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[JTL 81] Deprogramming anxiety word by word

I am Continuing on this post within the 7 years Journey to Life:
If one looks how the current system operates, it becomes obvious that the written word is what matters, literally.

Any establishment has been in fact established by words, stabilized words, written words, documents, contracts, bills, stories, scripts, screenplays, it is with what human are programming their creation.

Once I was working for the so called 'justice' department and I went into a huge warehouse wherein there were shelves, many, many-many, just like the scene in the movie Matrix, when Neo says, 'weapons, lots of weapons' and it is shown that many shelves of weapons just fly in, almost like endless and it was exactly the same what I've seen in the 'justice' department, but with documents, books, statements, agreements, contracts and all kind of documents what has been signed with witnesses that it was 'real' and therefore it has value, in fact power.

The law is also a collection of words with what it is superimposing physical reality by the acceptance and invisible agreement among humans that it is what is right, it is what should be real, can be forced even with weapons.

That is why media companies, film industry, sales business: they all use scripts, screenplays: to use words for specific outcome, it is pre-programming the way which through words after words we accept it and follow it and becomes physical reality.

So the human is the organic material which can be programmed through and as words to anything. Literally anything people will do if they accept and allow relationship among words within and as them to tell me who they are and how they should feel, react and then in what condition how to move, behave, act and perpetuate and imitate Life.

Fear is something what can be programmed with words and when fear is here - Self as Life as Unification as Equality and Oneness is not here - but of separation, of fear of loss, of energy polarities moving based on reactions, fear of losing to be who we define ourselves to be and that is the result of pre-programming through and as words.

That is why it is important to realize the necessity of the process of purifying the words - and through Self-forgiveness becoming aware of how we exist as self-acceptance through and as words and making the decision to stop it.

And as I was able to be programmed to react with anxiety and fear and suppression to specific words with repetition and energetic reactions to consequences - the common sense is the opposite to walk: to use words to give myself the ability to re-align myself and re-structure my beingness and my attitude to circumstances, scenarios, situations.
To direct myself to become aware of the reactions to words within Self-honesty and let go, stop the automatic reaction - it requires Self-intimacy: why am I reacting this way?
People tend to not question what is judged as 'positive' feeling - and not even really question the 'negative' - only raising a virtual fist - because if one part of the polarity we really understand within: it becomes obvious that both are delusion, part of the program of religion of self interest: that feelings are more than facts, somehow this is normal and even something what people promote as something to be proud of, meanwhile it is causing destruction, really evil things in this world: the acceptance and allowance of some are special and the rest are mundane.
This is also the result of programming personalities through words, therefore the Self-forgiveness, Self-correction, Self-commitment simply can and should be used to release the programming, to actually program our flesh to act and imagine within the interest of ALL.

See, imagination is only acceptable within Radical Self-honesty if it is being effectively used to make the world better for to be Best for all. Otherwise it is self-interest, the result of programming human physical bodies to be animated in the interest of something what will not last - what is not in fact real - the light of the consciousness, the ego of the mind, the love of the feelings: these are not surviving the iron tooth of time - because are not based on FACTS but feelings, what can be programmed by words, especially easily with the currently accepted media broadcast paranoia canalization.

Therefore the Journey to Life will not be a simple and easy task which just can occur by random or stimulated event by forces outside of the human flesh: See: Self-honesty can not be programmed into human bodies, however within the starting point of Self-honesty one can use structuring and re-aligning words to assist one to become aware the Self-dishonesty to prepare oneself to the moment when one used to fall in terms of automatic reaction and patterns of justification and excuse for accepting limitation, inequality and separation.

And when writing Self-corrective Statement I am using a prescription, a 'in fact really positive imagination' to prepare myself to become aware in the moment when I am usually automatically 'falling' into reactions of worry, anxiety, desire, fear, thoughts, feelings, emotions which through I cloud reality away, I manifest a fog within myself and lost in duality, polarity, energetic mind-reality meanwhile the physical word is here with full of terrible things taking place which seems to be negative and people are programmed to not really be able to deal with negative feelings what is being reacted to FACTS.

Because reacting with so called 'negative' feelings one is feeling bad and it is very easy to 'feel' positive and all of a sudden one's mind experiences no 'bad', no 'negative' and then everything seems alright - except when horrible things directly occur in the family and then the facts are here every day to face and then again one is facing the fact that seeing reality makes one feel 'bad' but then even with positive feelings facts are facts.

Therefore I suggest to deal with facts, if a feeling is dictating in any moment - Self-honesty is the only way out from the mind maze to realize the necessity for re-mediation for real solution what will be fact as well.

So with using the written words, I make sure I remember when the situation comes in my life that 'I've realized already that in this specific situation I am not aware and I usually forget what I really want in the waving of feelings'.

So I write down exactly as what I want to become aware always to see when I am following feelings to disregard facts, what only really matter in and as the physical.

When and as I experience anxiety - I become aware of it's origin - and I slow down and I see within myself what I am doing what with I react to anxiety, what I perceive fear to lose and I direct myself to let it go and realize action is required within understanding.

And then I write it down, I say it aloud - I am writing, I am saying, and I am acting the same - unifying and purifying the words I use - and become equal and one and when I am doing it - I am the Living Word in my mind, in physical reality and in all ways, everywhere.

And I specify:

When and as I become anxious and tired at night, look within and see what is the reason I am reacting to feeling, and I do not stop looking, seeing, searching within myself until I do not find what is the reason I fear - and I apply Self-forgiveness within specificity.

When and as I do something I require focus and attention I remain aware of the body and physical presence, I commit myself and make the decision to consider facts and disregard feelings of the mind of self-definitions of fear.

