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[JTL 80] Desteni eyewitness: It is Real

Artwork: Manuela Destonian
My name is József Berta, many people know me as Talamon, which is just a nickname I've got in childhood and kept it. I was born in Szeged in 1979, living in Budapest, Hungary

I have qualification of bookkeeping, economy and programming mathematics, software engineering - not that it really matters but it gives some perspective about my initial education.

I am here writing about how I've joined the Desteni Research Group through the Equal Life Foundation in 2007 August, when I've started the Investigation.

Before I found the Desteni principles, people, group:
I was always fascinated about how creation and things really work and that I never stopped looking for.
While I was student, I was looking into different kind of 'revelations' from mainstream 'science' in terms of what is reality and who we are as humans. I was fascinated with history, biology, archeology meanwhile learning computer science quite easily and what I realized was that science and history could not give me the answers I was looking for.

Especially after realizing the message of the books on history of our last century which promoted development, evolution, liberalism, democracy and human rights meanwhile the deliberate, pre-meditated environmental exploitation and human slavery combined with destruction and genocide has never stopped until this day.

At university my partner studied psychology and had some new perspectives suggested me to consider looking into myself to find what I was looking for. That was the idea of re-birthing myself and letting go my past and become someone who is living freely and that fascinated me.
Later on as in that book suggested, I was introduced to psychedelic drugs, that gave me a push to investigate existence with a fresh perspective when I was unable to define and yet experiencing myself and the reality here with no ability to grasp by any definition or knowledge and that was a literally mind-blowing experience what forced me to find real answers and be able to stabilize myself within this no-mind experience in the year of 2002.
I was walking quite some years within several kind of methodologies, belief systems, techniques, practices and symbolism especially psychedelic/shamanic/trance and spiritual/eastern/zen/tibetan buddhist mind-techniques; however around 2007 I ended up facing the fact that my life did not work:

I was unable to work effectively, remain here as clear, confident and calm because I was always busy within my mind and reacting to things based on all of the knowledge and information what I've walked through and I had experiences with and defined myself as: ruined family, failed relationships, tons of extreme experiences what most people would define insane however I was always pushing my limits, I was always frustrated with my own limitations what made me more and more radical in terms of considering point of views and starting points.

Especially I was fascinated with the delusion of enlightenment and consciousness expansion what within I've taken refugee in my mind while disregarding the physical but always until the point of falling and hitting the rock bottom and losing everything I had. Even faced death some times and always started my life again from scratches time to time meanwhile I've became more and more unsure and confused, angry to myself and suppressive with my emotions while remaining positive and hopeful and trying to find something or somebody to tell me what to do and how to do it and everything seemed to just compound and that was kind of too much sometimes...

After returning from Asia, where I've seen my proof for gurus and masters(con men) are normal guys just like anybody else(if you think different: try to live with them and see with your own eyes: practical solutions for changing this planet to a better place for all: they cannot provide, only with justifications). For the first time I had internet at home and I was busy searching for anything unusual and mind-blowing 'TRUTH' when I've found a Desteni Interview with Sunette on the topic of the Principle of Equality and Oneness and the Practical Self-realization as Change and Stopping with Applying of Self-forgiveness, what bugged my mind for ever and I kept watching Desteni videos and read Desteni articles more and more and at one point when listened a video on the Mind Consciousness System this very sentence hit me like a meteor:

Each and every single human being is equally responsible for the current manifestation of earth.

I always seen the world as not really a nice place especially coming from poor family and seen poverty in Asia and Africa: that was shocking for me. There is no justification with I could 'return' to my 'ordinary' life and seek after self-interest and entertainment meanwhile knowing that for some reason: this same system is giving hell for many while others are occupied within positive feelings.
Within watching the History of Mankind, the Design of and the System Demon interviews everything I knew made sense in my life for the first time and I could really stop this addiction for information and knowledge about what happened because studying the history and system, existence, mind designs shared by Desteni I was able to comprehend what is going on in terms of who I am and what I must walk to experience who I really am without the noise of the mind, what I had extensive amount of 'research' and 'investigation' with already through the techniques, substances I did but for the first time I was able to understand why I am experiencing things and started to make sense to walk my mind backwards to stop each participation one by one with the Process of Self-forgiveness.

