Saturday, July 13, 2013

[JTL 74] Seeing points within to correct

Being in musical festival again and seeing points within:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to look women within the energetic reaction to self-definition of hope that I might will have real physical experience with someone fulfilling my desire for a relationship what with I will be whole with and meanwhile not realizing that my starting point is of separation from myself here and wanting to stop the experience and the reactions to this personality of separation from myself because not experiencing myself fully here and wanting to find/have/be defined by and automatically reacted to someone who with I can be what I experience not being in this moment.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that this personality of separation from others and the world I experience is of thoughts/feelings/emotions within I've taken refugee as who I've defined myself to be and re-echoing within me as me to show equal as one what I am accepting myself and how in fact wording myself into self-separation from myself here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to smile at people within the starting point of if I am kind then hoping that the other will be kind as well and only 'good' experiences we will share and not realizing that it is a part of a polarity of self-judgment as polarity as 'negative' balanced out with hope for 'positive'.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear from experiencing things and events happening with people what I will see as negative and bad and wanting to avoid that by hope and actually acting 'positive' and perceiving and expecting that the 'other' should be the same.
I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that the act of 'being positive' and 'expecting' is an energetic state what within I am in a feeling what is not me as it is of conditions and if I am changed and behaving in a way while being in the 'feeling' then I am not real because this feeling will not remain, but only until this 'being positive' and 'expecting' personality I feed with thoughts/physical postures/feelings/emotions.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define hug according to memories and 'should do'-s and 'should not do'-s and not realizing that if I superimpose who I am in the moment based on self-definition then the action/experience I will face will be tainted with the starting point of self-definition of actually why I want to hug or not hug for instance 'desire to feel woman body closely' or 'fear from being hugged by someone I do not like her and I want to remain not liking her'.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that writing/saying Self-forgiveness with 'for instance' is not specific enough, it is letting doors open as conditions what I am not aware of - meaning 'maybe', 'probably', 'hopefully' instead of directly approaching the point or directly not approaching a point.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge someone who is different than me by the definition of difference within me, specifically when someone is playing music in a way what I've defined as 'zombie' and 'almost sleeping' and 'not present' meanwhile I am not fully sure how he/she is in and as the moment or not - and going into self-judgment in that moment the only real responsibility for me is to stop self-judgment-projection and to stop myself NOT remaining to be here and be Self-honest in and out breath within consistency.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that if I act based on belief of who I must be as who I am as character as Talamon - I am pre-defined, pre-programmed and per-ordained based on my opinion formed in the past wherein I was not consistent within Self-honesty therefore I can not trust anything I've defined in and as the past who I must be, how I must be.

When and as I look women for energetically react how much I find her attractive or seeing the chance to form relationship with her for fulfilling me I stop - I realize I am acting based on starting point of self-definition of being not whole and lacking as separation from myself therefore I stop and I breathe and I embrace myself fully here and allow to experience fully who I am in and as moment as presence here without energy, without judgment, without fear and desire.

I commit myself to stop energetically react to women who I see and I stop judging them as how attractive or not attractive I find them to be for me based on picture presentation and I commit myself to stop seeking for somebody to fulfill me but stopping myself and seeing what I am not experiencing within and as me based on self-definition and manifesting that as separation from what I miss within and as myself here.
I commit myself to become aware and stop each inner reaction towards manifesting desires within me towards women for the experience of fulfilling me as I am constantly aware that based on mind's desire I will not be fulfilled only as long the energy reaction lasts what is temporally therefore within desire and seeking based on self-definition and separation I only lose myself in a path what leads far from being myself here therefore I re-align myself with each breath - inbreath, outbreath equal as one.

When and as I act as positive in order to hope to attract positive I realize it is of self-definition of fear from negative therefore I allow myself to become aware of this pattern in each breath and I stop it as myself and I direct myself constantly to not participate within polarity of judgments of what is positive and negative for me.

I commit myself to stop define what is positive and negative for me and stop hoping for positive in each moment equally unconditionally.

When and as I express Self-forgiveness with the words 'for instance' - I stop, I re-define, I specify and re-align myself with and as the expression of absolute specificity within Self-forgiveness as myself to avoid uncertainty and hope.

I commit myself to Walk Self-forgiveness Application within the Specificity and not allowing to just 'happen' and then manifesting time loop and walking the same point again with more and eventually absolute specificity to face the fact that I could be more specific in the first time.

When and as I judge someone as different than me I realize that it is of self-judgment projected out to someone else to not realize that I am judging myself but not wanting to face therefore separating the judgment from myself and projecting it out therefore I stop it and reflect it back to myself as equal as one and taking responsibility to see within what is the starting point and I stop it and re-align and re-define myself within Self-honesty and Apply the Self-forgiveness within specificity to stand as Living Correction immediately.

I commit myself to stop judging others as remain within the realization that I project out self-definition to others to not face that I am within separation of myself therefore I stop allowing myself to act based on self-definition and projection to others in and as breath, each.

When and as I judge someone as attractive or not attractive I realize I am not here, I re-align myself here with and as breath.

When and as I hug by definition of I should do it for something or I should not do it for something I realize it is of the mind - I stop it and I use common sense within absolute Self-honesty to direct myself on about hugging.

I commit myself to stop defining hug and stop attaching words to the word hug and I am one and equal with and as the word hug - I am expression as hug as equal as one and no reason, no reaction I accept to the word or act of hug.

When and as I react to memories and definitions of who I am as character as Talamon - I realize it is of fear of mind based on definitions and I am hiding behind of self-automation based on words I am not aware of, I am not equal as one therefore I stop myself as character of Talamon and I re-align myself with and as all life here as equal as one as myself undefined, physical, breathing.

Check out Life Skills with Practical Self-honesty: - it is free and many walks it for Self-support and at least one should try before judge if wants to be more than experiencing oneself today and not being satisfied or want to change but facing difficulty or seeking for more what we seem to be or trying to be more effective but facing difficulties to be more successful etc...

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