Saturday, April 19, 2008

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I just write down all what about I post...strange not using the blog as memory to not using my inner conversations...
ah yes this is about forget..
I for give that I for get.
I for give myself (back) that I forget myself.
I forgive myself that I forget that I became a mind consciousness system.

Why I forget? Maybe because I am not that what I forget. And actually maybe. Like oneness and equality. If I am forget - I started to move in and as this mind consciousness system for - get back.
Separation. As it is always here. What is not here that is even not me actually.
And I for-give what I already realized - like I share, broadcast, pulse unconditionally for the world as me as one as equal - me for give to myself.
Strange...many people tried to pull me about well tala started this verbal(writing) diarrhoea, and just writing many uninteresting shit... And people wants to write some relevant, some interesting...shit I do not care... very cool to getting to be stable to not wanting to feed off other's applause..but how it could happen? easy to fall out to the other side of horse...the importance is and as starting point.
ONENESS AND EQUALITY is the starting point.

I write just like here

why people do not hear?
because people are not here
to hear - be here
if you do not hear - you are not here
where are you? where are you?
the mind is blind
and who is deaf: who does not hear death?
i am death you do not hear me, are you deaf?

There are some people who are coming this stuff about I became a pawn of desteni, I speak as them and why am I doing this, this is not necessary, I have to be me... Sometimes I just simply do not answer(youtube especially) and sometimes I do...
Strange that many has so big nose that they do not want to put that into the desteni material and just using some excuses what they identified with themselves and desteni simply states out, for instance:
-we are not soul, we are not energy, we are not consciousness - who we really are
-self forgiveness, self-honesty, self-standing, self-realization
-oneness and equality as all as life as self

well yes I am desteni if this is what am now, then I am desteni.
we have to stop. literally all what we have to do is to stop.
And desteni is about stop. And express self as pure life essence as moment of life as oneness and equality. I like this, and if some one says this is idealistic, no possible to manifest, and like not believing this portal stuff...i am sorry but I do not regret, I do not say anything...
Until one do not realize the fact the "WHO AM I" - until empty words all ..
And very interesting to see how easy to see where people cant see trough as their definitions they became - also as me -- like about anything..
For instance I can easily say that I am greatful that I prefer to not eat animals and I am very greatful that I realized why I wanted to find sexual relationship or why I wanted to use drugs, or why I wanted to be musician...All are related to fear - about self-expression, about self- experience...
And very cool to realize that we are not energy...and simply common sense...obviously energy is limited, always conditional, and if I am identifying myself with this as this - I put this definition into me as me and let it to determine me - as limited as this energy is. Has begining - and has end. Cool to see, that I can embrace the energy to simply transcend that I am not this, but now in this construct is around and as where I let myself being influenced by it - it is showing the accepted and allowed nature of myself and to walk trough my present as moment and moment and breath - this is the unification of me of realization who I am and why I am in this situation and how I stop it.
Today I rewatched Merv Griffin's interview and I am very greatful about he is here as me as one as equal - to show me who I am really and what is necessary to be done.
Another example one of my workmates is actually on his handputer reading the Mein Camph(Hitler wrote before) and interesting to be expression of me, and not using the definitions what I know about him, about his interviews, book or the chat. But be common sense and be the being as me and just say what actually I am and very cool to see what is the inner silence and what is not and how the inner movement works.

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