When and as I am doubtful, in conflict or not sure what to do - I stop and I realize I use reason as thoughts, I use definitions and energy to direct me because I am not directing myself here within focus, discipline, principle because of a specific fear, what I did not acknowledge and I accepted until this moment but not anymore so I commit myself to whenever I do something and losing presence, direction, clarity and simplicity, I am here within discipline, focus and principle of Equality and Oneness.

When and as I suppress feelings and emotions in a quantum moment and not being aware of it but only the reaction what comes after as energies - I stop and I see what I am denying and not want to face, realize, direct and resolve in my life, in my day, in my moment here and I forgive and let go and re-align myself to remain empty while breathing.

When and as I do not trust myself here unconditionally and going into judgments and thoughts and accepting myself as the process of thinking about something I am doubtful of, unsure about and fearful - I realize that if I do not stop - my past will be the future, what I've realized already that this is not who I really am so I entirely stop myself as self-judgments until I am clear, here, empty and then I directly see, experience myself and act accordingly within common sense, remaining undefined.

When and as I am aware of that I should or I want to write yet experiencing resistances by definition what I see as justification and excuse - I stop and I realize that it is a reason for the justification I accept and I realize what is that I want to avoid, what is what I want to win and I use common sense to realize that I can not escape from myself so I direct myself to decompose, forgive and remove the resistance within and let go all conflict and I direct myself with no force, but as myself as unified as self-expression undefined.

When and as I go into polarity games within me with anxiety and nervousness, suppression and fear and shame against calmness, being relaxed, expression and self-direction and self-confidence - I realize that all which through I've defined myself in relation to these words is of values of my self-interest, fear, polarity and energies attached with negative and positive and by the simple math of 1+1=2, I have been accumulating emotions and feelings to be created within and as me and to influence and direct me to not needing to experience FACTS - and within this realization I stop, I see directly the reason, the starting point of the responsibility I do not want to take and change by aligning myself who I can be in relation to these words through infinity - and I make my stand as remain directive while being relaxed, expressive, directive and confident with polarity within applying self-forgiveness to each relationship I see within according to the specific words until I am clear and empty and undefined.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself self-confident when not experiencing shame and defining as myself sure about what I do when I do not experience shame and not realizing that I still define myself according to shame, lack of shame.

I forgive myself that I have never considered to embrace and be equal as one as the word shame and realize what I am accepting for experiencing the shame and to use common sense to stop shame by stopping the self-acceptance for what I do for reacting with shame to have a feeling about it instead of working with the measurable facts.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use shame to generate energy by accepting conflict within me and by that becoming more and more anxious and defining myself more and more 'fueled' to actually want to do something and then actually do something by the energy indirectly instead of remaining here, directing myself and saying no to shame, to the act what with I cause shame and to the suppression of reaction and self-judgment to shame and simply prevent myself to do what I am ashamed of and commit myself to be aware of the choice within I can make my stand to remain here with no shame.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to automatically go into conflict mode within wherein accepting thoughts to come in my mind wherein worry, anxiety and fear I react with as not trusting myself in and as the moment as self-direction and not directing myself to be sure, confident and calm, relaxed meanwhile being active.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to immediately realize when I am going into conflict mode within by thinking and judging situations and not realizing that all the thoughts are doubt, fear, worry, anxiety and by following thoughts and accumulating acceptance and allowance of thoughts I manifest feelings and emotions what will move and direct me equal as one as what I accept and allow - instead of being aware of the thought and follow back each thought that what I am doubtful of and what I worry from and what I fear losing and what I am anxious about and seeing that is it relevant, what I can do what matters to stop this inner reaction and actually doing it and be here fully without the paranoise of thoughts.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that I manifest relationship with my mind as thoughts, feelings, emotions wherein I define values and worth what I react to with positive attachments such as excitement, likeness, arousal and by that I define myself as being attracted to pictures, sounds, what with I define myself in relationship as I like it and I want it without realizing that within self-definition I accept and allow myself to react automatically for a feeling what is not my presence and not my self-direction but of energetic high of denying what is here.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to define thinking as originally positive within the deliberate act of deluding myself from what is here into my mind wherein I've defined everything pure, clear, separated and apparently free meanwhile not considering that thoughts I do not direct but accept and within the starting point of disregard what is here.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to consider the fact that within the moment I trust in thought, I do not trust myself here as presence as what is here as myself within and as this physical reality but of energetic movements within what I do not see how it is conditioned temporally to situations what I am not aware of and I trust thought because the thought tells me what to do and myself do not 'tell me what to do' but I have to decide and I have to do myself directly, what I've defined as fearful, risky and too much effort.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define remaining here and be present as very exhausting because I have to focus and discipline myself to not go into thinking and wondering and daydreaming, what I've defined I can do only with extra effort, as focusing, pushing, forcing myself to disregard thoughts meanwhile not realizing that if I use force to remain apparently here then after the force is gone, I will be the same without the force of stopping the thoughts.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to force myself to stop thoughts with thoughts which is impossible.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that the solution is not forcing myself to stop and disregard the thoughts, but to understand and take responsibility for how I created the thought, what in relation to it is coming up and what I fear from directing myself to find out what I want and doing so and see, understand, realize the practical way for skipping the system of thoughts and actually acting so.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from the word, the meaning from the word, the experience of the word anxiety and defining it as bad and judging it as shitty and uncomfortable and when I experience anxiety, accepting it as it is and hoping that as it came it will go and not direct myself to PREVENT happening it because that would mean understanding myself, seeing the circumstances within I react with anxiety what then would mean to change what I am anxious about: to change within the fear of unknown within fear of loss of what I define having.

To be continued...

Meantime I had the opportunity to investigate the body-mind automatic relationship based on this EQAFE study, which is really supporting to realize how thoughts are programmed to come up in specific body postures, activities and how to become aware and stop it:

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