I've started my own Process by making the Stand that I must change by myself because otherwise I will end up dead before realizing what is really going on here and one thing I was sure about: when is 'peace' within me and most of the time I was not so peaceful and the process starts with stopping conflict within by understanding and knowing myself to be able to prevent myself going into the conflict zone of the mind to explore what is here beyond the mind as reality.

As suggested for Walking Self-forgiveness publicly, I've started this blog in 2008, to make visible for anyone what I am doing and dealing with and realizing and letting go. Meanwhile I've started to do VLOGS as Talamoon@Youtube first and then starting an other channel with my birth name: Jozsef Berta to make sure I do not hide behind fake name and take responsibility for what I stand. Also I am sharing Self-supportive Tweets here since a while.
Obviously I am promoting myself and my writings, videos(which I never could imagine doing so before) because I am aware of that it is Self-support for those who can hear and it is also a reference point to make sure that I live what I share here and take responsibility for myself and what I represent because within this process, credibility and trust must be earned through consistency of Principled Living which can be manifested through walking and sharing 7 years of Journey to Life Blogging/Vlogging.

This kind of starting point, tools, 'lifestyle' is not yet common but eventually will be - therefore I am One individual among many who walk similar Process. Because within the current system the things promoted as 'self-realization' and 'spiritualism' is not really the solution.

Because regardless how much I've pushed the spiritual or psychedelic practices, my foundation was not stable as was of opinions, perceptions, assumptions and hopes, beliefs driven by fear and inferiority and all of those 'methods' only worked until I used those and in the minute I've stopped doing the 'mantra' or 'meditation' or the 'effect of the drug' went off I was again within conflict and compounding frustration about not being powerful enough to change my reality. And also I've noticed that the spiritual practice gave me refugee from my and the world's shit only for the time I was doing it - I've stopped the compassion mantra meditation after 3 hours and walking on the street, slowly but surely every judgment came back what I always wanted to fight, battle, win which obviously did not really work for long term.

And by studying the Desteni Material there was a moment when I've realized the Self-dishonesty within my starting point and I was able to acknowledge to myself that I've been lying to myself all the while and that's why I always determined my life to fall by wanting to destroy my creation in the hope of building up a better one but within unconscious/subconscious personality manifestation as self-automation I always ended up re-creating and being the same scared guy.

I am able to re-align myself with and as the Principle of All as One as Equal as Life within Oneness and Equality and from that moment if I motivate/direct/push/express myself within Self-honesty - I was/am able to see that with this starting point: all what I participated within in the name of Self-realization was the total opposite: Self-limitation, Self-delusion, Self-dishonesty, fear; therefore the common sense is to stop those and stop reacting myself to inner dialogues/feelings/energies because all spiritualism is of and as the mind.

All drugs effect the mind. The Light is of the mind. Love is of fear and the only Real is what is here within and as this Phyiscal existence which is very much aware, much more how the human mind can even comprehend. The only way to explore Life is through Practical Equality within what we are all equally aware of our responsibility and starting point within and as Creation. Yet this does not mean I do not have humor and fun and actually enjoy myself and others - but facing what is here as ourselves already is sometimes tough, painful and that can not be avoided either.

So I've made the Decision to Stop The Mind as I was always looking the best practical way for that to stop the thoughts, feelings, emotions within all of those activities/passivities - however with the Desteni way I've found common sensical, measurable, mathematically understandable, cross-referenceable Practical Awareness as becoming the Living Word literally:

Within the starting point of Self-honesty I am writing Self-forgiveness, what I realize as not who I really am or what I do not want to remain like that because it is not supporting me and others  as I've realized that point is dishonest, nasty, selfish etc.
I write it down because thoughts come and go, I will not remember what I thought 2 days ago exactly after six thirty before sitting there with somebody. But if I write it down - I am directing myself to slow down and word by word I express myself and I experience and direct myself writing the words, I stop, I am empty and am able to see the words I 'contain' and that remains here.

That I forgive: I give for myself a new opportunity to stop and change within that particular point within and as myself and see what is beyond meanwhile being here as undefined, empty, clear, 'dark within'(infinity), yet aware, present and directive and expressive. Sounds like poetry however it is very possible.

