Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[JTL 73] Response to rainbow illusion and success

I've seen this post today on RAINBOW FAMILY ON FACEBOOK group's wall:
It's theoretically the 'hippies'. I enjoy visiting gatherings as it can be quite cool except sometimes too much spiritual brainfog for me. I've answered to this post there but I am sharing it here as well:
XYZ: "In this ILLUSIONARY World, One creates One's own Illusions . Create the Illusion that I am Successful instead of that I am a failure"

Tala: Illusion always remain illusion, just like this opinion - stop pretending that this world is illusion - why the success anyway if it would be not real? Take responsibility for what is here, as the physical, that is real - you touch, you feel. Eat, dig shitpit, drink water - that even is not 'free'. Requires that success, right? Success means money, means food and care, no problem, only if one wants to pretend that is illusion, as whatever doing so for 'be successful', meaning not taking responsibility for our actions by referring to 'illusions'. The only real success is what is best for all - food, water for all at least. Until that is compromised based on opinions and justifications of 'illusion' and 'success' within self-interest meanwhile it is common sense that we are here all equally in and as the physical in a system what defined and proved equality to be illusion and success to be real only for those who having money - then failure is when we keep pretending love and light is solution meanwhile that is a result of success, what comes from seeing what is NOT illusion, as this world, physical existence. One perceiving creating illusion only reflecting back equal as one that living in and as only the mind, what is illusion, simply can be proven if not taking breath for 2 minutes - physical air with physical body - then all illusion creation of and as the mind is gone for ever. So let us redefine words what we can LIVE in and as physical and the mind equal as one, practically.
This rainbow stuff should be ground-zero, stick to Real Earth in the first place, that Real Gatherings also show: kitchen, nature, kids, practical knowledge-sharing, workshops, acceptance, yet not allowing abuse, practical equality within sharing the basics what all really require such as food, water, shelter, body care - and then om circle and group hug can be fun but let us not fall into the trap of any agendas of any latest 'spiritdual' stuff - breath of life in each moment is also illusion? Then why even we would need success if this is not even real? Enjoy breath, ufffffff. I watch this group since a while, I rather express first than just leave but that is no problem either. But if we keep resonating this illusion crap (no personal offense) meanwhile law, corporate power can direct the system to allow people,groups,interests to buy and harvest any forests, rainbow will soon will face being illusion as well in this physical Earth.
I suggest we all start finding practical solutions to accumulate financial stability (yeah: success, really) and invest on buy the land, property, forest, everything and form groups to take responsibility really for the children to come as ourselves.
Thank you very much. Talking stick to the physical.
See you at the foodcircle and the shitpit;)

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