a tool for absolute control and enslavement. We have to stop.
So I am focusing on myself. And who is saying that is selfish, well haha 'you do not know what is self, even what you speak'. Self means moment, self means inifite, self means life, self means unpredictable, self does means anything, self even do not exists! Self-honesty. That is what can be developed. Self-honesty from moment to moment, to trust, to be, to BE absolute self-honesty as onness and equality as breath as life as all as breath: that is self.
Light is deception. Light is evil, light is trap, light is illusion. Light comes and goes.
Light is the mind. Light is only in mind, light has begining and end. Light is conditional. Light is the hope, the faith, the believe, the absolute prison.
But light has a begining and has an end...
In the light you do not see your shadow, but there is.
Why do you fear from darkness?
Because in the dark there is no mind. And mind wants to survive. But it wont. That's impossible. As it started in one moment, it will end in one moment. Just like this post.


Ann said...

Hey Talalala:)

I have been noticing you are much more stable these days. Just my impression.. more certain it seems.

Talamon said...

thanks, it seems;)
I need to purify my words what I use..
and what about YOU? ;)