Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I do not accept anything less than who I am.
I do not care who I can loose but I do not accept this shit deception around me. Why should I meet with people who are deceptive? Ok I am also, but standing up, because realizing, that is not me.
I put all into me as me as one as equal. And showing the nature what accepted and allowed. I do not care who I can loose like this. What I can loose, that is not me, so why not loose, give away, give for away? I forgive myself that I fear of loosing. I am not this fear. What I obsess, that also is not me.
So bye bye...
I am here, I am here as onness and equality, and I assist those who are facing with and as self, but why should I care with those who are saying, tala you are crazy, lost your mind. Noo.. I see the mind, that's why I stopping that shit, because that is not me...

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