For instance stealing from people or smiling to someone while thinking evil about the person or even the act of thinking on something I worry about can be traced back point by point and layer by layer of Self-defined excuses and justifications of why I am accepting myself to automatically react and limit myself based on Fear and Self-interest to not be fully present in each moment equally, constantly within Responsibility.

That I write down and I put everything from my mind in front of me, to paper, to screen as words and I am honest with myself - and I investigate and cross-reference everything and I realize what part of me is dishonest and that I forgive unconditionally and by writing, saying aloud, as I want to change - I am change, I am what I want, direct and express: what I write, what I say and what I do - equalization and unification as the Living Word here on Earth without the mind.
Sounding the Self-forgiveness: I am becoming aware of the patterns what directs me by my own permission and I take back the direction from reactions in mind to direction as Self here.
If I say the word - I experience am I clear, am I direct, am I determined and is here something coming up as reaction? I stop that too and I consider what is the best for me and others and I re-align the meaning of words, I re-define my relationship with myself and my reality through and as words.

This is the most practical way to stop the noise of the mind as we entail and consist of and operate through and as: words - therefore I investigate the words I contain, I open up the relationships I accept within and I dare myself to stop the automatic self-definitions one by one until I am empty within and I can be here, I can use the words without the noise, I can be the words as expression directly.

I was always looking for a truth, a real, life-changing, cross-reference-able, universal, obviously empowering, real truth. That I've found with the assistance and support with Desteni. Before that - I was looking for truth everywhere, I've did so many things but never found it really - because I've looked everywhere else but here as myself.

I am my own creation and any separation and limitation I face - is myself as the reality within which I exist can not be separated from me - only to perceive so - and as I let go the inner 'perceived' self - I can embrace more and more the outer reality as myself, being in this world but not of this world yet direct what is Here as Unification as I am with no separation in and out. Fascinating stuff.

That I am always equal and one with what is here as myself and any separation is of this paranoise as Mind as thoughts/feelings/emotions as I've manifested myself separated from my real physical body within perception which through I filter out what is real based on my self-interest to avoid facing the reason of my fear of loss of realizing the fact that what is my starting point is not real therefore the common sense is to let go in each moment all definitions, reactions, thoughts, feelings, emotions.
This single sentence can make sense if one dares to consider what it means.

This is still simply the application of practical Self-forgiveness: before the reaction I participate within - I am already aware of the self-automation and I make the decision to not go into the same pattern what I've walked many times and I acknowledged to myself that always leads to the same point wherein I will not be satisfied as myself but facing limitation and frustration so I do not even go into patterns in the first place.

I've got quite amount of support and assistance at Desteni forum and chats and within Desteni I Process course what with I was able to release the not really practical and ground to earth spiritual definition systems and I was able to start trusting myself here and explore what is NOT Self-honesty and what I must understand, decompose, stop and let go entirely.

Since 6 years I was and still I am busy with Desteni. The reason is that because the Destonian way, as we like to refer ourselves is in fact a Principle, a starting point what within one can align with and stand and live.

The destonian way is simple to understand:

-Investigate all things and keep which is good
-Give as you would like to receive
-Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself
-Basic principle is Equality and Oneness as All as Equal as One as Life

The Desteni group has done an extensive amount of research in many areas of our existence from which lots of thousands of publications are available online, started with it's source at

Here I stand as a direct witness and testimony that after 6 years of participation I share that I stand with full of my credibility that Desteni is what is stating, constantly, consistently since it's emergence and everything it is standing for is valid and should be taken seriously as the most practical and positive message what Earth has ever seen.

Desteni has been always in the latest research of the human mind, existence, practicality, especially with the Interdimensional Portal - completely new ideas came to surface what the group has applied and the result is already outstanding from which I pick up some what I've personally find extremely important each human to consider as solution:

Desteni I Process: An education based on all the Desteni research of how to decompose and re-align our starting point from the thoughts/feelings/emotions/memories/personalities of the Mind to actual, direct, Physical Living, to become a man, who is capable for taking responsibility for all as one as equal.

Equal Money System:
To manifest a human system within what Life has the most important value, within what the basic necessities for a healthy, nurturing, enjoyable Life is granted to ALL humans equally, wherein the money is here for to ensure that everyone is equally supported by mathematical perfection to have food, shelter, real education, health care
Equal Life Foundation: A non-profit organization what has only one goal to consider all life equally within the principle of What is Best for all

Basic Income Guaranteed: A practical way towards the Equal Money System within this, current capitalistic system wherein each citizen has guaranteed with a certain amount of Income with what can ensure that no one is left behind as currently is within the capitalism by greed and fear and in the casino system wherein the winner takes all meanwhile the others are losing.

EQAFE: A Self-perfection Portal-interview merchandise what is for supporting the Equal Life Foundation financially meanwhile establishing the foundation of an education system to ensure the future of humankind by sharing relevant and practical and real information about many aspects of existence such as after death research, history of universe, Parenting, How the Mind works, Animal awareness and many-many more series are being busy recorded and shared every day within consistency through the Portal.

These researches are can be referred as the most cutting edge and finest explorations what human has ever made and I am sure that governments, corporations and universities are good in science but Desteni is way more 'advanced' and profound than anything I've ever witnessed in terms of considering what a human being is capable of in terms of practical understanding of the Universe.

Desteni message entails that the currently manifested human existence is part of an long-term enslavement by our own manifested self-dishonesty from which we can not escape anymore but facing here on earth and this has been physically manifested into and as a Consciousness System wherein Life does not exists yet, but can be born from and as the Physical as in fact Substance is aware and we can stop the ParaNoise of the Mind to align ourselves with Life principles what can embrace and practically manifest 'What is Best for All' - within that realization we stand as Unification and that will be Real Life.

There is an extensive amount of publications made on the topic of how the actual Mind Consciousness System has been manifested, operating and how practically can be decomposed, understood and practically stopped through the tools promoted by Desteni as Writing, sharing, Self-forgiveness, Self-honesty, Self-intimacy, Self-correction and Self-commitment what can be a basic, default foundation to stabilize ourselves as Principled Living to walk the Desteni I Process to really transform ourselves from Self-interest to Interest of all(including Self).

In 2010 I've had the opportunity to visit Desteni Farm wherein the center of the group is working daily based on the principles mentioned here and I was living with them for a month and I was observing how the Portal and the Message is constant and consistent, immediate and no interviews are scripted or prepared but always direct meanwhile it is like normal, human act with no superstition and attachment.
I witnessed to something I've never imagined possible to actually see the effectiveness and consistency and it's result of many years of Walking Self-forgiveness within Self-honesty by those who started the process decades ago and I've dedicated myself and my lifetime for walking this process based on the realization that it is not fake, it is not scam, it is not trick, the Portal and the Message and the Process and the effectiveness of Desteni I Process is REAL, walkable and in fact inevitable for all.

I've got direct assistance and support personally for what I should be aware of and how to practically stop the mind and what are the points I should start with and what difficulties I will face and I am still walking the understanding and realization of many-many discussions and sessions made with the Portal directly, person to person, face to face alone, what seemed normally, with no extra effort, just like talking with a friend. It has been recorded, as mostly all Portal activity has, and many of the information has been cross-referenced and actually tested before being shared and there is still an extensive amount of Desteni Education what has not yet been shared due to the limited resources the group currently has.

Desteni group is not receiving any money or income from any government, corporate, religious or political interest and the message is clear from any hidden agendas and only being supported by those who realize the value within this new wave of education and mostly the individuals who are walking the Desteni I Process and realize the importance of the message, the destonian way and tools.

My support and trust for Desteni message, the group, the tools and it's starting point is beyond any measure and will remain so until I am breathing, that is certain with no doubt and I take full responsibility for what I express in my life especially when stating about Desteni and this is who I am and this is where I stand in existence wherever I am unconditionally.

I've done my own research and investigation with Desteni by myself alone, without any financial gain or support but by living only with the money I earned from my own job at companies in the system and I see myself as responsible not only for myself but for my reality as my family, friends, country and the planet and existence itself with no exclusion and that is my compass within the interest of all and relying on only one thing what I really trust is my own Self-honesty which is absolute here or not existing and I am aware of that this is a process to stabilize and remain consistent to become effective to embrace the current systems of humanity and have directive principle to change it as myself as equal as one to what is best for all in all ways possible.

Within my process I see that there is still much to walk through as self-delusions such as relationship-related paranoia and energy addictions towards specific mind-states what I walk through currently with the Desteni I Process Agreement Course what is invaluable within supporting and assisting me to become effective and successful in all aspects of my life, starting with the relationship with myself, with a partner and with my reality as well.

I am still not seeing myself consistent and stable as much I want to be and currently the points I am working is to become more practical to be able to support the group with my activities and research and teamwork as well. However I must state that to compare myself who I was before Desteni and who I am here today - is completely(even who knew me before Desteni) obvious that I've became more stable, strong, calm, active and directive than I was and I am able to let go and stop the noise of the mind much faster and becoming more and more relaxed while being active.

The experiences what I was after within psychedelic drugs(stopped) and meditation(stopped) in these days I can say were quite intense but to experience the same peace with myself and remain here, empty and embracing others is much more real and in fact myself than I experienced with drugs or meditation.
I was always looking for 'methods' what with I can stand up as myself to remain always the same, consistent, expressive and clear within and through walking Desteni it is becoming reality with more and more clarity.

What I am grateful for and already satisfied with is that I've stopped the seek, the search for myself, for purpose, because it is here as myself, as who I am as Life as responsible for everything I am aware of.

I've stopped to seek for a group within I could trust because I do not trust in the group as something 'out there' but I trust within the Principle what the group represents when I am walking it as myself.
The only thing currently stops me to be more and more effective and responsible in the group is my own personality what I've formed as I walk alone, I perceived that I can not trust anyone other than self however I am realizing, even within this very sentence that within the Desteni group I recognize myself within others as Principle as Equals.

So that is for now, I am open for any common sense-based, intelligent, reasonable communication with anyone but understand that the Desteni group has been faced so many haters, anonymous attackers, internet trolls and cognitive disinformation attackers that we do not deal with bullshit anymore.
The material is out there, there are forums for pick up the pace if one decides so, but I will not explain things what can be found with some keyword searches - there are specific Desteni courses for Self-education - For 'starters' Desteni I Process LITE is free and gives the basics of the Process of how to start and we focus on practical solutions and we(I as well) do not take on any debate from individuals who has not shared their research, work; are not visible and obviously not clear who they really are.

As I've mentioned that I've walked some poverty and I've realized that I can not turn back knowing that actually many people are really suffering meanwhile some are living in an utopia bought by money so I've found my purpose to manifest Human Rights for Real Living for everyone unconditionally and the most practical way I've found is being walked by Desteni therefore I stand with it. Check out Equal Life Foundation!

By walking with Desteni I understand that the Solution must come from within as the realization that no bloodshed can be justified within changing the current system and the most practical way is to change the system as ourselves through Law, Politics, therefore I am One Vote for World Equality and for an Equal Money System and that is the only political view I am giving my vote to through supporting the preparation, creation and manifestation of an Equal Life Party what within Individuals have Directive Power who has proven to stand since long and consistent years through sharing their 7 Years of Journey to Life Blogs within what is visible that they prove that this is who they really are and how are Living and Sharing day by day according to the Principle of 'What is Best for all'.

So again - I stand as a witness testimony for Desteni as what it is and it is clearly not scam or a pyramid scene or cult either - and I am sure that you do not know anything about it until you did not walk through at least one Desteni Course with absolute Commitment within the starting point of Self-honesty. In the beginning I did not believe in stuff especially Portal and CrossOver and Dimensional interviews but after all when I was able to use COMMON SENSE - I had to realize that the message, the words they say is the proof itself that it is profound, simple, relevant and assisting.

When I visited the farm and witnessed how it is working DIRECTLY - I had to let go all doubt which was fear of really considering to stop my fucking around and take responsibility for who I am and use the opportunity that I am well, educated, healthy and can actually make a difference and assist and support others for a literally better world, rather than being lost in entertainment and self-interest.

If you do not believe in me saying the Portal, the message, the tools, the destonians, the effectiveness of Process and the movement and CHANGE is REAL: investigate with objective research and find out yourself what is really real.

Desteni will blow your mind and challenge everything you knew, even about yourself and I'd suggest it's worth it - especially if you are troubled within your life - Desteni can give some perspective on practicality however your perceptions and EGO will be challenged but if I can give one advice: Be honest with yourself and see where you require assistance to cross-reference the bullshit of the mind to stop.

I will continue sharing on Desteni (meanwhile you can check out the links I've provided throughout this document: each one is picked and linked selectively).

Thank you very much:
Jozsef Berta, 2013, July 24